Sunday, April 05, 2020

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "April Showers"

Welcome back, mi amici.

Youse look stunnin'!
That will be a little funnier when youse hear it from Dino.

We'll get to that later.

So, dearest friends o''s thins'?

I've been prayin' extra hard for ALL of us.
Prayin' we all is safe...followin' this new crazy protocol & keepin' our chins up.

Not an easy thin' to do durin' these scary times, pals. I know.
But...we'll get there, my friends.

Good days WILL return & this too...shall pass.

Well, not much to do, sittin' in.
Not much to do...OTHER THAN PLAYIN' HOURS & HOURS OF DINO, that is!

Hey, man...nuthin' wrong with that!

Gots to make the best of the nasty cards we been dealt, pallies.

We gots performances...interviews...shows...roasts...Man O' Man, mi amici...we is gonna be ALLLLRIGHT!

I REFUSE to let this "brutta cosa" (ugly thin'), ruin our Spring!
Or ruin our fun fun crazy cool little Dino-fied blog!
Noooo way, pals.

This is my FAVE time of year...& I is gonna find some joy in matter what, my friends!

Gotta still appreciate the little blessins' we have!

The sunshine...the rain...the birds & bees...the flowers & the trees.
Just look out your window, friends o mine.
They're out there.

We maybe can't fully enjoy them today....but....a day will come.

So...all that bein' said...let's get to some sweet sweet Serenadin' from our main croonin' cat, Dino!

How's 'bout a little "April Showers" to set the mood?
Perfecto for a rainy Spring day like this, pallies.

The crazy banterin' 'tween Dino & Ken gets me rollin' everytime.
Takes away ALL this insanity...just for a moment or two.

Reminds me that thins' maybe lousy for now...but life STILL is GOOD!

So, my fellow followers of Dean...I'm sittin' here...lookin out my our big beautiful world...& all I can think look stunnin'!

Be safe, mi amici.


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BlueisCoool said...

This is just what is needed Danny G, a wonderful and funny video to lighten things up this week. What better way than to do this than with Dean Martin, he is always sure to put a smile on your face no matter what the occasion. A great selection this week my friend. I hope you are doing well along with everyone else. There is not much to do except to try and stay safe and remember that better days are coming.

Have a great week.