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As a kid....... I loved Dean Martin's "Celebrity Roasts."

Hey pallies, likes his tag is Stuart Galbraith IV, and his bio tells us that he "is a Kyoto-based film historian, writer, and publisher-editor of World Cinema Paradise."   With his recently featured review at "DVDtalk" of "The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts: Fully Roasted," we also know that Stu is a deep deep digger of our most beloved Dino!

As youse will note when you read his well scribed review, that Mr. Galbraith begins his Dino-reflections statin,'  "As a kid, what with my atypical interest in old movie stars and comedians, I loved Dean Martin's "Celebrity Roasts."   Likes well, we here at ilovedinomartin knew immediately that his commentary woulda be of the coolest kind!   And, likes indeed Stuart has glowin' thin's to say 'bout this new collection of 17 of the original Dino-roasts.

ilovedinomartin salutes Mr. Stuart Galbraith IV and all the pallies at "DVDtalk" for puttin' their blog readership on to this newest of new Dino-treasure.  To checks it out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-report.  Dino-always, ever, and only, DMP

The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts: Fully Roasted
Time Life // Unrated // March 4, 2014

Review by Stuart Galbraith IV | posted April 16, 2014

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Highly Recommended

As a kid, what with my atypical interest in old movie stars and comedians, I loved Dean Martin's "Celebrity Roasts." I hadn't seen any of them since they originally aired during the 1970s and early ‘80s and was concerned that, like most television specials and variety shows of similar ilk and vintage, they wouldn't hold up. At all. Would they date badly? Were they still funny? Or would the jokes now seem obvious and overly sweetened with laugh tracks? Would they perhaps play hamstrung family-friendly TV versions of the bawdy Friar's Club roasts that inspired them?

To my considerable surprise, The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts: Fully Roasted turns out to be a highly amusing if patchwork collection of solid comedy. Most of the guests are very funny, and it's fascinating to watch so many performers not normally known for such things "out of uniform," TV and movie stars getting into the spirit of these somewhat pre-fabricated hours. Though scripted, a playful, mildly anarchic spirit rules the day, allowing for some ad-libbed material amidst the mostly scripted ones.

The set reportedly contains "17 complete Celebrity Roasts" though I'm not so sure that's literally true. Some are missing opening titles and a handful of guests on the daises never actually get the chance to speak, at least not these 48-minute episodes. Could some these originally have run as 90-minute specials? Or, like the earlier You Bet Your Life with Groucho Marx, did the show's writers and directors discreetly trim those celebrities who bombed? (Not necessarily, though. In one show I watched, Rex Reed's unfunny speech was left in while Eve Arden and Cathy Rigby never left their seats.)

This excellent set features loads of good extras including bonus comedy sketches (from Dean's variety series and elsewhere), featurettes, new interviews with such varied talent as Phyllis Diller, Angie Dickinson, and Abe Vigoda, and an excellent, informative and observant booklet.

The Roasts began as part of the last season of Dean's weekly variety series (the first celebrity roasted was then-California Governor Ronald Reagan), and then expanded as a steady stream of specials. When Dean's variety show was cancelled, the roasts briefly continued to be taped in Los Angeles but by the fall of 1974 they had moved to the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, more convenient for much of its Vegas-based talent and only a short flight away (and perhaps an incentive) for its Hollywood names. The shows were filmed before a live, clearly appreciative audience, though also sweetened with canned laughter.

These "Man of the Hour" (or, more rarely, "Woman of the Hour") specials soon fell into an established formula. Dean, appearing intoxicated, would be the Master of Ceremonies, one-by-one introducing a dozen or so guests. Some of these guests would be personal friends or colleagues of the guest of honor. In one roast honoring Dennis Weaver, for instance, they included his old Gunsmoke co-stars Amanda Blake and Milburn Stone, as well as his then-current co-star on McCloud, J.D. Cannon. (Gunsmoke star James Arness didn't show up, but his brother did, actor Peter Graves.) But cronies of Dean's like Joey Bishop or Don Rickles would also appear, and oftentimes celebrities with no obvious connection (Gene Kelly roasting Muhammad Ali, Jane Withers in a show honoring Ralph Nader) inexplicably appear.

Certain stars became Celebrity Roast regulars. Red Buttons began turning up around 1975, invariably doing his "Never Got a Dinner" routine, a sure-fire crowd-pleaser. Ruth Buzzi likewise appeared regularly as her dowdy spinster character, Gladys Ormphby. I was never much a fan of her or that character on Laugh-In, but watching these specials I really grew to admire Buzzi's ability to ad-lib, which she does more than most guests, and always right on the money. Charlie Callas, Rich Little, Nipsey Russell, LaWanda Page, Foster Brooks, and Zsa Zsa Gabor also turn up a lot.

Pretty clearly the key to making these shows work was the writing, the shows having been written mostly by Dean's unusually good variety show staff, people like Harry Crane, Larry Markes, Stan Burns, Stan Daniels, Rod Parker and others, many of whom were or became associated with some of TV's finest comedy shows. My guess is that in addition to writing Dean's material, they wrote all the speeches for the non-comedian speakers, and probably wrote template-type material for the more seasoned comics to their particular style, which they in turn could then fine-tune themselves, to their liking. Other funnymen like Jackie Mason and Mort Sahl may have written their own material entirely independently.

