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Life according to Dean Martin

Hey pallies, likes hablas español ?  Likes that's 'bout all the spanish that we remember...and likes today we wishes that we coulda speaks fluent spanish 'cause our very very special Dino-devotion is found at the blog "Le Nouveau Fanzine"...."The New Fanzine" where blogger Mr. JO NI CAS  scribed his hugest of huge homage of our most beloved Dino, "Life according to Dean Martin."  It's marvelous mix of powerful pixs and provocative prose sprinkled with a couple of classic vid clips.

Our problemo is that we know that the translation that we were able to have made from the original spanish clearly clearly does not do JO NI Cas's prose justice.  This obvious deep devotee of our Dino has crafted a rich rich retellin' of the Dino-story from Steubenville, Ohio to as JO NI CAS -presses it..."THE SLOW ROAD TO ETERNITY."

What we can tell is that is JO NI CAS has come under the incredible influence of our Dino's greatest of great biographer Mr. Nick Tosches.  There are words and phrases that are woven into this text that come directly from "DINO: Living High In The Dirty Business Of Living."  We are thrilled to have 'nother extraordinary example of the international scope of devotion to our Dino, but are saddened that we are unable to comprehend this in the original spanish 'cause we know that JO NI CAS's  wondrous words are certainly much much more cool, hip, and randy in original.

If any of you pallies do hablas español, we woulda mucho appreciate your help in sharin' the real riches of this text from the mother tongue.  We salute Mr. JO NI CAS for his energetic effort in the cause of our Dino!  To checks this out in it's original source, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-gram.   Dino-always, ever, and only, DMP

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Friday, February 20, 2015

 Life according to Dean Martin (no other, but it's boring)


Dino Paul Crocetti was born in Steubenville, Ohio. The son of Italian immigrants spoke only Italian until age five he had to go to school. He soon realized that the studies were not your thing, however, far from unintelligent soon showed that it was very good playing dice and cards and with 12 years and did some work as a messenger for the Mafia boss Local. Much more fun than being all day between books without doubt. At age 16 he started boxing, but even began to emerge realized that his hook with the girls was incompatible with hook boxing. Fearing spoiling her beautiful face had to be decided by less dangerous hobbies like betting on horse racing, bootlegger during Prohibition or dealer in a casino.

But if something like Dino was definitely sing, Bing Crosby admired and wanted to be like his idol. In the summer of 1934 he sang for the first time in a club and even cared to imitate Crosby once people saw in his songs his own personality, optimism, passion and above all that relaxed air that made him charming. In recent years changes its name Dino Martini, taking advantage of a certain Nino Martini was triumphing among the younger audience. "A household name saves half the work" - Dean thought. However, after the outbreak of World War he understood that in the fervent patriotism need his name had to sound more American, so it definitely was as Dean Martin. After the first few years with the orchestra Watkins decides to stand alone. Those were the days when Frank Sinatra was beginning to succeed and the comparisons were inevitable. The club owners are raffled to one or the other. But they had to be on their posters. Sinatra while women earned with his voice and his ballads, Dean was much smarter, making each performance a show in itself. From their dress, look, speak to the public ... in fact more focused strategy was to gain the trust of men, women and would follow their hand.


Betty McDonald married with one child relationship is constantly reeling from the Dean put little interest in compromise. In one of those breaks he would stay at Lou Perry that 35% of their income would his representative and home. With them would Sonny King so they would take turns a bed for three, two together and one on the ground to exacting shifts. 35% of Perry had to add 10% agreed that the orchestra Watkins let him free. His manner was better than the way you add it in your eagerness to succeed Dick Richards gave him another 20% two to the popular representative Lou Costello (Abbott & Costello) 25% to get her performances. Had just signed with MCA also that 10% of its revenues are reserved. Numbers so doing everything I earned nothing would stop his pocket. But who needs to numbers when you Dean Martin? While you something to eat and Lou Perry dressed him and pay him drink all would be well. Plus everyone won, no problem. Well, maybe when he gave up another 10% to the director of a radio program that had hired him ...

When creditors, who knew more mathematics than the Dino himself, discovered that it had sold 110% of their rights and campaba by the cheerful and uninhibited world to pay the debt they sued for fraud. Dean was declared insolvent so that the judge had no doubt it was released at not being able to collect the debt. In the end Dean would get Lou Perry as the only representative and Betty as the only way to sleep peacefully.

The organ and the monkey

When Dean Martin came the script for his new film with Jerry Lewis he went angrily looking for it, - "What is it that I do police new police and even I have principles, I will never do to! police. " When Jerry Lewis said it was his film and would do what he said, a uniform and a few sharp words ended a run of 16 successful films. Lewis played the lead, knew that the script would really annoy Martin and it was impossible to make him something.

