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Dean equaled freedom and bliss.

Hey pallies, likes today on this tenth  day of Dino-amore month, we takes you to the  self tagged prose pad of Mr. Scott D. Southhard,  "The Musings & Artful Blunders of Scott D. Southard" for his Dino-focused scribin's " 'That’s Amore' by Dean Martin."  It's more  wonderfully wise words on how the life, times, and teachin's of our Dino keeps incredibly impactin' life after life, time after time.  And, likes what coulda me more Dino-amore appro then a post on that great Dino-amorin' croon..."That's Amore!!!!!"

Mr. Southard is a professional proser and asks that only excerpts be shared, so below is the portion of his recent post that is Dino-centric.  To read all of Scott's post simply clicks on the link shared above or the tag of this here Dino-gram.

We don't wanna takes any glory from Scott's  own words of  how our most beloved Dino, as Southhard proclaims "would begin to represent for my wife and me one of the happiest moments not only of our marriage, but our lives."  So read on pallies and celebrates yet 'nother touchin' tale of the incredible intersection of our Dino and the lifes of everyday pallies likes us.

We say thanks you very much to Mr. Scott Southard for sharin' his testimonial of  the remarkable role that our most beloved Dino and one of his most beloved croons, "That's Amore" played on Scott and his wife's two-week trip through Italy.  Dino-always, ever, and only, DMP

“That’s Amore” by Dean Martin


 Dean Martin

I never really liked Dean Martin’s music.

When I think of classic crooners, I always lean towards Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, and Nat “King” Cole. Bing had a nice jazz rhythm and friendliness in his voice, Frank was art (a unique and always beautiful combination of arrangement and voice), and Nat… Nat was the man. Smooth voice and a great jazz piano player. His album After Midnight might be my favorite album of all time. I can’t think of a week I had not listened to it all the way through at least once.

But Dean Martin?

Dean was silly, with his drink in his hand and a wink to the audience. You never got the feeling that the music really mattered to him, it was just another part of his performance, no more important than his suit and his cocktail.

And yet, Dean would begin to represent for my wife and me one of the happiest moments not only of our marriage, but our lives. Dean started each day of our best adventure, made us want to sing along. Dean equaled freedom and bliss. And if he was around today it would be hard not to give him a hug if I was to meet him (I’m assuming at a questionable and loud bar in Las Vegas).

See, Dean Martin and his ridiculous song about a moon and a pizza pie was the musical symbol for our two-week trip through Italy.

It’s all so freaking weird to consider, but it is true.

When we thought about the trip and planned our excursions, we wanted to experience the country, feel away from our “real world” as much as possible. So when our tour guide said we would begin each day on the bus with the “That’s Amore” by Dean Martin it was frankly a little disappointing.

Really? That song? That’s the best you can come up with?

When you consider how much great music historically comes from Italy, it is an odd choice for our Australian tour guide (Yes, Australian with an accent right out of an overacted television show) to choose Mr. Martin. Heck, waking up to a nice moment from an opera would have been inspiring to us. Or maybe something like from one of those fun little jazz bands you hear in Venice? Nope, we were stuck with Deano.

Sing along with me!

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

..... the game pitted a Frank Sinatra led team (the Blue Eyes) against a team coached by Dean Martin (the Red Eyes).

Hey pallies, likes we just loves, loves, loves to fine awesome antidotes 'bout our awesome Dino that we ain't never ever run 'cross before.  So, on this ninth day of Dino-amore month we are pleased as punch to be able to takes you to some Dino-lovin' news from the 'net pad of "Cat Country FM WPUR 107.3" located in  Northfield NJ (South Jersey).

On air personality for 107.3, Mr. Joe Kelly, shares a moment in Dino-history that we ain't ever remember hearin' 'bout before.  The tag of his scribin's sez it all dudes:  "That Time Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin Played Softball at 3am in Absecon."  Accordin' to the post, in the '80's our most beloved Dino and his bestest of best pallie Mr. Frank Sinatra are said to have played a game of stick ball in the city of Absecon, NJ in the wee hours of the mornin'.