One frequent guest but non-comic who may have written all of his material was Orson Welles, the great director-actor unhappily taking work where he could find it, mainly to finance several half-finished or never-realized movies. You'd never know this from watching Welles's polished and lively monologues, which are witty and articulate instead of bawdy and jokey. Like Cheeta in the Tarzan movies, Welles seem to be the go-to guy whenever they needed a good cutaway; his uproarious laugh, like a drunk Santa Claus, was infectious.

The experienced comedians are, predictably, reliably funny if sometimes on autopilot, with a few like Rich Little are cringe-worthy then as now. Some give polished, obviously rehearsed performances while others like Dean are at times clearly winging it, at least based on their frequent glances in the direction of the cue cards. Because of the high quality of the writing though, even actors not known for their comedic skills tend to come off well.

And though dialed back considerably from far more explicit Friar's Club roasts, the Dean Martin Roasts maintain a surprisingly high quotient of double-entendres and sexual innuendo, and even a few mild curse words as when Ruth Buzzi, in character, calls Angie Dickinson a "bitch." (I wonder if that actually made it to air unbleeped, however.) As one might expect, there is endless guffawing about Dino's "drinking problem," sometimes compounded with Foster Brooks and his drunk act on the same bill, material that's still amusing but much more rarely a target for humor these days. (Similarly, it's interesting to note how many of those chain-smoking on the dais, a common sight on TV back then, died prematurely of smoking-related illnesses.) Conversely, it's interesting to such an abundance of prime black talent (as varied as Richard Roundtree and Slappy White), in some cases freely flirting with white guests of the opposite sex (Jimmie Walker lusting after Angie Dickinson, for instance), certainly unusual for the period.

And, finally, from an historical perspective it's just fascinating to see athletes like Ali, TV stars like Suzanne Somers and Gabe Kaplan, and political figures like Reagan, Barry Goldwater, and Ralph Nader, appearing on such programs at or near the height of their fame.

Video & Audio

Despite disclaimers about the condition of these "film" elements (everything was recorded on tape) these shows look quite good given the limitations of ‘70s-era videography. The mono audio is equally acceptable. Not alternate audio options, naturally, and no subtitles.

Extra Features

Plentiful supplements include bonus sketches from The Dean Martin Show featuring talent like William Holden and Vincent Price; three okay featurettes; and new (and sometimes quite extensive) interviews with the likes of Buzzi, Dickinson, comedian Fred Willard, etc. The booklet is a big plus, too.

Parting Thoughts

This set is a lot more fun than I was expected and for reasons described above comes Highly Recommended.

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On This Day In Dino-history: April 16,1964

Hey pallies, likes thank goodness for pallies likes Mr. Bob Dearborn who helps us remember some of dem most important dates in all of Dino-history.  Bob is mod at "The Olde Disc Jockey's Almanac," where he keeps track of   "Celebrity Birthdays, This Day In History, Number One songs on this day, Jokes du Jour and more ... for the media professional and anyone else who finds these things useful, entertaining or interesting."

Well, thanks to our usual blog searchin' for all thin's Dino and to Dearborn's devotion to historical dates, we share with all you Dino-philes that it was 50 years ago on this very date, April 16, 1964 that our most beloved Dino recorded what has become his most beloved croon, "Everybody Loves Somebody."  Likes all the glorious details below for all us Dino-philes to bask in the Dino-glory of this most most marvelous and memorable moment in the life and times, and teachin's of our Dino.

ilovedinomartin 'presses our thoughtful thanks for Mr. Dearborn spreadin' the news of this historical Dino-event for all the world to revel in.  To checks this out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this Dino-gram.  Dino-honorin', DMP

 April 16, 1964…At United Recording Studios in Hollywood, Dean Martin recorded "Everybody Loves Somebody," a song co-written in 1947 by his pianist/accompanist Ken Lane. Martin's recording went to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, sold more than a million copies, and became the theme song of his NBC-TV variety series (1965-1974). The words "Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime" are inscribed on Dean Martin's grave marker.


Hey pallies, likes have we got likes a fabulous Dino-gram to share with all youse Dino-philes this very Dino-day.  While doin' our usual 20 pages of Google Blog searchin' for edifyin' Dino-devotion to share here at our humble little Dino-home, we recently struck perfectly pure Dino-gold with a post from Spaniard Mr. Bernardo de Andres Herreo at his blog "My Dual Turntable."

