Monday, April 12, 2010

Yesterday In Dino-history April 11, 1945

Hey pallies, likes so so sorry that I didn't get this Dino-historical note up yester-Dino-day, but didn't gets myself on line all Dino-day. Thanks to our pallie Mark over at the very groovy and informational blogg "popculturefanboy" (clicks on tagg of this Dino-gram to goes there) for sharin' the birthday of Dino-child numero trio....Barbara Gail Martin.

To this Dino-holic's understandin' Miss Gail is one of the kindest, if not indeed the kindest of the Dino-prodigy. She lent her energy to the very creative Dino-al-b-um DEAN MARTIN FORVER COOL as well as the most recent Dino-collection from the UK.."That's Amore.

In the clip below from the DVD of the deluxe version of DEAN MARTIN FOREVER COOL, you can hear and see Miss Gail speakin' so so Dino-devotedly 'bout her daddy-o at 'bout 2:15 and 4:10. How refreshin' to our Dino's girlpallie speakin' with such Dino-affection of our beloved Dino!

Happy belated birthday to Miss Gail Martin and thanks for sharin' your affection for our Dino with the world! With much Dino-appreciato, DMP

65 Years Ago Today In 1945 - Future Capitol Records artist Dean Martin and his wife Elizabeth welcome their second daughter, Barbara Gail Martin, into the world.

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