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Helm was famously played by Dean Martin

 Hey pallies, likes the ol' world wide web is hugely hugely heatin' up with news that Paramount Pictures is movin' forward with primo plans for the filmin' of a new Matt Helm flick.  Likes when we gots on the 'net this past Saturday we discovered simply a ton of posts from all 'round the world proclaimin' the news.  The post that we have chosen to share with all youse Dino-holics comes from the blog tagged "TB - THE TRACKING BOARD -  Hollywood's Insider Information."

Scriber Mr. Edward Douglas' prose tagged "TOM SHEPHERD WRITING “MATT HELM” SPY FILM FOR BRADLEY COOPER, PARAMOUNT" spells out the news that screenwriter Shepherd has been chosen to scribe the screen play which will star Cooper.  While on the posts we discovered, of course, lifted up the name of our most beloved Dino and the original screen Matt Helm, the particular post below was the only one that awesomely accented our Dino with a potent pix of him as the swingin' spyster in the Helmers.

We gotta 'fess up pallies, that  while we ain't all that excited to see 'nother version of Matt Helm, we do see this as the most awesomely amazin' outstandin' opportunity for the name of our Dino to be lifted up in the mass media over and over 'gain as the filmin' progresses as on the release of the new Helmer.  All this primo publicity is sure to deeply draw many many more pallies into the Dino-fold and sure to have tons of 'em seekin' out the viewin' of the original quartet of Dino-flicks...and we are thinkin' that the pallies at Columbia will see this as a golden opportunity for the re-release of Matt Helm Lounge on DVDs.  Likes we never ever coulda figure out why Columbia ever took these Dino-classics outta print to begin with.

We thanks all the beau-ti-ful blogs raisin' the name of our Dino with the news of this "Matt Helm Project" and likes 'specially Mr. Edward Douglas and all the pallies at "TB - THE TRACKING BOARD -  Hollywood's Insider Information" for this extra special amazin' accent on our Dino.
To checks this out in it's original source, likes simply clicks on the tag of this Dino-report.

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MARCH 9, 2018


Screenwriter  has been hired by  to write a  for Bradley Cooper to star, the Tracking Board has confirmed. The film will be adapted from one or more of the books in Donald Hamilton’s spy novel series.
George Clooney, Grant Heslov, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are exec. producers on the project with Steven Spielberg also having been involved as a producer since this project was first announced in 2009.
The Helm character was a U.S. special agent during World War II who tries to live a domesticated life but is forced to return to killing. Hamilton wrote 27 Matt Helm novels between 1960 and 1993 before dying in 2006.  Helm was famously played by Dean Martin in four adaptations of Matt Helm novels in the ’60s: The SilencersMurderer’s Row, The Ambushers and The Wrecking Crew.  Helm might be better known for the 1975 ABC television series called Matt Helm, starring Anthony Franciosa.
Shepherd wrote The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle for Robert Downey Jr. to star, and it will be directed by Stephen Gaghan for its release by Universal in April ’19. He also wrote the screenplay Hey, Stella about Marlon Brando on the A Streetcar Named Desire set, which was on the 2012 Black List, and an Agatha Christie spec for Sony. Shepherd also adapted Jennet Conant’s The Irregulars for Anonymous Content and Paramount TV.
Shepherd is represented by  and , and his involvement in writing the project was first reported by Deadline.
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