Sunday, October 11, 2020

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "In Napoli"


Welcome back, mi amici! 

How's my pals? 

Hopefully all is well & this week's Serenade is findin' youse in good health. 

They say "Health is Wealth"...& man o man...ain't it the truth! Gotta take care, my friends! 

Well pallies...leaves are startin' to fall. 

Days have grown shorter. 

Thins' is REALLY showin ALL signs of Autumn now!  

So, I believes I've mentioned this before...but besides bein' THE SPOOKIEST & one of the COOLEST months of the year...October also just so happens to be Italiano heritage month! 

Yes sir! least that's what we call it here in BEA U TI FUL Massachusetts! Haha! the spirit of ALL the cool cool paisanos , like Mr. & Mrs. Gaetano Crocceti, who brought their GREAT GREAT son, Dino, & Italian traditions to America...I decided to celebrate today with a little, "In Napoli"! 

This tune is SO SO pretty & the vid has such BEA U TI FUL pics of  WON DER FUL Italy...not to mention Dean's smooth smooth croonin'. 

You can almost taste the vino & foods of "the old country"! Haha!! 

Ahhhh...what a place to be. 

So pals, in honor of our Italiano brothers & sisters & ALL our Dino-lovin' pals out there...this one's for youse! 

Oh & by the way...did I ever mention that my great grandparents...on Mama G's side... came to America from the Abruzzi region of Italy...just like Dino's fam? 



Yea...I'm sure I have. 

Love throwin' that one out there. Hahaha!!! 

I cant resist sharin' that juicy bit of Dino/Danny G. similarity, pals! Ha! 

Enjoy pallies!    

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