Mr. Kelly shares with delightful details that he could locate and is eager, of course, to learn more from any pallies who might have viewed this coolest of cool Dino-event.  Likes those of us that are solemnly smitten by our one and only Dino are as eager as Joe to learn every glorious detail that may be uncovered....likes a Dino-treasure hunt for sure.

Likes how fabulous durin' this month of absolute total Dino-amore to be growin' most earnestly 'n eagerly in our edification of the life, times and teachin' of our one and only Dino.  ilovedinomartin salutes Mr. Joe Kelly and all the pallies at 107.3 for sharin' this mostly unknown Dino-event with the larger world.  To checks this out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-report.  Dino-delightedly,  DMP

That Time Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin Played Softball at 3am in Absecon

 By Joe Kelly February 5, 2016 4:43 AM

Dean and Frank

Were you at the famous softball game in the middle of the night in Absecon in the 1980s?
A Facebook post on the page of the Absecon Police Department’s page reminisces about that magical middle-of-the-night event.

According to the post,

 In the 1980’s the casinos in Atlantic City teamed up with Tommy Lasorda and Frank Sinatra to have a baseball game in Absecon….at 2am.

Apparently, once word got out that Ol’ Blue Eyes and one of the Los Angeles Dodgers’ greatest managers were in town playing stickball, many residents of Absecon flocked to the old ball fields on Michigan Avenue to watch…in their pajamas.

As the crowd cheered on Frank, Tommy and their entourage, they had no idea that they would be witnessing an iconic moment in the history of Absecon.

While I was not at the event, I did a little research and cannot find mention of Tommy Lasorda in several news accounts.

A UPI wire story indicated the game pitted a Frank Sinatra led team (the Blue Eyes) against a team coached by Dean Martin (the Red Eyes).

Several recounts of the game say it ended in a 18-18 tie.

We want to know if you were at that game and what you may remember. Please share your thoughts below.

Also, if you have any photos from the event, would you care to allow us to share them here? If so, please email me:

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Dean, Jerry & Me: A Love Story or, How I Became a Martin & Lewis fan

Hey pallies, likes on this eighth day of Dino-amore month we offer all youse Dino-philes 'nother long lost piece of perfectly potent powerful adulation of our Dino and his partner Jerry Lewis.  The post was scribed in June of 2011 and we created a draft not long after that that simply got lost in the shuffle of all the other Dino-devotion we were workin' on and just got uncovered recently as we are doin' our best to goes through the ton of unpublished Dino-treasures here at ilovedinomartin.   And, likes it seems like Dino-amore month is simply the most perfect of perfect Dino-times to share it 'cause as scriber Ginger sez, "Yet I am totally, completely, immeasurably OBSESSED with Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. 'Oh, I love them so!'"

With the most earnest of apologies to Miss Ginger (Virginia) who holds forth at a lovely blog tagged "Motion Picture Magic," we today share her wisest of wise words on the greatest comedic team ever, Martin and Lewis.   We are deeply deeply  delighted to tell you that Miss Ginger is a huge huge fan of our Dino and Mr. Lewis and today's Dino-post will let you in on the who, what, when, where, how and why of her affinity for our Dino and his partner.

Miss Ginger begins with an apology for what she calls her "uber-long post" on Martin and Lewis, but likes we are here to tell you pallies that it is certainly worthy of readin' each and ever single word 'cause it is so so cool to see someone so so young (my guess is that Ginger is a true Deanager) so so obsessed (her own word) with our amazin' Dino and Jerry.

It is always thrillin' to read how a new pallie has come to deep, pure, and true devotion to our Dino and in this case, also to Jerry. So we are delighted to share Miss Ginger's story here for all ilovedinomartin readers to enjoy as well.

Ginger's essay is so well written and so easy to read that it is truly a pleasure to enter Ginger's world of devotion to Dino and Mr. Lewis. And, it seems that Miss Ginger is on a mission of helpin' others to learn of Martin and Lewis and comes to follow 'em as well...and likes how cool is that!

