Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Dean Martin Intro

Hey pallies, a whole of singin', a whole lot of laughin', a whole lot of lovin' from Dean!!!!!! Everythin's better with our Dino in it!!!!!!!


Vivian said...

HI! You left a comment on my blog for the post of questions and answers. I did not know if you would like to play but I made a list of questions for you, and yes, they are all Dino related. I don't have your email addy so I will post them here. If you want to play, have fun.
1. How did your Dino blog come to be?
2. How long have you been a fan of Dean Martin?
3. What is your favorite song/movie of Mr. Martin?
4. What is the strongest influence that Dino has had on you or your life?
5. If you could co-host an evening of standards with Dino, who would make the lineup?

Thanks for introducing me to your blog, he really was the most.

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie Viv, thanks so much for droppin' by and for givin'me 'nother Dino-opportunity to share my love for everythin' Dino. Although I've been on blogger since Jan. '06, I actually didn't start the Dinoblog until Jan. of this year. Since Feb. 06 I have been the modpallie of a little Dinopad Dinodiscussion group over at Yahoo tagged ilovedinomartin (BTW any true Dinodevotee is welcomed to check it out and apply for Dinomembership). This little Dinoblog is like the "brother" to that little Dinosite, givin' 'nother Dinovenue for proclaimin' the life and teachin' of the King of Cool.

How long have I dugged Dino....like forever. I really turned on to Dean while watchin' the Dinoshow in the '60's and '70s...just couldn't ever get enough of our Master of Hip.

My current Dinofav Dinosong is "Since I Met You, Baby,"...the only Dinohit to be turned into a music Dinovid...you can find this on this Dinoblog. And like hands down my fav Dinoflick has to be the Matt Helm caper, "Murder's Row," 'cause it is simply our Dino doin' what he does best...place his oh so cool, his oh so hip, his oh so randy Dinopersona!!!!

What is the strongest influence that Dino has on my life.....well to put it simply DINO IS MY LIFE!!!! All I desire is to become more and more like Dino.

If I could co-host an evening of standards with Dino, who would make the lineup....well I particularly enjoy seein' Dino perform with the likes of Sammy Davis Jr., Miss Petula Clark (there always is such magic between the two of them, Peter Lawford, and Denis Leary (who had the most amazin' Dinoencounter).

Again, thanks for givin' me the opportunity to share a little more of my total passion for everything DINO!!!!

Ms. Kathleen said...

It is so nice to see women, built like women and not bean poles! But, then Dino wouldn't have had it any other way!

This was so cute. He is just so charming and handsome and charming! Like you his Matt Helm films were the best!


dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie Kathleen, thanks for droppin' by.....recently I've been thinkin' that today a group like the Pussycat Dolls might replace the Golddiggers as Dino's musical companions.