Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Dean Martin was my hero. Or idol. His birthday is June 7, 1917.

Hey pallies, likes welcome back to Day 12 our marvelously magical month long celebration of our Dino's 101 anniversary of his descent to our planet on June 7, 1917.  As we continue to homage our one and only Dino reverently reflectin' on The Day That Coolness Came To Earth we turn to the blog pad of "CNY NEWS -  Central New York News," where a dude who tags himself "Big Chuck" has proudly professed his amazin' adulation of our Dino sayin', "Dean Martin was my hero.  Or idol."

Tellin' us a bit 'bout himself,  Chuck sez, I started at WDOS in 1989 and man has it been a fun ride.  Join me every weekday morning from 6AM to Noon for the best country music anywhere on your dial, plus fun stories, factoids, interviews with local and national figures and lots of laughs along the way."   His sweet scribin's on our most beloved Dino are tagged "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DEAN MARTIN! DID YOU WATCH HIS SHOW?"  It's wisely supremely special to find yet 'nother Dino-holic wonderfully witnessin' to his deepest of deep devotion to our Dino on his special day and helpin' draw others into the Dino-fold themselves.

We sez our total thanks to "BIG CHUCK" for rememberin' 'n celebratin' our King of Cool on this 101 anniversary of comin' to be with us...the beautiful bringer of complete cool!  To checks this out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this Dino-message.

We remain,

Yours in Dino,

Dino Martin Peters

BIG CHUCK  June 7, 2018

Dean Martin was my hero.  Or idol.  His birthday is June 7, 1917.

I always thought he was the best crooner of them all.  I never missed his NBC TV show on Thursday nights.  It was easy breezy and great fun.  His regulars included Ken Lane (his straight faced piano player), the Ding-A-Ling Sisters, Dome DeLuise, Kay Medford, Norm Crosby, Nipsey Russell and many others.  More than 200 guest stars appeared on his show over the years.  The list included everybody from Orson Welles to Jimmy Stewart to Bill Cosby.  And from The Supremes to Kate Smith to Phyllis Diller.

The show ran from 1965 to 1974 and then morphed into the popular Dean Martin Comedy Roasts.

Dino...tuxedo, carnation, cigarette, dark hair, drink in his hand crooning out "Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime."  Yes, he was my favorite.

Do you remember the Dean Martin Show?


Danny G. said...

Dino touched so many peeps, pal. ( not literally HaHa!) well maybe haha!! It’s great hearin’ his name lifted up so reverently to this day. Great post!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Danny-o, that's so so Dino-true.....we loves sharin' as many tales of personal Dino-devotion that we possibly can...showin' the length, breath and depth of continual Dino-adulation! Keeps lovin' our most most most beloved DINO!