It is clear that Bernardo loves listenin' to music, and his Dino-accented post, "DEAN MARTIN RAT TEX FAR WEST," speaks volumes of his passion for our Dino's country croonin' sayin' "The other most enduring image is that of DEAN MARTIN COWBOY" and " the man decided to become fearless ITALIAN COUNTRY MUSIC STAR."  Bernardo's post is faithfully filled with  al-b-um covers of our Dino's country recordin's, a baker's dozen of great vid clips of our Dino croonin' country, and powerful poetic prose tyin' it all together.

ilovedinomartin always, always loves to find more and more international Dino-devotion, and these remarkable reflections from the pen of Spaniard  Mr. Bernardo de Andres Herreo give testimony to how much our Dino is loved all 'round the universe, and we finds it 'specially heart-warmin' to have someone from the great great country of Spain create such a massive post filled with deep, pure, and true adulation for our Dino, in particular his country croonin'.

So, likes hats off to our newest pallie Bernardo for spreadin' such massive Dino-devotion at his personal blog, "My Personal Turntable."  Note that at the end of this post we have included Bernardo's words in the original Spanish, and, as usual, to read this it it's original's format, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-report.   Dino-awed, DMP


DEAN MARTIN ENTERTAINMENT was an off-road show. As a member of RAT PACK was subjugated to the desires and powers of the head FRANK, Savis If Sammy Jr, was a titan of the stage, a beast of the tables. If Frank Sinatra was, as GREAT, THE VOICE, called him. DEAN Well, it was the role of graciosillo, lush chisposo, that if with salt and grace.

Overshadowed rather prevented by Frank maneuvers, to succeed in the land of the head, and utterly unable to compete in art never well weighted with Sammy Davis Jr, Dean Martin was not a choice but to bring an artistic career, successful without doubt the most varied in a way which seems to lend credence and respect. It was jester, gangster, Italian romeo, jazzman, secondary luxury crooner .... and my favorite image to a pack a cigar and a glass of whiskey in hand (Which American TV of the 50s and 60s with man Lords on camera smoking and drinking like fish without censorship and / or medical Lobby commanded cut emissions).

The other most enduring image is that of DEAN MARTIN COWBOY (4 Texas Bandolero 3 Sergeants and especially Rio Bravo). Both Western had to have his translation to the world of music and the man decided to become fearless ITALIAN COUNTRY MUSIC STAR,  something only after multiple attempts at the end of his life he succeeded. It was in 1983 with an album called NASHVILLE SESSIONS (would be his ULIMO lp) and a single MY FIRST COUNTRY SONG , a version of the theme CONWAY TWITTY it would take to climb the charts of Nashville. Well well well saddled his horse as we go to the musical world of Far West's hand DEAN MARTIN TEX.

I for one do not know a Dean our approach to the world of country music until 1959 when a wise decision but amazing director Howard Hawks trust him to carry out that response to the film High Noon is RIO BRAVO. As in the film a very young Teen Idol Ricky Nelson to which you have to give some musical prominence appears several wonderful country cutting issues, one is introduced MY RIFLE, MY PONY AND ME played by Dean and Ricky becomes classic. Dean realizes that it is possible a reef that way. I will not extend in the film as one of my first post already visited.

Coinciding with the shooting of two of the films that the RAT PACK dedicated to the world of the West, SARGENTS 3 (1963) and 4 FOR TEXAS (1964), Dean is encouraged to record two albums of country music theme. This takes the cowboy TEX DEAN MARTIN name and launch a first country album called way more than obvious COUNTRY STYLE.

If we analyze the disk that country much truth is there is no. The problem is that the producer chosen, a regular on Dean's career, DON COSTA filled album of lavish string arrangements that hide the compositions of Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Don Gibson. While Dean goes wrong size experiment quite windy on those that manage to escape the mellifluous arrangements and the real root of the style appears. FACE IN THE CROWD (nothing to do with Tom Petty) very far and Elvis Presley masterful version of the legendary Hank Williams theme 'M SO LONESOME I COULD CRY are the highlights.

The disc comes fleetingly in the country charts but arouses admiration anywhere. Undeterred, Dean takes the same year a new album RIDES AGAIN under the direction of someone who could be expected to know to get something out of country spirit as was the producer Jimmy Bowen (Nacy Sinatra, Lee Hazlewood and others). Tough luck if the first was sweet this is a country pop flojísimo only salvageable by the version of CORRINA CORRINA shows that with a little common sense would be able to have Dean fortune in country                                                                                                                                                              

Although the results were not very satisfactory attempt the truth is that the aftertaste to the sounds of the south never went to him Dean, normally a Southern touch and goes creeping into every job launches even if the subject does not lend for this, a clear example is SEND ME THE PILLOW version of HANK LOCKLIN ( author of the favorite Costello)   num 5 Use the singles charts in 1965.

In 1968 we can make a stop at the first of a series of records we can say more adult-oriented pop country world during much of the 70s will preside Dean's career. Music directed by Jimmy Bowen in production but certainly represented by the most interesting in my opinion far from his discography. This album is GENTLE OF MY MIND, title and subject of a disk GLENN CAMPBELL, containing things like the aforementioned song, a version of the classic Jimmy Webb BY THE TIME I GET PHOENIX or APRIL AGAIN Tim Hardin

I TAKE A LOT OF PRIDE IN WHAT I AM (1969) offers us KINGS OF THE ROAD Roger Miller, the title track to the album Merle Haggard (magnified) or CRYING TIME Buck Owens

 MY WOMAN MY WOMAN MY WIFE (1970) leaves us antifeminist allegation that Marty Robbins, ONCE A DAY  Bill Anderson, Buck Owens more TOGETHER AGAIN Mell Tillis or your DETROIT CITY a hit by Bobby Bare and Tom Jones.

