Sunday, June 04, 2023

Danny G's SPECIAL "Month Coolness Came to Earth" Happy Birthday Sunday Serenade with Dino: "How Sweet It Is"

 Hey pals...welcome back, & welcome to 'nother "Month Coolness Came to Earth"! 

Man o man, I am just SO SO pumped! 

Can't even believe our pal amongst pals is turnin' 106, this comin' Wednesday! 

Don't forget to checks out all your local classic TV channels! I'm SURE they will be rockin' Dino flicks all damn day! Haha!! 

Man...What a time we've had, huh, pals? Day after day & year after year...Dino has been an ever present companion for us all. He's my "Cumpare". My friend. Swingin' through life with me. My ups, my downs. Side by side & never even a worry that he would hit splitsville. 

It might be hard to believe or even understand, to many...but to we "Dino-holics"'s as simple & natural as olives in a martini. That's just the way it is! 

Dean is our pal. Like family, really. The COOL uncle who shows up for every party, weddin', or cook out. And when he does...MAN...what a time it is! The room wakes up! Dance floors are flooded like the party just started! 

Dino just has that effect on us. He equals FUN & GREAT TIMES! 

Now pals...I could go on & on 'bout what Dean means to me & how much happiness he's brought to my life. But...I think youse knows EXACTLY what I'm talkin' 'bout. He brings his spirit to us all.  

On June 7th, 1917...God sent us a gift. A gift that TRULY keeps on givin'. We were the lucky ones, mi amici. Most of us, anyway, can say we walked the Earth at the same time as he did. 

Now, to me...that's VERY cool! 

Of course, Dino's music & movies...TV shows & live performances, will be 'round forever,'s OUR generations that were here WITH him! VERY cool, indeed. 

OK, pallies...I gotta go. Got some Dino tunes I gotta get jammin' too! Haha!! 

Happy Birthday, Dino! 

Hey, wait a minute!!! 

I got SO caught up in the Dino-moment...I almost forgot the main reason I is here...the SERENADE!!! 

Well, pals...this ones easy. All I needs to do is think of Dino. He's my guy. My mentor...& my friend. Man o man, pallies..."How Sweet It Is!" 


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