Monday, July 27, 2009

catch our Dino in "Bells Are Ringing" tonight on TCM

Hey pallies, one of my totally fav Dinoflicks, "Bells Are Ringing," makes it's appearance on Turner Classic Movies this very Dinonight at 8 p.m.(ET)....if you clicks on the tagg of this Dinogram you can see all the TCM info 'bout this big Broadway musical brought to the screen with our Dino starrin' with musical comedy star Miss Judy Holliday. The TCM page for "Bells" has the original trailer as well as pixs from the flick.

While our Dino does singin' in many of his flicks, this is the one and only Broadway musical ever to feature the talents of our great man. I'm postin' below probably the most wonderful song and dance number from this wonderful film.....our Dino and Miss Judy doin' the showstoppin' number "Just In Time." Hopes all you pallies will be able to takes advantage of viewin' this classic Dinoflick this very Dinonight. Dinoreportin', DMP


Sannie said...

"Bells are Ringing" was my favorite movie of all time. In fact, I saw it in the original (which soooo dates me). But I do have a question. I saw an old interview with Adolph Green recently and he said that "Just in Time" was just a throw-away song for Dean Martin." I disagree; I think it was a big hit for him and he never "threw it away." Maybe I misunderstood. What do you think?

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, thinks I have seen that interview....thinks it is part of the DVD of "Bells"...but whatever Mr. Green said, and whatver he meant by it....never ever woulda I say that our Dino made JIT a "throw-away number...seems to me that our Dino and Miss Judy have such chemistry in this flick...especially in this stellar song and dance number.

Cool to know that BAR is a fav of yours....while growin' up I was a huge fan of the Broadway musicals of the 50's, 60's, and 70's....I listened to the original Broadway cast album with Miss Judy often....but only in the last year or so acquired and viewed this Dinoflick....thinks that our Dino and Miss Judy are both great in this...was so sad to see Miss Holliday die so young....she is one of my favorite comedy actresses...thanks for sharin' some Dinopatter with us....