What is clear is that watching the video image of Dean is a true reflection of the albums of  TIE COUNTRY . The next two albums FOR THE GOOD TIMES and DINO 1971 and 1972 are characterized by more compact and use one of my favorite songwriters Kris Kristofferson and the BEE GEES. These are worthwhile if almost full.

In 1973, after this series of country albums as already referred to bow a disc appears 'RE THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO ME, where Dean in the twilight of his career, Sinatra faced and despised, in divorce proceedings, finalizing their TV program and then hung Whiskey logical records with that way of life and mood, again, not as a Master drive country but the cover might seem otherwise.

Just for the song that gives title created by Jim Weatherly RAY PRICE success and unsurpassed version of Gladys Knights and the Pips included in this jewel of music is the IMAGINATION disk I agenciarselo worth.

 This YOU BETTER MOVE ON, also included Arthur Alexander sure raising a smile to Willy De Ville Darkside top

In 1974 recorded a new album ONCE A WHILE he does not see the light until 1978. Their activities rest, barring any appearance in casinos, so far in 1983 we started this post and his posthumous NASHVILLE SESSIONS  where an exhausted Dean gives his last breath musical hand Merle Haggard and Conway Twitty, never to return,

It has always been associated with Italian versions Dean, crooner with the world, because this is another way to see his legacy, probably one of the types of issues that a lavished throughout his career. Granted it's hard to recommend a full artist album but if there is a compilation of Dean and includes any of the songs I mentioned then that is good and one will enjoy.



DEAN MARTIN era un ENTERTAIMENT, un todoterreno del espectáculo. Como miembro del RAT PACK estaba subyugado a los deseos y poderes del jefe FRANK, Si Sammy Savis Jr , era un titán del escenario, una bestía de las tablas. Si FRANK SINATRA era ,,, lo más GRANDE, LA VOZ, le llamaban .Pues a DEAN le quedaba el rol del graciosillo, del chisposo borrachín, eso si con salero y gracia.

Eclipsado,  más bien impedido por las maniobras de Frank, para triunfar en los terrenos del jefe; y absolutamente incapaz de competir en arte con el nunca bien ponderado Sammy Davis Jr, a DEAN MARTIN no le quedó más remedio de llevar una carrera artística, exitosa sin duda, de lo más variopinta lo cual en cierto modo parece restarle credibilidad y respeto. Ha sido bufón, gangster, romeo itáliano, jazzman, secundario de lujo, crooner, .... y mi imagen favorita un hombre atado a un cigarro y un vaso de Whisky en la mano (Que TV la américana de los 50 y 60 con Señores fumando ante la cámara y bebiendo como cosacos sin que la censura y/o el Lobby médico mandase cortar las emisiones).

La otra imagén más perdurable de DEAN MARTIN es la de VAQUERO ( 4 de Texas, Bandolero, 3 Sargentos y sobre todo Rio Bravo). Tanto Western tenía que tener su traslación al mundo de la música así que ese hombre sin miedo decidió convertirse en LA ESTRELLA ITALIANA DE LA COUNTRY MUSIC, algo que tras múltiples intentos sólo al final de sus días lo consiguió . Fué en 1983 con un disco llamado NASHVILLE SESSIONS (sería su úlimo lp) y un single MY FIRST COUNTRY SONG , una versión del tema de CONWAY TWITTY el que le llevaría a trepar por las listas de Nashville.  Pues bién ensillen bien su caballo pues nos vamos al mundo del Far West musical de la mano de DEAN TEX MARTIN.

Yo por lo menos no conozco un acercamiento de nuestro Dean al mundo de la música country hasta 1959 cuando en una sabia pero sorprendente decisión el director Howard Hawks confía en él para llevar a cabo esa respuesta al filme Solo ante el Peligro que es RIO BRAVO. Como en el filme aparece un jovencisimo Teen Idol,  Ricky Nelson al cual hay que darle cierto protagonismo musical se introducen varios temas maravillosos de corte country, uno MY RIFLE, MY PONY AND ME interpretado por Dean y Ricky se convierte en clásico. Dean toma conciencia de que es posible un filón por ese camino. No me voy a extender en el filme ya que en uno de mis primeros post ya lo visitamos.

Coincidiendo con el rodaje de dos de la peliculas que el RAT PACK dedicó al mundo del Oeste , SARGENTS 3 (1963) y 4 FOR TEXAS (1964) , Dean se anima para grabar dos discos de temática country music. Para ello toma el nombre más vaquero de DEAN TEX MARTIN y lanza un primer disco country llamado de forma más que obvia COUNTRY STYLE.