Who would have thought that would end it? It was March 1945 when the young comic 19 years walking with his friend Sonny King did Times Square when suddenly King saw in the street something that caught his attention, along with a small gray man walking a big, handsome guy and a luxuriant black hair, "what kind of presumptuous guy can wear a suit of camel's hair?" Your escort him out of doubt "Dean Martin, is Dean Martin!" and then he crossed the street grabbing arm Lewis. King presented the promising singer of 28 years and the four began to talk about trivial things, when an attractive and elegant woman passed them. A few steps then turned to Dean with a smile on his face. Dean somehow knew and turned his head to match that smile. They were just two seconds and Lewis realized his friend and the little gray man idolized Dean for it, that absolute and unconscious on the will of any woman who were at his side control. A few minutes later, Lewis would join the list of admirers of Dean Martin. From that day the comedian Dean try to beat whenever he could, when cartel agreed on some combination was perfect, his antics, grimaces and imitations married perfectly with the tender ballad singer of Italian origin. And while Dean was quite reluctant to agree with Jerry, imposing rooms and businesses forced a duo that became a classic and had just formed the duo ... "how do we call, Lewis & Martin or Martin & Lewis ? - he asked Martin Lewis "It is best to be in alphabetical order," the singer replied, "We'll call Martin & Lewis", "" but Lewis L M comes before Martin. ". - "Of course my D Dean J comes before you, we will be the duo Martin & Lewis."

Several movie studios were behind them and Paramount Pictures the upper hand was after Louis B. Mayer of Metro a ruling one of those phrases that eventually bury you with a nice epitaph: "The organ do not see it at all OK, but what about the monkey? " Each of his films led to an even bigger hit, "My friend Irma," "I Want Marine," "Artists and Models" or "Pardners" are some of those movies. And although the films were a success and his records were sold well, where really the true star status were you could tell when they were playing live. Only Frank Sinatra had caused such collapses and scenes of hysteria. The duo died of success, but mostly had deified Lewis who was carrying the weight of the training and the real star that everyone wanted to see.

Dean used to say that the two most important moments in his life were when he teamed with Jerry Lewis and when separated from Jerry Lewis.


... And I was there at the Sands, smoking chesters one after another, with the nerves to the skin. He never before had he felt so. Always he controlled the situation, but life was teaching his ugly face. He had tried to go on stage without Lewis and had caused indifference. I was agreeing with all those boys going out to buy popcorn as Lewis disappeared from the stage and began to sing Dean. Thanks to his friendship with Jack Entratter, which owned the Sands and had already hired in New York, was in Vegas. But it was only a gesture of friendship to see a Martin low hours. But Dean Martin, he was a player and that night was not going to be in one of many, had received a call that would change history, or theirs. Ed Simmons, screenwriter low hours had convinced him to reinvent Dean. It is time, in a gray suit specially designed for him, walked onto the stage, now with more anxiety than nerves and the orchestra sounded. Behind the scenes of a voice announcing ": the Sands Hotel is proud to introduce the star of our show, directly from the bar Dean Martin Ladies and Gentlemen" was heard. Dean began pacing awkwardly around the stage with a glass of whiskey in hand, people left the glasses and cutlery and looked surprised. After half a minute he noticed people. There was a lot at him and began to greet them with gestures and winks. He blew kisses and took the first applause of an expectant public. Suddenly I saw the microphone stepped away from him and said "I'll put here, not there." Then he sentenced "how much better singing drink" and in just two sentences and a few minutes I had a devoted audience. And he sang, he began to sing as usual or better than ever, who knows, the problem is that the letters are forgotten and instead of singing the famous "dear, if I have loved you, forgive me" from his mouth came "dear, if I I married you, forgive me "to the laughter of the now respectable. Dean Martin was then the drunkard and off the stage, but apparently all improvised was the delight of the public. "I have seven wonderful children" and local applauded, "Hey, hear no applause, only it took me seven minutes" and sang. In a moment of the action while walking back tripped over the foot of micro and distractedly said "sorry, Jerry" causing the audience went crazy and will grant permission to laugh at what hurt most. Again have the command and now with the idea of ​​becoming forever in his beloved George Raft, actor associated with the Mafia would never do anything that is not wanted. And he did. At the end of the performance he had on the table a contract to act for five years gave him the freedom to decide.


With the idea of ​​always doing what she pleased with the strength of his way to be impenetrable secrecy and Dean made features are a way of life. What confused people was their warmth and friendliness. When all was right was the friendliest, caring and funny man you could find, but if any of his wives or some pretended friend tried to enter his comfort zone he always said "If you want to talk, you see see a cure." Therein lay his power, while others showed weaknesses or someone with as much power as Frank Sinatra was going crazy behind Ava Gardner, Dean never showed too attached to anything. In fact, while Sammy Davis or Tonny Bennet were bent to the voice of the voice, he never depended and will benefit from his long shadow. Also when Dean made him angry with their negative, it was the Sinatra himself who came running after knowing that Martin never would. He imagines going again with Dean on a local and people turning surprised to see them, "If looks chupasen cocks, and would be destroyed" say Dean, and then inevitably smiled and called again.

