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Scotty's Sharin': Dean Martin, Stella Stevens and Daliah Lavi in the Movie 'The Silencers' 1966 (Gif)

Hey pallies, likes we are totally totally thrilled to be able to share 'nother incredible installment of the deepest of deep devotion to our Dino for our ever Dino-lovin' pallie Scotty-o over at his beautiful blog tagged "BlueisKewl."  Today's powerful postin' from our Scotty is tagged " Dean Martin, Stella Stevens and Daliah Lavi in the Movie 'The Silencers' 1966 (Gif) and included a quintessential quartet of gif images from Helmer numero uno 'long with  powerful poster art used to advertise this Dino-epic....and plentiful prose sharin' delightful details givin' us fantastic facts 'n figures on "The Silencers."

A few weeks 'go we shared  HERE the first couple of gifs from Scotty's sharin' but not the other two or any of the excitin' extras that Scotty has offered, so likes we just had to brings you all of Scotty's energetic efforts in all their delightful Dino-glory....even though our ever thoughtful pallie Scotty said it ain't necessary....that's the kinda of great guy he is!

Once 'gain we are potently pleased to sez our thoughtful thanks to Scotty for his ever growin' devotion  to passin' on this awesome appreciato for all thin's Dino with his remarkable readership.
Our Scotty is a pallie 'mong pallies for Dino-sure!  To checks this out in it's original source, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-gram.

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Dean Martin, Stella Stevens and Daliah Lavi in the Movie 'The Silencers' 1966 (Gif)

The Silencers is an American spy film spoof motion picture released in 1966 and starring Dean Martin as agent Matt Helm. It is loosely based upon the novel The Silencers by Donald Hamilton, as well as another of Hamilton's Helm novels, Death of a Citizen.

Co-starring with Martin are Stella Stevens, Daliah Lavi and Victor Buono. Cyd Charisse opens the film with a sexy striptease-style dance while lip synching Vikki Carr's vocals of the titular theme song. James Gregory makes his first appearance as Macdonald, Helm's superior and a recurring character in the series (although Gregory does not play him in all four films).

The film was the first of four produced between 1966 and 1969 starring Martin. Whereas Hamilton's books were generally serious spy novels about a former Second World War assassin who is recruited to continue killing for an American government agency, the film versions were lighthearted spy romps spoofing the James Bond series in the same spirit as Our Man Flint, which was released the previous month. The Helm series has been cited as one of the principal inspirations for the Austin Powers spy comedies of the 1990s and early 2000s.

Film producer Irving Allen had been in partnership with Albert Broccoli in Warwick Productions, who released through Columbia Pictures. Broccoli wanted to buy the rights to the James Bond series of novels but Allen was not interested. The partnership broke up, Broccoli went into partnership with Harry Saltzman and United Artists on the Bond films and enjoyed tremendous success.

Allen decided to make his own spy series. He optioned film rights to the Matt Helm novels in 1964 in association with Columbia Pictures. The Silencers was to be the first. Dean Martin signed to play the lead.

Director Phil Karlson had the idea to make the film in a tongue-in-cheek style. Comedy writer Herbert Baker revised Oscar Saul's original script. Dean Martin was a co-producer of the Helm series. Moss Mabry provided the costumes, except for Martin's Sy Devore suits.

Richard Levinson and William Link also worked on the script of this and The Ambushers.

Released at the height of James Bond mania, The Silencers was a major box office hit in 1966, earning $7 million in North American rentals that year.

There were three follow-up films: Murderers' Row (also released in 1966), The Ambushers (1967) and The Wrecking Crew (1969). A fifth film, The Ravagers, was announced but never produced.


blueiscoool said...

Thank you so much DMP for your continued support and help. It was very kind of you to post this on 'ilovedinomartin' even with the recent posting of the first gif's earlier. I know things have been very busy here of late, with the recent passing of Jeanne and Ricci, there is so many wonderful tributes and i have not been able to read them all yet but hope to make some progress this weekend. Thank you once again DMP.

Have a safe and happy weekend.


Danny G. said...

VERY cool Gif's & GREAT bio, Scotty! Awesome job, my Dino-bro!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Scotty-o, as always it is our pleasure to be able to share your deeper and deeper growin' devotion to our most beloved Dino and for doin' such a superb job of sharin' your Dino-adulation at your beautiful blog "BlueisKewl." Keeps lovin, diggin', 'n sharin' our one, our only Dino!

blueiscoool said...

Thank you Danny G. and DMP for your kind words.

I hope everyone has a happy and safe Labor Day weekend.