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From Dean Martin to managing debt, Brampton woman’s radio show for seniors has it all

Hey pallies, today we all gets to see yet 'nother way that our most beloved Dino is bein' used to excellently  enhance the efforts of a new Brit  radio programme.  From the blog "BRAMPTON GUARDIAN" comes word of Brampton resident Miss Elizabeth Cunningham’s new Internet radio show" that accents "informing, educating and entertaining seniors.  As the tag of Radhika Panjwani's post indicates, "From Dean Martin to managing debt, Brampton woman’s radio show for seniors has it all,"  our Dino is playin' a potent part of each and every episode.

The scribin's don't actually say how our Dino is bein' intergrated into this senior show, so we took it 'pon ourselves to listen to parts of several recent recordin's of the show and were deeply delighted to note  that the classic Dino-croon "Ain't That A Kick In The Head" is openin' and closin' each and every programme episode!

We are most delighted to see the choice of our most beloved Dino settin' the tone and accentin' this hugely helpful "Making Our Seniors Matter" radio effort.  Just goes to show that our Dino connects with every age and stage of life.  We are always thrilled to see more and more of today's youth drinkin' from the Dino-fountain, but it is equally excitin' to see that our Dino is still the choice of mature pallies as well.

We thanks Radhika Panjwani and all the pallies at the "Brampton Guardian" for lettin' the world know 'bout Miss Elizabeth Cunningham's new radio programme.  We thanks Miss Cunningham for makin' the cool choice of havin' our Dino accent each and every beautiful broadcast.  To checks this out in it's originnal format, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-report.  Dino-delightedly, DMP

 From Dean Martin to managing debt, Brampton woman’s radio show for seniors has it all

Brampton Guardian

By Radhika Panjwani 

BRAMPTON — Brampton resident Elizabeth Cunningham’s new Internet radio show is all about informing, educating and entertaining seniors.

Now in its sixth week, the show, Making Our Seniors Matter, has been throwing the spotlight on issues that will help seniors lead better lives.

Co-hosted by Cunningham and Margaret Wallis-Duffy, of Wallis for Wellness, and produced by Todd Miller of Listen Up Talk Radio, the weekly program is available 24/7 as a podcast on the Making Our Seniors Matter website.

“Seniors affect the bottom line of businesses, especially considering the fact Canada’s aging population will grow 23.6 per cent by 2030,” said Cunningham, 60. “We have seniors who are wealthy, but then we also have some that are not in good financial health and part of the reason is these people belong to a generation that believed in giving: to their families, children and grandchildren. I think it’s time they received respect and support. The idea of this show is to offer information that’s not only relevant today, but just as useful in two or five years from now. What’s more, the show can be accessed by anyone, anywhere and anytime.”

Typically, each 30-minute show consists of a song or two from a bygone era, a cautionary segment on scams by Peel Regional Police constable Claudia Wells, as interviewed by Cunningham’s husband, Glenn, and interviews with experts including a medical professional, financial advisor, gerontologist, renovation experts and others. Topics include preventing falls, science of aging, renovating your home for safe living, tax credits, mental health and more.

A recent installment of the show featured Bob Harrick, president of the Mississauga Senior Council, who talked about how his organization is advocating for the City of Mississauga to offer programs to educate seniors on the city’s transit system. By using Skype and other technologies, he said, it’s possible to connect and chat with experts residing not only in Peel but beyond its boundaries.

As a senior lifestyle consultant by profession, Cunningham’s business, Blue Willow Consulting for Seniors, helps seniors navigate issues dealing with mortgage, accessibility, finance and others by connecting them to appropriate people.

A few years ago, the long-time Bramptonian began publishing a newsletter for her clients when she realized many seniors had no clue about the various resources available to them. The success of the newsletter prompted her to dip her toes into broadcasting. 

“Most people our age want something they can hold in their hands and read and they love newspapers,” Cunningham said. “The newsletter has grown because it tells them about things that are going on and where they can find information. The radio is like the newsletter, but in a scale that’s slightly different because it’s available 24/7.”

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