Si analizamos el disco nos encontramos que de country mucho la verdad es que no hay. El problema es que el productor elegido , un habitual en la carrera de Dean, DON COSTA llenó el álbum de suntuosos arreglos de cuerda que ocultan las composiciones  de Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Don Gibson. A pesar de tamaño error Dean sale bastante airoso del experimento en aquellos temas que consiguen escapar de los melifluos arreglos y aparece la verdadera raíz del estilo . FACE IN THE CROWD (nada que ver con la de Tom Petty) muy a lo Elvis Presley y su versión magistral del mitico tema de Hank Williams I'M SO LONESOME I COULD CRY son lo más destacado.

El disco entra fugazmente en las listas country pero no despierta admiración por ningún lado. Inasequible al desaliento, Dean saca ese mismo año un nuevo disco RIDES AGAIN bajo la batuta de alguién que cabía esperar supiera sacar algo de espiritu country como era el productor Jimmy Bowen (Nacy Sinatra, Lee Hazlewood entre otros). Mala suerte , si el primero era meloso este es un pop country flojisimo, sólo salvable por la versión de CORRINA CORRINA que demuestra que con un poco de sentido común Dean sería capaz de tener fortuna en el mundo country                                                                                                                                                              

Pese a que los resultados del intento no fueron muy satisfactorios lo cierto es que el regustillo a los sonidos del sur nunca se le fueron a Dean , y normalmente una pincelada sureña se va colando en cada trabajo que lanza al mercado aun cuando la temática no prestara para ello, un claro ejemplo es SEND ME THE PILLOW una versión de HANK LOCKLIN (autor de los favoritos de Costello)  num 5 en las listas de singles Usa en 1965.

En 1968 podemos realizar una parada en el primero de una serie de discos podemos decir más adultos y orientados al mundo pop country que durante una buena parte de los años 70 van a presidir la carrera de Dean. Discos dirigidos por  Jimmy Bowen en la producción  pero sin duda alguna representan con creces lo más interesante a mi entender de su discografía. Este primer disco es GENTLE OF MY MIND, titulo y tema de un disco de GLENN CAMPBELL , que contiene cosas como la citada canción, una versión del clásico de Jimmy Webb ,BY TIME I GET THE PHOENIX o APRIL AGAIN de Tim Hardin

I TAKE A LOT OF PRIDE IN WHAT I AM (1969) nos depara KINGS OF THE ROAD de Roger Miller, el tema que da titulo al disco de Merle Haggard ( magnifica), o el CRYING TIME de Buck Owens

    MY WOMAN MY WOMAN MY WIFE (1970) nos deja ese alegato antifeminista de Marty Robbins, ONCE A DAY  de Bill Anderson, más Buck Owens TOGETHER AGAIN o a Mell Tillis con su DETROIT CITY un hit por Bobby Bare y Tom Jones.

Lo que queda claro viendo los vídeos es que la imagen de Dean es el vivo reflejo de los álbumes COUNTRY de PAJARITA. Los dos siguientes discos FOR THE GOOD TIMES y DINO de 1971 y 1972 se caracterizan por ser más compactos y por emplear a uno de mis compositores favoritos KRIS KRISTOFFERSON y a los BEE GEES. Estos si merecen la pena en casi su integridad.


En 1973 tras esta serie de como ya referi discos country con pajarita aparece un disco YOU'RE THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO ME, dónde Dean en el ocaso de su carrera, enfrentado y despreciado por Sinatra, en tramites de divorcio, finiquitando su programa de TV y colgado del Whiskey pues graba lo lógico con esa forma de vida y estado de animo, otra vez , un Señor disco  no tan country aunque pudiera parecer por la portada lo contrario.

Solo por el tema que le da titulo creado por Jim Weatherly éxito por RAY PRICE y con una insuperable versión de Gladys Knights and the Pips incluida en esa joya de la música que es el disco IMAGINATION , merece la pena agenciarselo.

 Este YOU BETTER MOVE ON, también incluido,   de Arthur Alexander seguro que levanta una sonrisa a Willy De Ville álla arriba

En 1974 graba un nuevo disco ONCE A WHILE que no ve la luz hasta 1978 .Sus actividades  descansan ,salvo alguna aparición en casinos, hasta el momento en que comenzamos este post 1983 y su póstuma obra NASHVILLE SESSIONS  dónde un agotado Dean da su último aliento musical de la mano de Merle Haggard y Conway Twitty, para nunca más volver ,

Siempre se ha asociado a Dean con versiones italianas, con el mundo crooner , pues esta es otra manera de ver su legado, probablemente uno de los estilos de temas que más a prodigado a lo largo de su carrera. Reconozco que es difícil recomendar un disco completo del artista pero si se encuentra un recopilatorio de Dean e incluye alguno de las canciones que he mencionado entonces ese es el bueno y uno va disfrutar.