So, sits back and learn how our Dino and Jerry captured Ginger's's truly a heartwarmin' story of lovin' devotion that will warm your heart as well. ilovedinomartin sez our thanks to Miss Ginger for tellin' her story and helpin' others to get hooked on Martin and Lewis. Likes to view this in it's original format, just clicks on the tagg of this Dino-gram. Dino-awed, DMP

Dean, Jerry & Me: A Love Story
or, How I Became a Martin & Lewis fan

(My apologies for this uber-long post; we'll just say I'm trying to make up for the lack of posts over the last ten days...if you stick with it all the way, you're a champ)

It happened fairly recently...only about nine months ago. Yet I am totally, completely, immeasurably OBSESSED with Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. "Oh, I love them so!"

It wasn't always this fact, the first time I saw them, I absolutely hated them, and it took awhile for my Dean & Jerry obsession to take hold. The same thing happened with my mother (regarding Dean & Jerry, I mean, lol). I have since come to the conclusion that Martin and Lewis is an acquired taste. And boy wow, have I acquired it!

Finding people to share my obsession has been a challenge. It's difficult to find someone who even knows who they are. For whatever reasons, the biggest comedy act of the century has been kept out of the spotlight...and now all we hear about are Bob and Bing, or Abbott and Costello, or Burns and Allen...if we hear about them at all. (People who hate old entertainment, I'm talking to you!) But Martin and Lewis were bigger than any of them...the pandemonium surrounding them comparable to what both Elvis and the Beatles would stir up after Martin and Lewis left the spotlight. Their movies aren't generally known, their TV work even less so, and as for the brilliance they enacted in nightclubs--well, fugedda 'bout it. I just think that with all of this "secrecy", intentional or not, it's incredible that new fans keep discovering Dean & Jerry. I know if it hadn't been for YouTube, I certainly wouldn't have. I'd never even seen them before--anywhere.

Actually, now that I think about it, that isn't strictly true. I was exposed to Martin & Lewis (or Martin and Lewis separately) through different entities, and I just didn't know it. I think the first was probably in Road to Bali, a Hope/Crosby film (actually I think it was their last) for which Martin & Lewis filmed a cameo. I had no idea who they were, but I thought they were funny, for the three seconds that they actually appeared in the film. The next was It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World, where Jerry has another cameo as the Driver Who Runs Over Hat. I always liked the Driver Who Runs Over Hat but I didn't recognize him as Jerry, even after I became intimately familiar with Jerry's work! I think it's maybe something that's a tad bit out of character for him, even though he is funny and he plays his bit to the hilt. But back on topic...

Oh, yes. A couple of years ago my dad bought Move Over, Darling (a Doris Day remake of My Favorite Wife) and the special features included footage shot of the original project, Something's Got to Give, starring Marilyn Monroe and none other than Dean Martin. I didn't know who he was any more than I knew who Jerry was...actually, I think at that point I was confusing him with Rock Hudson. Whatever. At any rate, that was pretty much the extent of my Martin/Lewis knowledge.

About a year or so ago, I was watching old clips of What's My Line? on YouTube. (Have you guessed by now that I really really really love YouTube?) I excitedly clicked on the one starring Walt Disney. I couldn't wait to see it--this is the guy who made all my favorite childhood movies!

Walt was kind of disappointing--very soft-spoken and rather bland--but there was a guy on the panel with a nasally voice who kept asking Walt humorous (and at the same time, rather insulting) questions. I quickly ignored him and went on to another clip.

Several weeks later, I suppose it was, I watched a clip from the same episode--with that same nasally guy on the panel--only this time, the contestant was a rather portly lady who packaged diet pills. The obnoxious guy actually guessed her profession--jokingly of course--but finding he was right, let loose a goose-honk of a laugh. Boy, I thought, I wish this guy would shut up. He didn't, of course--he continued to slyly insult the lady, all the while garnering laughs (admittedly, from me too, but I had a sneaking sympathy with the poor lady, who actually didn't seem to mind his insults as much as one might suppose).

