Sunday, April 18, 2021

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: April In Paris"

 Well, hey Dino-diggin' Spring chickens! 

Glad youse could stop by! 

Always a pleasure to visit with my pals. friends...Is youse enjoyin' Spring yet?! I know...been a crazy one, so least 'round these parts. 

We actually got hit with some snow this week! Haha!! 

But guess what? Tuesday is gonna be 70! Hahaha!!! 

Crazy is the word, mi amici. 

Don't panic, though, pallies! We is gettin' there! 

Every mornin'...the sun seems to rise a little bit sooner & every dusk is seemin' to come a wee bit later. Hang in there, ol' pals o' mine...warm days is comin'! 

Hey, pals...after all...Spring is a tricky matter WHERE youse live! Youse gots to 'member...we just climbed out of a LONG...COLD...Winter! Takes a little weenin' to gets back into the Springtime swing! 

I thinks I know what might help! 

For today's Serenade...Dino is gonna take us on a little trip. 

We're jumpin' on a big ol' bird...& flyin' over to a city that is also known for it's gray skies & drizzly seasons...PARIS! 

Ahhhhh...what a romantico place it must be, though, huh pals? 

Forget the rain! 

Time for passion! Haha!! 

Well, if anyone would know's our man of the world...Dino! 

Dean was DEF I NATE LY a world traveler & DEF I NATE LY a master of L.O.V.E.! 

I found "April In Paris" on his 1962 Reprise al b um..."French Style". What a perfecto tune for this wonderful time of year! 

This vinyl masterpiece is a GREAT GREAT collection of some of Dean's MOST BEA U TI FUL songs! 

I'm diggin' each & every one of these jams, with Dino's accentin' on the language of love! Haha!! 

Hey let's face it, pallies...Dino can spread the message of "amore" no matter WHAT language he's croonin' & WHAT weather he's in, swoonin'! 

OK pals o' mine...'nough Danny G-talkin'...let's get to some Dino-Springtime rockin'! 

Here we go pals! 

Hold on tight! 


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