Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Hey pallies, just found this Dinopix our our Dino lightin' up. Always such a Dinopleasure to find new and different candid Dean Martin photographs to share.


Sarah said...

Hey man, a few weeks ago you took me to task for writing a bad review of The Ambushers on my blog. I rented The Silencers because of your comments and you were right on! What a great movie! I enjoyed it so much I'm thinking about buying the Matt Helm set from Amazon, because Netflix doesn't have Murderer's Row.

Thanks for setting me straight! Keep spreading the Dino love!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie Sarah, it is like my total Dinomission as well as my total Dinopleasure to spread the Dinomessage. So glad you found "The Silencers" Dinogreat....to this dude "Murder's Row" is even better. You will never ever be Dinosorry if you purchase the Matt Helm set 'cause it will provide you with years of total Dinoviewin' Dinopleasure. Thanks for droppin' by and you kind Dinowords...and drop by again and let us know your Dinoimpressions of "MR."