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Hey pallies, likes we continue our journey with delightful details from The Dean Martin Association.
Over the past several days we have been accentin' the various pages from the one and only ever Dino-sanctioned fan club founded 55 years ago by Mr. Bernard Thorpe, who still man's the helm of this massive massive effort to gather pallies from 'round the globe in the hugest of huge homage of our most beloved Dino.

Today, we share with you 'nother page from the official web blog that recounts the highlights of the 55 year legacy of The Dean Martin Association.  Begun by Thorpe in 1960 at our Dino's request, the organization has had a remarkably rich history of spreadin' Dino-devotion 'round the known universe.
As we read through the many many ways the DMA organization has done it work to the honor and glory of our Dino, we stand totally totally in awe of this wonderfully Dino-centric  effort and in particular Mr. Thorpe who has given the better part of his life to the Dino-cause.

Dino-holics everywhere owe a deep debt of great gratitude to Mr. Bernard Thorpe for his deepest of deep dedication and devotion to our one and only Dino.  In our humble opinion no one ever has come close to showin' this purest of pure passion for spreadin' the Dino-message as Mr. Thorpe.

We likes invite you to take the time to read through this terrific timeline of the extraordinary efforts that Thorpe as put forth in his totally totally Dino-focused effort over the past five and one half decades.   We applaud Mr. Bernard Thorpe's amazin' adulation of our most beloved Dino and his closin' thoughts sez it all pallies....

“It has been a fantastic honour and a great privilege to be able to do what I have done for Dean,” says Bernard. “It was hard work but, from day one, truly memorable and fun and I hope that I gave Dino, a dear friend, the support he deserved. I give a huge thank you to Dino and to all of our members and friends and my family who supported both the DMA and me over all of these many glorious years.”

Bravo Mr. Bernard Thorpe!  You are truly the premier example of the deepest, purest, and truest devotion to our Dino that a pallie can strive for.  And, btw, we love the logo for DMA...very very cool just likes our beloved Dino!  To checks this out in it's original source, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-gram.  We will continue to check back with The Dean Martin Association web pad often to brings you more of their Dino-action as it is available.  We remain, Yours In Dino, DMP


Founded by Dean Martin and Bernard Thorpe.

Dean starts regular contact with Bernard, sharing career information and insights into his life as the years progress. Dean also begins regularly supplying merchandise to the DMA as and when it is released.

Dean makes Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr, Joey Bishop and Peter Lawford honorary members.
Dean closes unofficial fan-clubs in Germany and Chicago, transferring membership to the DMA, as he wants only one world-wide official organisation.

January 19th: DMA featured in pop magazine ‘Cherie’.

Dean requests Bernard’s position within the DMA to be as President with Dean himself acting as Honorary President.

June: “Let’s Be Friendly” album from EMI Records, compiled, produced and sleeve design by DMA. Bernard writes accompanying article for World Record Club magazine.

Dean changes his title from Honorary President of the DMA to Chairman.
DMA attends UK premiere of ‘The Silencers’ at London’s Odeon Leicester Square, with the Matt Helm Slaygirls in attendance.
Pop magazine ‘Diana’ runs article on the DMA and ‘super agent’ Matt Helm.

January 25th: DMA attends 20th Century Fox’s private showing of ‘Murderer’s Row’.
DMA and Pye Records release special 7” single of “I’m Not the Marrying Kind” with a special introduction by Dean.
DMA attends UK premiere of ‘Rough Night In Jericho’.

BBC Radio’s ‘Roundabout’ programme runs major feature on Dean, scripted by Bernard.
DMA attends UK premiere of ‘The Ambushers’.

January 24th: DMA asks Pye Records to release “Gentle On My Mind” as a single from the album of the same name. It reaches No.2 in the UK charts on 1st March and remains high in the charts for 23 weeks. It is also the most played single of that year.
DMA meets with Dean’s recording manager Jimmy Bowen.
October: DMA holds first ever members’ meeting.

Dean celebrates 10th anniversary of his association.
DMA produces 6xLP box set “The Dean Martin Collection” for EMI Records.
 April 23rd: DMA attends UK premiere of ‘Airport’ at Odeon Leicester Square.

DMA suggests to EMI Records songs for a compilation album of duets with Dean (including artists such as Helen O’Connell, Nat King Cole and Jerry Lewis). Released later that year as “Nat, Dean and Friends”.

Dean makes Jack Lord an honorary member.
July 31st: BBC Radio starts a ‘Dean Martin Week’ in which the DMA features.
November: DMA profiled in music publication ‘Listen Easy’.

July: DMA profiled in music publication ‘Melody Maker’.

DMA compiles album “Memories Are Made of This” for EMI Records.
Deana Martin contacts the DMA, expressing how pleased the family is with our continued hard work on Dean’s behalf.
Dean makes his god-daughter Nancy Sinatra an honorary member.

Dean and DMA compile “20 Original Dean Martin Hits”, with DMA designing the sleeve and producing for Warner Reprise. Becomes Dean’s only UK Gold Award album, reaching No. 2 on November 13th.

EMI Records ask Bernard for 16 of his favourite songs by Dean to form the album ‘The Classic Dino’. (Album goes on to remain in EMI’s catalogue for nearly 12 years.)
August: DMA profiled in both lifestyle magazine ‘Weekend’ and local newspaper ‘Croydon Advertiser’.

DMA celebrates 20th Anniversary.
EMI publicises ‘The Classic Dino’ as the recommended Dean Martin album of the year.
May: Dean gives Bernard the moniker 'Chief Executive'.

