Friday, April 16, 2010

Our Dino as Matt Helm in "The Silencers" TMC 1 a.m. April 17th

Hey pallies, likes how cool is this?!?!?! Today's Dino-gram and the one planned for tomorrow are both reviews of our Dino as Matt Helm in "The Silencers," and likes I just learned that Helmer numero uno is gonna be shown on the Turner Movie Classics in the way wee hours of Dino-morrow at 1 a.m.

So often, I don't get the Dino-news 'til it is way late to let's all you Dino-holics know, so so likes so Dino-delightedly to gives you this heads up now and you can put the Dino-viewin' into your Dino-plans. So, gives yourself a Dino-treat and turn in and turn on to our Dino this very Dino-night. Am includin' a cool Dino-treat of a stellar Dino-vid-collage from "The Silencers" that will whet your Dino-tite for more of our beloved Dino as Matt Helm. Dino-reportin', DMP

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