Monday, April 05, 2010

What Discovering Dean Was For Me

Hey pallies, likes we all knows how much our Dino loves puttin' the accent on youth, so likes today I am just so so Dino-delighted to share 'nother testimony of one of today's youth who has come to know, love, and honor our Dino.

Her name is Catie, and likes if I have done my Dino-math correctly from the hint that she has given ("who passed away when i was 8 months old"), she is a true Deanager either havin' turned sweet 16 or in the very near future doin' so. As you will read below, Miss Catie has spent the last 15 months of her life in total Dino-admiration.

Her Dino-story is published at her Dino-devoted blog "For The Good Times" and as usual, if you click on the tagg of this here Dino-gram you will gets there.

I so does love to read each pallies Dino-tale of how our Dino first got their attentionado and how their affectionao for our beloved Dino grows from that very moment. So thanks to Miss Catie, for boldly sharin' her amazin' personal story of so refreshin' to learn the transformational power of Dino in her young life. Dino-delightedly, DMP

Sunday, April 4, 2010

What Discovering Dean Was For Me

Its a funny thing, Im the type of person who can barely remember what happened last monday, but I can remember the first time I really discovered Dean Martin. First you need to know that my dad was one of those punks from the 70s listening to the Stones, Ramones, NY Dolls, etc. and thats what he has been playing for me since i was born. Not that i mind because at four years old i knew every word to Hound Dog by Elvis, Space Lord by Monster Magnet, Buffalo Soldier by Bob Marley, and Blitzkreig Pop by the Ramones. But my music was still very diverse, i listen to it all so long as its good.

I can remember my sister listening to Billie Holiday, Nat King Cole, and .....metal. Then there was my mom who listens to soul and funk. My dad also brought me to lots of Yankee games and if your a fan then you know at the end of Every Single game they play New York New York you can hear from the time the players are off the feild until you are across the street from the stadium and i knew instantly i loved the song. I had of course heard Thats Amore and Mambo Italiano loving both but not knowing who sang them. Once when i was about 7 or 8 my mom and me were singing Thats Amore: "When the Moon hits your Eyes like a Big Pizza Pie, Thats Amore." I remember saying to her, "I bet the guy who sings this loved food! He was probably like really fat!" OH MARONE! I TAKE IT BACK! I still cant believe i said that, but now i know better Dino was anything but fat! lol

To speed things up a bit last January I was listening to NY, NY and remember awhile before my dad had shown me a video of Frank in MSG singing My Way and he played me Summer Wind. So i went on youtube and searched for them that search turned into about a two week period where all i listened to and watched was Frank Sinatra. I just couldnt get enough Frank! Then i came across this:

It was the funniest thing i had ever seen singers do. He was funny and had a great voice, i could tell the two must have been friends. I can remember saying, "Who's this guy with Sinatra? Hes funny." So i looked for more of this mystery pal of Frank. Then I remember watching Dean sing King of The Road live at the Keil Opera House in St. Louis 1965. I was speechless and from that moment on he was no longer "that guy with Frank" or the fat guy who sings Thats Amore. I realized in those 3 minutes that I had found the coolest, funniest, sexiest man ever with the greatest voice i had ever heard. I couldnt look away he was the greatest entertainer i had ever seen much different from the stuff i was used to. He roped you in with the smile, then the voice, then the laugh, and the personality! He just wouldnt let you have a break it was all eyes and all ears on Dean, he commanded you to only see him and only him. Theres something about him that if hes preforming with anyone else you are just drawn to Dean, Im not sure there are words to describe it, he just hypnotizing, if your a fan then you should know what i mean.

He was laid back and funny he let his charm and talent take over which was the coolest thing to me. Much different from the rockers i had watched all them years destroying stages and screaming- i still watch them but they can never compare to the smooth, charming, tall dark and handsome Italian crooner i had seen that day. No one compares there is Only One King Of Cool thats Dino Paul Crocetti.

The amazing part is I still get that exact effect everything I listen to Dean. True Coolness is Timeless. I still luv Frank but instead of a two week its been about 15 months and im learning more and more about the King of Cool and honestly this man who i have never met, who passed away when i was 8 months old has done more for me then most people i know.

As Ruth Buzzi has put it- "...The sweetest,kindest, classiest man you will ever, ever meet, Dean Martin."

As if this wasnt enough I'll go into more detail later...
So thank you Frank for helping me discover Dean, and thanks Dean for...well for being Dean Martin.


Catie said...

haha Deanager i like that

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, glads you does....hopes you like seein' your Dino-testimony here at the ol' ilovedinomartin Dino-blog. Likes did I guess close to your Dino-age?
Hopes you got the Dino-link I sent you and the Dino-ecard....

Catie said...

yea definetly its kool thanks!....i was born april '95 and Dean died christmas '95 so ima be 15 pretty soon. Thanks for the link/card :)

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, glads to be of Dino-service...we calls it showin' true Dinopalliedom...if you woulda likes 'nother link or two, just let me know..