Dean contacts the DMA to proudly tell us that his Gold Award for “20 Original Dean Martin Hits” hangs in his hallway at his Beverly Hills home.

July: Last ever members’ meeting held (withdrawn because of increasing venue costs).
June: Dean and Bernard meet in London.
June: DMA attends Dean’s London concert at Apollo Victoria.

DMA celebrates 25th Anniversary.

EMI Records contacts DMA to co-produce ‘The Best of the Capitol Years’, Dean’s first digital release on CD.

DMA celebrates 30th Anniversary.

DMA compiles Music For Pleasure CD “Singles” for EMI.

DMA contributes to documentary on Dean for US television production company ‘A&E’, entitled ‘Biography’.

Following Dean’s death on Christmas Day 1995, Jeanne, Dean’s ex-wife, contacts the DMA to thank us for all our support and hard work over the years.
August: DMA produces 2xCD box set of original Reprise recordings for Charly Records.
December: DMA produces 4xCD box set of further original Reprise recordings for Charly Records.

DMA suggests to EMI a ‘two on one’ CD release of “This Time I’m Swingin’” with ”Pretty Baby” and “Dino Italian Love Songs” with “Cha Cha De Amor”. This format instigates similar highly-successful releases for other artists by EMI.
EMI ask DMA to compile songs for CD release “The Very Best of Dean Martin: The Capitol and Reprise Years”.

DMA produces Italian CD release “Again” for Joker Records.

DMA produces Italian CD release “Someone Like You” for Joker Records.
 DMA writes liner notes for concert programme for Flying Music’s ‘The Rat Pack Live In Las Vegas’.
DMA celebrates 40th Anniversary.
May: DMA writes article on Flying Music’s ‘The Rat Pack Live In Las Vegas’ for theatre magazine ‘Encore’.
August: DMA selects songs for “The Very Best of Dean Martin: The Capitol and Reprise Years Volume 2” for EMI.

DMA writes Bob Hope obituary for theatre magazine ‘Encore’.
November 17th: DMA compiles songs for exclusive HMV release “The Dean Martin Collection”.

November 25th: DMA attends stage show ‘Christmas With the Rat Pack’ in London.

July: DMA writes for concert programme for Mark Adams’ 2009 tour of ‘That’s Amore: A Celebration of Dean Martin and Friends’.
August: DMA interviews Mark Adams as part of his promotional material for ‘That’s Amore: A Celebration of Dean Martin and Friends’.
August: DMA contributes to concert programme for the 2009/2010 tour of Flying Music’s ‘The Rat Pack Live From Las Vegas’.
September: DMA allowed exclusive access to rehearsals of ‘That’s Amore: A Celebration of Dean Martin and Friends’.
November: Michael Buble writes exclusive strapline for the DMA's first website.

The decline of the typical style of fan club - although the DMA prided itself in being more than just a fan club! - meant that the DMA had stiff and fierce competition from the more contemporary appreciation societies. The advent of the internet, of course, meant that the exclusivity that the DMA and similar organisations once had was no longer attainable or even possible.

The DMA issued its last printed edition of 'Just Dino' in 2011. (Click on the 'Just Dino' link above to access archival features and exclusive new 'Just Dino' articles.)

Without the wholehearted and genuinely sincere support from Dino, both the DMA and Bernard's commitment would not have endured for 50 years and more.

“It has been a fantastic honour and a great privilege to be able to do what I have done for Dean,” says Bernard. “It was hard work but, from day one, truly memorable and fun and I hope that I gave Dino, a dear friend, the support he deserved. I give a huge thank you to Dino and to all of our members and friends and my family who supported both the DMA and me over all of these many glorious years.”



Danny G. said...

WOW!!! Now that's a Dino-devotee! Hats off to Mr. Thorpe! Great great life's work!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Danny-o, Mr. Bernard Thorpe has set the bar hugely high when it comes to devotion to our most beloved Dino...the challenge lies ahead of us dude! Keeps lovin' our most beloved Dino!

CaroleB said...

Thank you for the kind comments regarding my father Bernard Thorpe who sadly passed away in March 2015. His dedication to the Dean Martin Association and his own family will not be forgotten.

dino martin peters said...

Miss Carole, thank you so much for your kind words. About the time we did the series of articles on your wonderful father and his deep devotion to our Dino, we did research looking for more information on your father, and was sad to discover that his passing was around the time of our humble efforts. It is so nice to hear from his daughter and we are glad you approve of our thoughts on your father and his remarkable relationship with Dean Martin. Might we ask Miss Carole, are you the daughter that received the Chatty Cathy Doll from Mr. Martin? Thanks much for taking the time to correspond with us.

Elliot Thorpe said...

Hi, Dino Martin Peters... I echo my sister Carole's comments regarding the kind comments you made a while back about our sadly missed father. And yes I can confirm she did indeed receive the doll from Mr Martin!
You may be interested to know that Bernard wrote a biography on Dino and that I have secured a publisher for the work. With his blessing before he passed away, I am pleased to say it will be published this year to coincide with Dino's centenary. Details can be found here: (you may need to scroll down to the relevant release notification on the publisher's site). However, I will keep you updated with the release date (tbc). with best wishes

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Mr Thorpe, thanks for sharin' this news with us. We have visited the publisher site and will probably creatin' a post on this here at ilovedinomartin in the not to distant future. We will look forward to hearin' more on this from you, and perhaps closer to the pub date, you might right a special exclusive post for ilovedinomartin on your father and his book on our most beloved Dino.