Fast forward to September of 2010. I had just finished watching one of my favorite movies, the Major and the Minor (Ray Milland! *swoon*) and was looking up the trivia section for it on TCM (because that's what all us movie nerds do, don't you know). Well, heavens to Betsy, if there wasn't a film listed right there under "Remakes"! Now, usually I steer as far away from remakes as I can get. But this one was done in the 50s, and I love movies from the 50s, and it said they had reversed the roles as far as gender was concerned, and that definitely sounded interesting.... so I thought what the heck, I'll give it a chance, how bad could it be?

I had no idea.

The remake was called You're Never Too Young (1955), and it starred Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, and Diana Lynn (who had a role in the original version too). I plowed through it, quickly deciding I could do without the screechy-voiced guy (and I couldn't understand all those comments on YouTube saying how cute he was...gag me with a spoon!)--now the handsome, serious one with the chocolate voice, well, he was ok in my book. Most of the film was, I thought, pretty mediocre--until I got about an hour into the film, to that part where...well...maybe you should just look for yourself. (Fast forward to about 6:10, if you like, and watch from there.)

THAT was what convinced me to take Jerry Lewis seriously. I'm pretty pathetic, aren't I?

Well, anyway, no matter how much I swooned over it, I still wasn't overly fond of the team. I went back to watching What's My Line? and dreaming about Ray Milland.

And then something provoked me, I don't know what, to again watch the clip with Jerry and the diet pill lady. I still thought he was pretty obnoxious (not to mention rude) but I did take him seriously this time. And then scrolling through the comments, I noticed one that stated, "Jerry Lewis is gay".

Now if you've spent any length of time on the internet, particularly the IMDB boards, you've probably learned not to take such drivel seriously. I mean, anybody can post a rumor about an actor or actress and claim it as truth...but this one piqued my curiosity (gay people in Hays Code Hollywood are always interesting to learn about) and I looked up both his and Dean's bios. After reading them I decided I did, indeed, like Jerry better. Dean was a playboy, and I had no interest in playboys. Reading the bio made me wonder if there was some sort of movie special on them...and lo and behold, there was! Right on YouTube, a whole biography about Jerry Lewis.

I felt sorry for him...his childhood theme seemed to be abandonment, uncaring parents, shifted from relative to relative..and not particularly popular with his peers, either. And what a perfect big brother he had found in Dean! And then, they showed the clip--the clip that sealed the deal--the clip that started the entire Martin and Lewis obsession....

(I'm trying to be really dramatic here--are you with me? Good.)

The jail sketch.

Or rather, a tidbit of the jail sketch--the part where Dean adlibs that long bit of gibberish, Jerry cracks up, and then turns to the audience, "He adlibbed, I don't know what to say now!"

It was astonishing. And hilarious! I had never seen a performer, comic or otherwise, break the fourth wall in that way. It was addicting!

I have been a fan ever since.

Over the past nine months I've watched every Colgate Comedy Hour episode I could get my hands on; I've seen all the duo's movies (except Hollywood or Bust, their last one); watched Jerry countless times in his own feature films; and laughed harder than I ever remember laughing in my life. Only Dean and Jerry can awaken that kind of hysteria in me. I have never laughed at anyone as much as I've laughed at those two wonderful monkeys. And not only that, but their relationship--that deep, deep brotherhood friendship and the adoration they showed--is tremendous. Just watch the way they look at one another. They are untouchable.

(**for those who don't know: My post title is a take-off on the book Jerry wrote about his ten-year partnership with Dean Martin, entitled Dean and Me: A Love Story. I highly recommend this book. The style is compelling, the tone reeks of old-time showbiz--it reads like a screenplay, only more so. However, I regret to say that language-wise, it is not for the faint of heart. If you don't mind that, then by all means, "Go, with my blessing!")

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Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "It Looks Like Love"

Welcome back, pallies of ALL ages!
It's GREAT to be joinin' you on this WON DER FUL & BEA U TI FUL Dino-lovin' day!
 Yes, my paisani... we made it to 'nother Dino Amore Month!
 And here at our SWINGINEST little blog...this is MAJORLY COOL!
 Can't youse just FEEL the LOVE & PASSION in the air?!

Man o man...what a GREAT GREAT time it is, mi amore diggin' amici!
Time to let our hearts soak in EXTRA amounts of Dino!
Soak in his words of worldly wisdom!
 Soak in his VERY SPIRIT, pals!

