Sunday, June 03, 2018

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "It's So Easy to Remember, But So Hard to Forget"

Well, say there, pallies! 
Welcome to our first Sunday Serenade with Dino of "The Day Coolness Came To Earth" month, 2018! 

This is DEF I NATE LY a special month & DEF I NATE LY commands a special openin' Serenade! 

Now pallies o mine...with Dean's 101st Birthday only a few days 'way...we may find ourselves lookin' back & ponderin' where the years have gone. 
Maybe feelin' a wee bit melancholy, too. 
I know I often do. 
Cants' help it, pals...that's just how I is. 

We ALL miss our main man, Dino.

 Miss the days he was still amongst us & know we won't EVER see the likes of him'gain. 

BUT...let's stay positive, mi amici!

 Dean is, in a way, still with us!

 He's left us SO SO many... COOL COOL "gifts" of himself...that he will NEVER really be gone! 

'Member what I told youse last week..."our true heroes will really be with us ALWAYS!"

 I truly believes it, pallies.

 It's up to us to keeps Dean ALIVE!

 To share & spread his coolness to the next generation! 

Who could ask for an easier job than that, pals?!

I spread "The Dino" wherever I go!

 I simply gets thrilled from the look I'll get when I mention his name to a stranger who maybe hasn't thought 'bout him for many years. 
Right away...their eyes light up!
 They will say how much they loved him & how handsome he was!
 I'm bettin' they go home & dig out that ol' vinyl al b um & reminisce 'bout some fun & happy days! 
That's our job!
 Dosen't get any better than that, my friends! 

 OK. Let's get some "magic" swirlin'!

 This week's Serenade, "So Easy to Remember But So Hard to Forget", seems to fit perfectly for a special time like this.
 I'm gonna dedicate this one to 'nother very special "Dino diggin'soul" in my life...that has come & gone...& who would have also celebrated a birthday this very week. 

This ones goin' up to Eddie V. 

 'Nother GREAT guy. 
Wherever he is...I just know he's havin' some fun! 

So, here we go pals...enjoy the live vid from Dean's show. 
Keep smilin' & keep spreadin' the Dino magic! 

Your sweet expression the smile you gave me
The way you looked when we met
It's easy to remember so hard to forget
I hear you whisper I always love you
I know it's over and yet
It's easy to remember but oh so hard to forget
So I must dream to have your hand caress me fingers press me tight
I'd rather dream than have that lonely feelin' stealin' through the night
Each little moment is clear before me
And though it brings me regret
It's easy to remember but so hard to forget


Always On Watch said...

We ALL miss our main man, Dino.

So much!

But I am so grateful for the technology that, in its way, gives our Dino earthly immortality.

blueiscoool said...

What a wonderful early Dean Martin Birthday present we have here, a beautiful and sweet sounding song that is just perfect! Can you believe the King of Cool would be 101, it really is hard to believe! A wonderful selection as always Danny G., thank you!

Have a great week.


Danny G. said...

Glad youse Guys dug! Thanks for commentin’, mi amici! See youse next week!