Friday, January 05, 2007

Hey pallies, speakin' of fav pixs, this is one of my fav Dinopixs of all Dinotime. From the Matt Helm flick, "Murder's Row," here's a pix of Dino and "Miss January," whom Dino found in his round bed 'cause she was cold and needed to get warm. Enjoyin' the Dinogroove with you, Dino Martin Peters


happyfeet.dinojr said...

Hey pallie DMP, hehe, now I can post too! You know I really love this pix, it's Dino and Mrs J. at their best!!!
And I really have to say that your blog is so cool and I'm so glad to be able to meet you here now!

dino martin peters said...

Hey Nici pallie, like thank you so much, but remember Dinogirl it was you who Dinogramed this great Dinopix and so many more from our fav Matt Helm caper, "Murder's Row." So like thank you so Dinomuch for your Dinodevotion and Dinosupport. May all our days be Dinodays and may we spread the Dinomessage of Dinocool Dinofar and Dinowide, here and at ilovedeanpaulmartin. Dinodevotedly, Dino Martin Peters