 Dean knew how to romance the ladies...that's obvious. BUT...Dean also knew that love came in many shapes & sizes, pallies.
The love of family!
The love of a special friend!
 The love of a loyal pet!
The love of a good round of golf! Hahaha!!!
Hey pals...I have love for a good meatball!!! Ha! Youse gets the point, my friends.

There's PLENTY of warm feelins' to share. Give a little & take a lot! Feels good to spread it 'round, pals.

Ok....let's get to our FIRST Serenade of Dino Amore Month 2016!

How's 'bout a little "It Looks Like Love"?
Yes! Perfecto!
It may be a wee bit cold & snowy outside, pallies....but fear not!
 Dean will get thins' NICE & TOASTY!
 His love is with us & it's HERE to STAY!
 And's only 43 days 'til Spring! Haha!! Yes!

It looks like love
It feels like love
And I confess it's got me rocking on my heels like love
How else can I account for that unexpected glow
That turns the night to day each time we say hello
It looks like love
Ah it could be love
But if it's not it's so darn wonderful it should be love
There's a lot more I can tell you but you take my breath away
Yes it looks like love is here to stay
It looks like love
It could be love
But if it's not it's so darn wonderful it should be love
There's a lot more I can tell you but you take my breath away
Yes it looks like love
Is here to stay

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Send Some Dino-amore Day Wishes

Hey pallies, likes on this sixth day of Dino-amore month, likes as we are still early in our  cool celebration ofDino-amore, we wanna shares with youse  a couple of cool e-cards that you can send to your Dino-addicted pallies...or even better to folks you know who ain't yet been turned on to the Dino-vib and ain't yet likes totally sold out to Dino.  Likes we knows that we have previously posted e-cards to be shared for Dino-ween and for the Dino-wintery season, but we can't ever ever remember sharin' ones appro for Dino-amore-day.

Well, likes recently in our search for the proper pose to add to our announcement of Dino-amore-month, we likes musta been likes totally totally Dino-directed to checks out if that German Dino-pad where we have shared those other e-cards might justa have sometime special full of Dino-amore.  We went to, to t he DMICD Postoffice and found that loveliest  of lovely  Dino-pose of our most beloved Dino holdin' a rose up to his face...and we used that graphic for our introductory comments for Dino-amore month 2016.

Likes, we noticed that there was 'nother Dino-pose available, and we struck up the idear to simple share 'em both in a special post here to encourage Dino-philes everywhere to share their amore of our Dino with those near and far...encouragin' all to a deeper and deeper devotion to our one and only Dino.  Below are the two Dino-styles we found, and if you clicks on the tag of this Dino-gram who will go directly to the page where you can sends off the delightful Dino-e-cards!  Dino-always, ever, and only, DMP

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Dean Martin plays, well, himself!

Hey pallies, likes on this fifth day of Dino-amore month 2016 likes we just can't resist followin' up yesterday's Dino-gram on the Italiano showin' of "Kiss Me Stupid" on the same screen with a remarkable review of said sex farce that was posted on the anniversary of our Dino's birthday, June 7, last year.  Likes instead of thinkin' that we simply didn't get 'round to sharin' it then when we had a ton of huge homagin' Dino-posts for that special of special Dino-dates, we are thinkin' that we were simply meant to share it this very Dino-day!  When it is Dino-focused, all thin's work out for the Dino-best.

That said dudes, likes we takes you to the blog  "CLASSIC MOVIE - FAVORITE ACTORS, ACTRESSES, DIRECTORS, FILMS AND MORE" where flick reviewer Miss Julie shares her incredible insights into none other then the Dino-epic, "Kiss Me Stupid."  Miss Julie's bio tells us that she grew up in Hertfordshire, England, and now lives in South Wales with her boyfriend and their two dogs."   From the get go Miss Julie 'fesses up that KMS "is the first Dean Martin film I have seen."  Likes dudes, what a way to start in gettin' hooked on our most beloved Dino's silver screen actin' career!

