Wednesday, May 27, 2015

"And, as I may add, Dean Martin is my favorite."

Hey pallies, likes here's a fun change of Dino-pace.   From a dude tagged "Tyler X71" comes a youtube vid of his latest acquired Dino-treasure.  Seems that Ty found the 2002 Gemmi Dino-animated big head figure over at ebay for a mere $10 bid plus shippin.  We are thrilled to hear Ty proudly, boldly proclaim to his youtube audience...."And, as I may add, Dean Martin is my favorite."
No sweeter words can one Dino-holic here from 'nother.

Ty plays both of the classic Dino-croons that our King of Cool figure sings....first "That's Amore" and then as Ty states..."and for my favorite"..."Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime.  Only problemo is that the string that makes our Dino's mouth open ain't workin', but Ty promises to fix it.

We salute Dino-diggin' Tyler for sharin' his powerfully pure passion for our Dino with us and helpin' to makes the Dino-light glow ever Dino-brighter and brighter!   Dino-delightedly, DMP

Dean Martin - Animated Big Head Figure - Gemmy

Tyler X71

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