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Scotty's Sharin': Dean Martin Reading

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Hey pallies, we are 'gin thrilled to be sharin' with all you Dino-addicts 'nother great great Dino-honorin' post from our Dino-philic pallie Scotty over at one of the coolest of the cool blogs on the 'net, "BlueisKewl."  Scotty's salutes to our our stunnin'ly stellar Dino are often short and sweet likes his recent postin' of one of the most classic of classic Dino-poses....the grooviest of groovy shot of our Dino with liquid libation in one hand...likes musta be some J&B scotch..."just booze" with his other hand holdin' the book, "The Drinking Man's Diet."

While all true Dino-holics know that our Dino ain't much of a has been reported that he only read one book in his life...."Black Beauty," he seems most engaged in perusin' this particular piece of prose...probably 'cause it is a subject near and dear to him!!!!!!  Likes a number of times we have certainly enjoyed sharin' this provocative pose of our Dino with one of his most evocative efforts of gainin' book learnin'........but, we are most delighted to do so 'gain in our desire of supportin' the efforts of up and comin' youthful Dino-devotees likes our passionate pallie Scotty!

So, here's to you Scotty for your continual efforts to hugely hugely homage our Dino at your beautiful blog of cool!  ilovedinomartin just wishes there will be more and more dudes with your determination to develop deep devotion to our Dino with their readership.  To checks this out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-patter.  Dino-always, ever, and only, DMP

Dean Martin Reading

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New Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts DVD Another Example Of Comedy Done Right

Hey pallies, likes today's we begin with a bit of an apology to all of youse Dino-holics who loves their Dino-news to be the most current of the current.  We do apologize that today's report oughta have appeared here at least a few weeks ago, but with all the powerful prose 'bout our most beloved Dino that we keeps sharin', we simply have not gotten to this 'til today.  Likes what we are speakin' of is the latest release of Dino-dvds from our pallies over at StarVista (Time-Life).

A number of months ago StarVista released both a full set of the Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts (54 roasts plus extras on 25 dvds), as well as a collection tagged the Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts Collector Edition (12 roasts plus extras on 6 dvds).  In March 'nother smaller set tagged the Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts  Fully Roasted (17 roasts on 6 dvds).  While the original releases last fall generated a huge huge media blitz on the ol' web with tons of dudes scribin' reviews, this most recent release has mucho lesso publicity.

Today we share with you the single review that we have found on the "Fully Roasted" set taken from the self tag blog, "philspicks" where scriber Phillip Sayblack has written a glowin' review of the set.  For pallies who broke their piggy banks and purchased the original complete set, there woulda be no reason to make a current purchase, but for those who get the smaller original set, this is an op for them to get more of the full collection.  We here at ilovedinomartin image that a couple or three more smaller sets will at some point be released so that all Dino-philes will be able to gets their hands on every one of the roasts.....piece by piece.

Likes won't go into anymore detail at this time, 'cause all youse dudes can read Phil's patter below.  ilovedinomartin thanks Phil for doin' his part to spread news of this latest Dino-release.  To checks this out in it's original format, as usual, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-gram.  Dino-announcin', DMP

New Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts DVD Another Example Of Comedy Done Right

Courtesy:  StarVista Entertainment/Time Life Entertainment

The world is in a tough place, right now.  Political and economic strife dominate the news every day.  And television and movies are more dominated by sex and violence than ever before.  Thankfully, StarVista has stepped up once again to offer audiences what is a great escape from all the death, destruction, sex and violence dominating television and movies.  StarVista Entertainment has stepped up and offered an escape from it all in the form of the latest Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts box set.  This collection, the second in a set of three boxes, is just as worthy of applause as the first Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts box set.  That is the case first and foremost because of the laughs that fill each episode in this set.  Audiences will also appreciate that the episodes contained in this set are presented just as they originally aired.  And last but definitely not least, the packaging itself is well worth mentioning, too.  StarVista Entertainment has once again quite wisely packaged each of the six discs that comprise this box set.  The company has also included as part of the packaging, a bonus booklet that serves as an episode guide for viewers.  That inclusion as part of the set’s packaging, along with the equally impressive quality of the show’s footage and the nonstop laughs, makes The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts: Fully Roasted one of this year’s best new box sets for adults.

The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts: Fully Roasted is one of the year’s best new box sets for adults.  The primary reason for that is the fact that these roasts are just as funny today as they were in their original broadcasts so many decades ago.  Given, some of the jokes are a little bit off color.  Case in point, actress Lawanda Page’s (Sanford & Son) jokes aimed at her fellow roasters in the roast of Betty White (Password, Golden Girls, Hot in Cleveland).  But there are just as many jokes that are pure laugh riots throughout each of the set’s sixteen total episodes.  One great example of this is in the celebrity roast of George Washington.  Yes, George Washington.  Famed historical impersonator Jan Leighton played the role of the nation’s first president.  And Audrey Meadows filled the role of George’s wife, Martha.  This roast is one that every viewer will love.  Whether it be the roast of George Washington, Betty White, or any of the others included in this box set, every one of the included roasts will most certainly leave viewers in stitches.  They will find themselves laughing so hard that they cry.  And that’s just the starting point of what makes this box set so fun.  The quality of each show’s footage makes the set even more enjoyable.

