Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"I remember hands, my grandfather's hands......"

Hey pallies, likes how lucky can one gal be....that gal I'm referrin' to is Miss Maria Jensen of Norway. At the tender age of 18 Miss Maria has amassed a trove of Dino-treasure that woulda be likes the totally envy of any Dino-holic of any Dino-age. On youtube alone Miss Jensen has shared several hundred Dino-clips taken from her personal Dino-collection to help pallies 'round the Dino-universe to celebrate the wonder of our beloved Dino....now ain't that a kick in the head.....

One of those Dino-treasures that I likes craves to have so much is the "Dean Martin E! True Story Biography." I have never seen this for sale anywhere, but to this Dino-holic, this is one of the finest, if not the finest of video Dino-bios ever created in honor of our great man. You ask the reason why pallies?.....Likes the E! True folks gathered massive numbers of pallies who knew our Dino when he walked the earth and they share some outstandin' memories of their Dino-connections...likes totally totally just Dino-fabulous!

Today's Dino-post is the first segment as shared by Miss Jensen on youtube. There are many outstandin' moments in these first 10 minutes, but the one that likes totally captured my Dino-imagination is the short trib given by our Dino's grandboy pallie Alexander, boy-pallie of Dino Martin Jr.

I have done my best to scribe Alexander's comments word for word below, and you also will find 'em startin' at about 3:25 on the clip.

I loves the way that Alexander speaks of his granddaddy-o...'bout his "all encompassing" hands, 'bout his "gorgous" watch, 'bout his "Dunhill lighter"......

Gotta 'fess up pallies likes I never knew the brand of lighter that our Dino had...but certainly don't surprise me that our Dino has the primo lighter of lighters to light his ever-present Kent smoke. Likes I loves to learn each and every new Dino-detail that I cans....

So, thanks to youthful Dino-devotee Miss Maria Jensen for sharin' this vid and so so many more for our Dino-pleasure and our Dino-edification. And, thanks 'Xander Martin for sharin' such lovin' memories of his granddaddy-o, our beloved Dino! Dino-enchanted, DMP

I remember hands, my grandfather's hands, which were these all encompassing---I remember that he had this watch that was this tiny, I don't know what it was, but it was this gold chain and it was gorgous, and his lighter, his Dunhill lighter..And, when he would light a cigarette, the lighter would disappear in his hands. I had no idea who he was. I had no idea what he meant to people.

Dean Martin E! True Story Biography part 1

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