Likes we can tell this Miss Julie is truly in the Dino-know 'cause she opens her synopsis section with the powerfully profound pontification  that "Dean Martin plays, well, himself!"  Obviously Miss Julie may not have seen our Dino on the screen before this, but she is obviously supremely smitten by our Dino, and as she said in her intro, "I have also recently taken a liking to the solo music of Dean Martin."

What we likes digs most 'bout Miss Julie's lovin' efforts is that she shares a sextet of great Dino-poses includin' one for sure that we ain't seen on the 'net before.  Also we appreciate the trivia notes that she shares as well.  We are hopin' that Miss Julie will find the way clear to be viewin' and reviewin' many many more of our Dino's fabulous flicks for her reader's excellent edification!  We swankly salute Miss Julie's superb scribin', sure to help bring many many more folks to deeper and deeper lovin' of our main man!  To checks this out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-report.  More 'n More Dino-amorin!,  DMP


June 7th marks the birthday of Singer and Actor Dean Martin. Having taken an interest in Frank Sinatra and The Rat Pack, I have also recently taken a liking to the solo music of Dean Martin. Kiss, Me Stupid is the first Dean Martin film I have seen.
Given the film was directed by Billy Wilder I undoubtedly had certain expectations about the film, having already enjoyed Some Like It HotThe Lost WeekendThe Seven Year Itch, andSunset BoulevardKiss Me, Stupid is definitely an enjoyable film for the most part, but I must admit I didn’t like the way the film ended. I’m not going to give away any spoilers here for those who haven’t seen the film and wish to, for it is a real funny film in parts. I was just disappointed at how certain events in the film played out. In researching other reviewer opinions afterwards, it looks like I’m not the only one! I did however enjoy some of the jokes that were made during the film such as when Dino wonders why the police have blocked off the road at the start of the film by asking if:
“That Sinatra kid gone missing again?!” (Frank Sinatra Junior was actually kidnapped in 1963.)
Dean Martin plays, well, himself! Straight from Las Vegas and on his way to Hollywood, Dino has to make a detour through a small dead end town called Climax, in Nevada. Whilst there he meets gas station worker Barney played by Cliff Osmond (The Fortune Cookie(1966)) and piano teacher Orville played by Ray Walston (The Sting (1973)). Orville is married to the prettiest girl in town, Zelda, played by Felicia Farr (3:10 to Yuma (1957)). Despite all his unjustified suspicions over what his wife gets up to, Zelda loves him dearly. Orville and Barney have been amateur songwriters for some time and are getting nowhere. That is until Dino shows up in town and Barney messes with Dino’s car and tells Dino he’ll have to stay in Climax for the night. This will give Barney and Orville a chance to try and get Dino to accept some of the songs they have written. Orville agrees to let Dino stay at his house. But Dino is a complete womanizer and it’s clear he’s looking forward to meeting Orville’s wife, especially after seeing her measurements on her sewing dummy. Learning that Zelda is a massive Dino fan, and petrified that sex-maniac Dino will try his luck with her, Orville comes up with a plan. He makes Zelda mad enough with him to leave the house and go stay with her parents for the night, before realizing Dino’s presence, whilst Barney goes to find a woman who can play at being Orville’s wife. Enter Kim Novak (Vertigo (1958); Bell, Book and Candle (1958).) Kim Novak plays cocktail waitress Polly, who lives in a trailer with her parrot and dreams of getting out of this dead end town. If Dino tries his luck with Polly, it shouldn’t matter to Orville either way and maybe Orville can persuade Dino to take on his and Barney’s songs? All this on Orville and Zelda’s wedding anniversary!
  • The role of Orville was offered to Jack Lemmon.
  • One of the parts was written for Marilyn Monroe, who by the time the film was released, had sadly died in August 1962. Conflicting reports say the part was either Zelda or Polly.
  • Jayne Mansfield was reported to have been the replacement for Marilyn, but stepped aside due to pregnancy.
  • There are two versions of this film; an American version and a version released outside the U.S. The reason being, one scene was thought too steamy for U.S audiences!
  • Peter Sellers originally played the role of Orville, and shooting of the film began. However after Sellers suffered a heart attack he had to withdraw.
Ray Walston’s performance as the jealous and irrational Orville with his knitted sweater of Beethoven, was rather entertaining. We see the thought process going through Orville’s mind as he thinks jealous thoughts, whilst a creepy and disturbing musical score accompanies him. In one scene in particular Orville becomes jealous over one of his teenage piano students bringing flowers for Zelda. Orville tries to restrain himself, but we see what’s going through his mind, and the poor student ends up being chased from Orville’s house, minus his shirt!
Dean Martin himself puts on a very funny performance as he unashamedly pursues Polly, completely believing that she is Orville’s wife, yet still somewhat baffled that Orville seems to have no problem throwing her at him! Despite this, at times you just want to put Dino in his place!
Kim Novak’s performance was great, as the sweet, and fed up girl with a bad cold, who really dreams of a better life for herself other than to stay in this dreary old town and work at the sleazy Bellybutton club.
Happy Birthday to Dean Martin! Born June 7th 1917.