The jokes churned out throughout each of this set’s sixteen total episodes are certain to leave viewers laughing tears of joy.  If not for the work of those charged with restoring and transferring each episode, the set (and its predecessor) would not be worth the purchase.  Thanks to their work, the decades old footage still looks just as good as it did in its original broadcast.  StarVista made certain to include a disclaimer on each disc informing viewers that there may be some issues with the footage quality.  But this critic will attest to the fact that any issues with the quality of the episodes’ footage are minute at best and barely noticeable.  To that extent, the quality of each episode’s footage will create a welcome sense of nostalgia for older viewers that order this box set.  That sense of nostalgia in turn adds even more overall charm to the set, making it even more of a must have for any classic TV lover.

The impressively restored footage and the nonstop laugh riot roasts together are the collective cornerstone to The Dean Martin Roasts: Fully Roasted.  They aren’t all that make this new release such a joy.  There is still one more factor to consider in the success of this set.  That factor is the overall packaging of the set.

StarVista Entertainment  established a tradition of smart, quality packaging with previous box sets including the previous Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts set and all of its current Carol Burnett Show sets.  That tradition has been carried on in this set.  Each of the set’s six discs receives its own spot on either side of a handful of “inserts” inside the set’s box.  This protects the discs from scratching one another and it helps to save a certain amount of space on any viewer’s DVD rack.  Add in a bonus booklet that serves as an episode guide and gives background information on each episode, and viewers have what is another complete and completely impressive package from StarVista Entertainment and Time Life.  They flesh out a package that is in the eyes of at least this critic, one of the year’s best new box sets for adults.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Angel Baby"

Welcome pals...welcome! Picked us such a BEA U TI FUL little song for this week's Serenade! I simply can't waits to share this SWEET SWEET tune with ALL my Springtime pallies!!!

"Angel Baby" is "classic" Dean. It's an EASY concoction really. Simple melody. A pretty lyric. Gently mix & drizzle some Dino slowly on top...& youse gots it! A "classic" Dino jam! Maybe a little vino for some added "kick" & hey...that's all it takes!

Of course, our bestest pal makes it all sound SO SO natural to be smooth & flowin'.

No one does it like our Dino. Swoonin' & Croonin'...that's how I think of Dean. Forever cool. Forever smilin'. Forever ours. Enjoy pals.


(Angel baby you're mine forever)
(Angel baby, you angel baby you)
Who is the dream who starts me dreaming
Angel baby
Then keeps me worrying and schemeing
You, angel baby, you

Who starts me walking 'round in clover
Angel baby
Then flips my crazy heart right over
You, angel baby, you

Who is the chick I would pick as the absolutely perfect miss for me to kiss
Who is the girl who can curl me around her finger when we kiss again
Who can imagine what I'd give for Angel baby
Just for the chance to love and live for
You, angel baby, you

(Angel baby) you're mine forever
(Angel baby) you, angel baby, you
(Who is the chick he would pick as the absolutely perfect miss for him to kiss)
(Who is the girl who can twirl him around her little finger when they kiss again)

Who can imagine what I'd give for Angel baby
Just for the chance to love and live for
You, angel baby, you
(Angel baby) you're mine forever
(Angel baby) you, angel baby, you

Saturday, April 12, 2014

A profile of a rugged Dean Martin by the fireplace with a cigarette adorns the jacket of this very interesting concept album.

Hey pallies, likes the ol' web is simply loaded with musical pads from likes all 'round the globe sharin' love of our Dino with their readership.  Case in point, today ilovedinomartin takes you to the simply tagged blog, "Music Archive."   While we have not been successful in identifyin' the host of this blog, we did a little searchin' 'round and translatin' a phrase or two, we think we are correct in sayin' that the blog has Russian roots, and likes we thinks it is so so cool to find more and more evidence that Dino-devotion is truly truly universal in scope!

The tag of the post is simply stated as "Dean Martin - Dream With Dean (1964)," and awesomely accents what is considered by many Dino-holics as one of our most beloved Dino bestest of best al-b-ums.  We likes totally totally digs many many thoughts in this remarkable reflection of our Dino's remarkable recordin', but permits us to share just a couple of the thrillin' thoughts pattered by the blogger.....from the beginnin' and endin' of said review.....

"A profile of a rugged Dean Martin by the fireplace with a cigarette adorns the jacket of this very interesting concept album."