Dean did not need anyone, you could spend hours in their world. Western watching movies, reading comics or doing the only sport you do not need to talk to anyone: golf. His friendship with the mafia and came from his childhood. He knew who and what they were. He admired but managed to keep the distances and independence. There used to deny anything, but when the case had no problem doing. But they respected him. Unlike Sinatra always involved deeply, Dean would rather have a few drinks with the mob and go home quietly when he did not feel comfortable. You could see Dean on stage saying "why do not you go up on stage and kill someone? while greeting a lord of the place. These jokes made everyone laugh, including the noted. But because it was Dean. Lewis had to stand on knees repeatedly for a "mafiosillo" that had teased on stage to spare his life. Needless to say that those were the moments that Dean enjoyed.

Dean also had to constantly prove who he was, like many artists of his time and that was another characteristic that made him so independent. He wanted to prove he was a great singer and he did, I wanted to show that not depend on Jerry Lewis and he did and wanted to be an actor and made up of the largest and did. His big movie was "The Young Lions" and no less than confronting two of the biggest, Marlon Brando and Montgomery Clift and certainly lived up to. And he had only another great challenge in the film, shooting a Western with John Wayne. From there no longer worry too much about the films he appeared. If something called the attention it did. Marylin Monroe tried that it would be his last film will feature Dean, who was one of the few people in the world who really respected her, and he agreed for it. When studies Monroe replaced by their continued absence Dean also abandon the project.

His contempt for art and culture made him famous. Phrases like "there's a guy who painted my house in two days it's better that they" when referring to the paintings exhibited in the Louvre. He mocked often the method actors and when asked by the work of an actor used to say "Acting is not, who think that the work of an actor is hard is because you have not spent a whole day standing behind a blackjack table ". In any case never conceded more than one test per scene "it is all you'll get from me," so he rolled and went home.

It's a shame that many people just relate to Dean Martin with the Rat Pack, certainly they left an indelible mark, but Dean was much more than a group of friends who wanted to have fun. With the Rat Pack did interesting things, just watch these monsters together on stage and it was worth it to see them at the bar according to hours could also give pain, but one thing is certain, Dean always true to form, he knew when it was time to leave and was the only one who could afford it. No one left standing to Sinatra. "I'm Frank, I expected a girl in the room" and although Sinatra knew that was not true, he also knew he could not hold him. At one thousand dollars Sinatra paid a girl to wait for Dean Dean in his room and gave the girl a thousand to be out and tell Sinatra who had spent the best night of his life. When it was time, no matter the place, time, attendees or commitment, Dean largaba place. In one of her birthday parties his wife rode a big party at home with a lot of guests. At one point they knocked on the door and it was the police. The neighbors had complained and had to go around the world to their homes. "What the neighbors, if they are all here?" Sinatra thought he was at the door. He immediately went to the room and furious Dean snapped him: "Did you call your police, right?" and Dean watched as a glass of milk and took watching a Western on TV saying nothing.


He had had it all, he had enjoyed all had drunk all. What would life had to offer? He began his decline, his inner world became increasingly closed and small. He left the woman who gave more stability, Jeannie, and began to roll with girls who would not contributed much. Arrived late at night to add your voice to songs that you no longer transmitted anything, left the stage at Madison Square Garden when after 30 minutes did not seem that the public was to his liking, he had to sit in an act of tribute to Reagan when he was not able to sing a single note given his intoxicated and finally disappointed Sinatra when he organized a tour with him and Sammy Davis Jr to tour the entire country. Sinatra was excited and did not have the approval of Dean until shortly before the start of the tour. Those first performances were pathetic. Dean was neither wanted to be. Sinatra Dean finally replaced by Liza Minelli. The death of his son Dino Jr. who was very close, I end up off the poor Dean.

In the end, when our body is no longer here, we are just what we think and well thought out, when Dino occupies mine, do it with a big smile and a nice song.


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A truly wonderful and interesting discovery my friend. there is a lot of wonderful information including a photo i have not seen before. I can't help you with any translation i am afraid but maybe someone else will help you with that.

Thank you fro bringing this gem our way rite before the weekend.

Have a great weekend.


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Hey pallie, likes Scotty, we appreciate your appreciato for this spectacular homage of our most beloved Dino. Keeps lovin', keeps sharin' our most beloved Dino!

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Wow! This is DEF I NATE LY a TRUE follower of Dino! Great read...even with the broken English! Haha!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes you sez it correctly Danny-o...this powerful piece of prose is just burstin' with the deepest, purest and truest of devotion to our Dino! Keeps lovin' our most beloved Dino!