Sunday, April 07, 2024

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "April Showers"

 Hey there, pals...You're stunnin' lookin'! Haha!! 

Yes, I know, I's my SAME thin' I tell youse every April! Haha!! But...youse will see the Dino-humor in that later. Haha!! 

Well, my friends...we made it! April! 

I LOVE it!!! Hope none of my pals got FOOLED last week, though! Haha!! Either way, it's OK. All part of the fun, my friends. 

Man o' man, do I LOVE this time of year, mi amici! I can't say it 'nough! Of course our main man, Dino, provided the AB SO LUTE LY PER FEC TO Dino-jam to roll us into April! It's a vid I simply LOVES to share with youse every year & is STILL one of my ALL TIME FAVES! 

It's THE...quintessential Springtime croon & is just simply SO SO fittin' for a drizzly kinda April week, likes we've had. 

This GREAT GREAT month is SO full of promise pallies! Thins' is happenin' that we cants' even see yet! All the flowers are gettin' ready to pop up...the birds are secretly buildin' their nests...even the Sun is hangin' 'round a wee bit longer, everyday!!! So So cool to me, pallies & I definately could not thinks of a MORE Dino-inspirin' Serenade to set the stage! 

Dean is at his totally FUNNIEST when jokin' with his main pal, Mr. Ken Lane (this is where the "Stunnin" part comes in) & at his completely SMOOTHEST while croonin' this  BEA U TI FUL Springy tune! 

"April Showers" will get you in such a happy mood pals...this I can guarantee! 

Forget the rain! Forget the clouds! Forget the snowy little flurries! It's SPRING, pallies!!! Youse simply can't helps  but smile while watchin' Dean weave his magic spell. Just a wink of his eye or a quick glimpse of that ever present wiseguy smirk...& he got youse! You're hooked in his magic & left beggin' for more. 

OK, my friends...sit back & REALLY soak this one in.  It's Dino at his BEST! 

So just keep on lookin' for that Blue bird...& listenin' for his song...wheneva these April showers come along...Enjoy.

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