 "It sounds as if they tracked the album in one afternoon, and it is not only a very pleasant listening experience, it shows what a tremendous vocalist Dean Martin truly was."

ilovedinomartin salutes the unknown Russian pallie who has reflected so so well on this classic of classic Dino vinyl....certain to bring many more into the Dino-fold.   To checks it out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-gram.  Dino-diggin', DMP

Dean Martin - Dream With Dean (1964)

A profile of a rugged Dean Martin by the fireplace with a cigarette adorns the jacket of this very interesting concept album. As Stan Cornyn's liner notes explain, "his longtime accompanist" on piano, Ken Lane, with "three of Hollywood's most thoughtful rhythm men" -- those being drummer Irv Cottler, bassist Red Mitchell, and guitarist Barney Kessel -- do create a mood, Dean Martin performing as if he were a lounge singer at 1:15 a.m. as the Saturday night crowd is dwindling. His signature tune, "Everybody Loves Somebody," is here in a laid-back style, produced by Jimmy Bowen, who would go on to produce Reba McEntire, Kenny Rogers & the First Edition, and so many others, also the same man who was behind the 1964 number one smash. This album with the original Martin recording was released after the hit single version and on the same day as the Everybody Loves Somebody LP, but how many times does the audience get a different studio reading of a seminal hit record? Not only that, but the version that preceded the hit. The backing is so sparse it is almost a cappella, with Kessel's guitar noodlings and Ken Lane's piano. The bass is mostly invisible, coming in only when needed. It's a slow and sultry version that caps off side one. There is a rendition of Rodgers & Hart's "Blue Moon" that strips away the doo wop of the Marcels' number one 1961 remake, and a run-through of the Bloom/Mercer hit for Glen Miller, "Fools Rush In," which Rick Nelson had launched into the Top 15 in 1963. Martin is just crooning away, and if the album has one drawback, it is that the 12 songs are incessant in their providing the same atmosphere. The backing quartet does not deviate from their job, nor does producer Jimmy Bowen add any technique, other than putting Martin's voice way out in the mix. But Dream With Dean was no doubt excellent research and development as Bowen landed 11 Top 40 hits with the singer from 1964's "Everybody Loves Somebody," which evolved out of this original idea to 1967's "Little Old Wine Drinker, Me." It sounds as if they tracked the album in one afternoon, and it is not only a very pleasant listening experience, it shows what a tremendous vocalist Dean Martin truly was.

 1. I'm Confessin' (That I Love You) (03:16)
2. Fools Rush In (03:04)
3. I'll Buy That Dream (03:16)
4. If You Were The Only Girl (03:03)
5. Blue Moon (03:07)
6. Everybody Loves Somebody (03:11)
7. I Don't Know Why (I Just Do) (02:36)
8. Gimmie A Little Kill Will Ya Huh? (02:17)
9. Hands Across The Table (02:18)
10. Smile (02:58)
11. My Melancholy Baby (02:45)
12. Baby Won't You Please Come Home (02:17)
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Friday, April 11, 2014

I Still Love You, Dean

Headshot 2014

Hey pallies, likes today's Dino-discovery is the kind that simply simply warms the heart of each and every Dino-holic 'round the Dino-universe.  From the blog, "The Write Side of 50 ~ This is What Happens When You Hit the Right Side of Middle Age,"  blogger Miss Lois  Desocio has penned one of the sweetest of the sweet Dino-hearted posts ever shared here at ilovedinomartin!

Miss Desocio,  "59, is a journalist with 25 years of experience writing and reporting for newspapers, magazines and Web sites" includin' the New York Times.  Her beatifully scribed amore to our Dino, "I Still Love You, Dino," speaks of her timeless and everlastin' devotion to our Dino.  Likes many of us, Lois' passion for our great great man goes back to before she even qualified as a Deanager, and it simply has increased with the years!

We loves, loves, loves each and every syllable of her Dino-reflection, but particularly these words of deepest and purest devotion to Dino....."Everything about him moves me. Like some sort of swirly, swooning chemical substance, his voice – that heartfelt tremolo, mixed with a suggestive cadence – is the kind that closes eyes, quivers lips, sways heads. And weakens knees. I wish I could drink wine and eat meat with Dean."

ilovedinomartin fondly salutes Miss Desocio for so openly and passionately sharin' here amore of our Dino to the greater  Dino-world.  To checks this out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this Dino-report.   Dino-always, ever, and only, DMP

I Still Love You, Dean

 Dean Martin

No shortness on seduction.


I just found out that Dean Martin was only 5’10″ tall. I had pegged him as at least 6’2″. No matter – he still measures up.

I’ve had a lifetime love affair with Dean Martin. Ever since I first liked a boy (12 years old?), I had hoped that all boys would grow up and turn into Dean Martin.

Everything about him moves me. Like some sort of swirly, swooning chemical substance, his voice – that heartfelt tremolo, mixed with a suggestive cadence – is the kind that closes eyes, quivers lips, sways heads. And weakens knees. I wish I could drink wine and eat meat with Dean.

But beyond all the obvious – his swagger, his cool (the bedroom eyes, the Colgate smile, those hands!) – what is just as striking is the nuance of Dean. He didn’t seem to sweat the small stuff. He didn’t try too hard. His confidence was as innate as that square jaw. Put all of Dean together – his manliness, his poise, his mystique, his talent, his flair – and he is downright poetic.

Dean died on Christmas Day in 1995. I was 40. And a hard-core rock and roller. But I remember buying a bunch of his Christmas albums when he died, and I still put them on every December 25. He’s my go-to Pandora guy, and I have the “Best of the Dean Martin Variety Show” on my iPad.

So, I still love you, Dean. You remain my touchstone, my dreamboat. And I love that you can still surprise me with stuff that I didn’t know. Like your height.