Thursday, February 04, 2016

"Kiss Me, Stupid" by Billy Wilder with Dean Martin and Kim Novak.

Hey pallies, likes on this fourth day of Dino-amore month we wanna shares a post that supremely shows that Dino-amore is ultimately universal in Dino-scope.  Today we takes all youse Dino-philes to the blog of  "TV2000 -  CHANNEL 28 , SKY CHANNEL 140 , TivùSat 18" which is announcin' the small screen broadcast  of our Dino's classic sex farce "Kiss Me Stupid" on Friday, February 5 at 21 hours 10 minutes....or as we would commonly state it in the USA, 9:10 p.m.

Likes the announcement is scribed in Italian, so we would take it that TV2000 is Italiano in origin.
"Kiss Me Stupid," as we have shared so so many times here at ilovedinomartin is our most beloved Dino's most controversial big screen effort, mostly showin' that our Dino was always a man ahead of this times.  By today's standards, the  film would be considered totally tame, but in 1964 it broke many a rule 'bout what was considered appropriate.

In this month of Dino-amore, it is great to see this classic Dino-tale bein' shown in the land of our Dino's origins.  While our Dino did many many flicks that are totally totally 'bout amore....many sex farces included, "Kiss Me Stupid" raised an uproar as well as the bar as to how amore coulda be expressed on the silver screen.

We salute our Italiano pallies at TV2000 for bringin' "Kiss Me Stupid" to the masses, 'specially in this month of absolute total Dino-amore!  To checks this out in it's original source, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-gram.  And, likes for those of us who woulda digs to view our Dino playin' his oh so cool, hip, and randy self, but we ain't got access to TV2000, through the magical mystery of youtube, below we share the full film of "Kiss Me Stupid" in all it's Dino-glory!   Always, ever, and only Dino, DMP

Movie, "Kiss Me, Stupid" by Billy Wilder with Dean Martin and Kim Novak. Tv2000 on Friday, February 5 at 21.10

It 'a 1964 film directed by Billy Wilder. Funny, hilarious and enjoyable to revisit says Orville J. Spooner, a professional pianist, campa in a small town in Nevada, giving piano lessons at home, playing at weddings and funerals and making the organist for the local parish. Also composed songs together to "wordsmith" Barney, the only petrol station and mechanic for cars in the country, which regularly sends the songs composed with Orville at all the major music publishing companies in the United States of America, but does not have answer.

Film, “Baciami, stupido” di Billy Wilder con Dean Martin e Kim Novak. Su Tv2000 venerdì 5 febbraio alle 21.10

E’ un film del 1964 diretto dal regista Billy Wilder. Divertente, esilarante e piacevole da rivedere racconta di Orville J. Spooner, pianista di professione, campa in una piccola cittadina del Nevada, dando in casa lezioni di pianoforte, suonando a matrimoni e funerali e facendo l’organista per la parrocchia locale. Inoltre compone canzoni insieme al “paroliere” Barney, unico benzinaio e meccanico per auto del paese, che manda regolarmente le canzoni composte con Orville a tutte le case editrici musicali più importanti degli Stati Uniti d’America, senza tuttavia averne risposta.