Monday, May 12, 2008

Dean Martin: "An American Buddha Characteristic Number 2: Perfectly Self-Enlightened

Hey pallies, my Dinodialogue with pallie Keith, 'bout our Dino bein' an American Buddha continues with this Dinoexchange on how our Dino is Perfectly Self-Enlighted....

Hey pallie Keith, such "worthy" Dinoinsights you offer into the "worthy"ness of our Dino. It is clear that you have a very wise handle on our Dino's "worthy"ness. Your Dinothoughts are clear and make total Dinosense to this dude. Not sure there is anything more to be Dinoadded at this time. You are one wise and hip Dinolover pallie Keith. So, shall we go on to the 2nd characteristic of Buddha...... .....Perfectly Self-Enlightened.

Well, we know that Dino is so PERFECT in everything he does.....the perfect actor, singer, comedian.... .ever perfect in how he smokes, drinks and loves on the ladies. Dino is the most ENLIGHTENED person to ever walk the earth....... he has such wisdom on how to live the good live in the coolest way possible.... .and how did our Master of Hip get so enlightened. came only from himself..... so our Dino is like totally SELF-ENLIGHTENED. ....never needed anyone to help him find his way.....he is the ultimate of the self made man....and as our Dino never ever needed anyone to show him the way to go he is indeed.....PEREFECT LY SELF-ENLIGHTENED! !!!

And, now our Dinoinsights on this characteristic of the Buddha, pallie Keith? Dinoexpectantly, DMP

Hey pallie DMP,

Glad you liked what I wrote about Dino being the worthy one. Here goes my observations about Dino being perfect self-enlightened. Dino didn't have to have a mentor. He didn't have to have anyone tell him how to live his life and how to think. He didn't need a teacher. Dino knew himself. He knew who he was and what he wanted to do with his life. He was truly a self made man, whether it was movies, television, the stage act, records, you name it. Dino had the self knowledge to be the King of Cool. He didn't have to have someone guide him. He didn't follow the rules of others. He didn't need a manual to show him how to live life. He knew it from his very soul how to live the Dinolife. This is Dino's world. Because he always knew how to be cool and hip, he's now sharing that with us.

Keep Dinoswingin,


Rogue Spy 007 said...

That is so Dinotrue. While Dino had idols like Bing Crosby, he didn't just emulate them. He was his own man. He was true to himself. He knew who he was and what he was going to be all about. He did a variety of jobs and experienced what the world was like. He took all of those experiences and used them as he molded his life.

Oh yeah. Have you seen this yet?

There's a great pix of our Dino and Sammy there.

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie Keith, thanks for sharin' more cool one was ever more his own man then our perfectly self-enlightened Dino...and thanks for the heads up on our pallie Terri's new Dinotrib..just left some Dinopatter there...