Friday, June 22, 2018

Happy birthday Dino!

Hey pallies, likes in doin' some Dino-searchin' via the google search engine for homages of our most beloved Dino to share here on our month long celebration of  the 101st anniversary of our Dino's descent to our planet, as we loves to tag it, The Day That Coolness Came To Earth, we found the followin' primo post below from the Marilyn Monroe honorin' blog tagged "Marilyn Remembered."
Likes it is superbly sweet to see a fan site dedicated to Miss Marilyn Monroe tenderly 'n touchin'ly reverently rememberin' our most beloved Dino on this birthday.

It fondly fills our Dino-hearts with deepest delight to have the pallies  at "Marilyn Remembered," 'specially Miss Lorraine who scribed this precious post, celebrate the remarkable relationship that our Dino had with Miss Marilyn.  We largely loves how the story is retold below of how Miss Monroe "picked" our Dino to star with her in "Something's Gotta Give," and how our Dino "gallantly stood up for his friend after she was dismissed by Twentieth Century-Fox."  Our great great man showed his greatness by refusin' to return to the movie set after Miss Marilyn was removed from the flick.

We thanks the pallies at "Marilyn Remembered," 'specially Miss Lorraine for hugely homagin' our King of Cool on his special day and for remindin' all of us Dino-holics just how keenly kind and lastin'ly loyal our beloved Dino was with Miss Marilyn Monroe.  To checks this out in it's original source, likes simply clicks on the tag of this Dino-report.

We Remain,

Yours in Dino,

Dino Martin Peters


Today we are wishing Dean Martin a very happy birthday on what would have been his 101st birthday.  Martin was one of the most popular singers, actors, comedians and entertainers of the twentieth century with a career spanning over 5 decades.  His musical hits include: “That’s Amore,” “Everybody Loves Somebody,” “Sway” and “Mambo Italiano” to name a few.  He formed the immensely popular comedy duo “Martin and Lewis” with Jerry Lewis with Martin serving as the straight man to Lewis’ slapstick hijinks. Martin went on to become a star of concert stages, night clubs audio recordings, motion pictures and television and was also a member of the legendary “Rat Pack” alongside Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr, Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop.

Dean Martin, Marilyn Monroe and Jerry Lewis at the Master’s of ceremony for Redbook, 1953.
Taken from “The Marilyn Encyclopedia” by Adam Victor
“Crooning lead Martin made his name in the 1950’s in a double act with Jerry Lewis, before going on to a solo career in the 1960’s that ranked him with fellow Rat Pack member Frank Sinatra.  These films included “The Stooge” (1952), “Pardners” (1956), “Rio Bravo” (1959), “Kiss Me Stupid” and many more.
Martin and Monroe almost worked together on “Some Came Running” (1958).  After Marilyn moved back to Los Angeles in 1961, she saw a lot of Martin and his wife Jeanne.
Martin became involved in “Something’s Got To Give” after Marilyn picked him; in some reports he had invested a personal stake in the production.  Martin gallantly stood up for his friend after she was dismissed by Twentieth Century-Fox.  The studio hired Lee Remick as Marilyn’s replacement, but Martin invoked a clause in his contract allowing him approval of his opposite number, and informed the studio that he would not work with anyone except Marilyn on this picture.  Fox sued Martin, Martin sued Fox, and then the picture was put back on track, to no small degree because of Martin’s intransingence and support for Marilyn.”

Monroe and Martin on the set of “Something’s Got To Give.”

Happy birthday Dino!

Thursday, June 21, 2018

She pulled out a watch that Dean Martin gave him as a gift.

Image result for ilovedinomartin jerry lewis dean martin

Hey pallies, likes today we offer you a reminder of the importance of tomorrow, June 22 in the life of Dino-holics everywhere.  Likes tomorrow is the awesome auction of powerfully personal items of our most beloved Dino's most beloved partner in comedy, Mr. Jerry Lewis.  Julien's Auctions will be conductin' this swankest of swank sales at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino.

 Likes those of you who faithfully follow the Dino-action here at ilovedinomartin know, likes the  most noteworthy news 'bout this sale is that a gold watch gifted by our Dino to Mr. Lewis  that is lovin'ly  inscribed "Jerry My Buddy and Pal - I Love You, Dino" will be put on the auction block.  It is rumored that the watch oughta fetch between 4 and 6 grand.  Our original Dino-gram on all this can be found by clickin' HERE.

Today, the day before the day of the auction we share a potent portion of news on the sale from the online presence of television station WSLS 10 servin'  central and Southwest Virginia.  The news report shares how Mr. Lewis' adopted daughter Danielle showed off to "Inside Edition some of her dad's prized possessions"....includin' the wonderful watch that our wonderful Dino gifted to Mr. Lewis showin' his abidin' affection for his partner.

We have no idear how much the watch will actually fetch, but we hugely hope that it will be sold to someone who is deeply deeply devoted to our Dino.  We will be lookin' for news of the watches sale, and who knows, perhaps it will be awarded to someone who hangs their hat here at our humble little Dino-blog.  Likes to read the post in total, simply clicks on the tag of this Dino-report.

We Remain,

Yours in Dino,

Dino Martin Peters

Jerry Lewis estate auction

Jerry Lewis' Daughter Shows Off Her Dad's Personal Items Going Up for Auction in Las Vegas

It's a first look at the treasure trove of memorabilia left behind by comic legend Jerry Lewis.

"The Nutty Professor" actor’s 26-year-old daughter, Danielle, showed Inside Edition some of her dad's prized possessions, now up for auction at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

She pulled out a watch that Dean Martin gave him as a gift. The watch in inscribed with a special note on the back that reads: "Jerry my buddy and pal, I love you, Dino."

The 14-karat gold watch is valued between $4,000 and $6,000.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

On This Day In Dino-history: June 20, 1965

Hey pallies, likes 'nother great Dino-event happened on this day, June 20, in the year of our Dino, 1965. That is the date of the great gatherin' of the Rat Pack clan at the "Keil Opera House" in St. Louis for the concert of a lifetime. The musicale was a benefit for the Teamsters Union in St. Louis and was beamed live to pallies gathered in movie theatres all 'round the country.

For incredibly insightful info on this most special event in the life of our most beloved Dino we turn once 'gain to our pallies at the "The Rat Pack Blog," who have awesomely assembled  a perfect pix and profoundly powerful prose to honorably highlight this coolest of cool concert with our Dino's pallies of pallies.

Below we are perfectly pleased to share the vid of the full concert through the marvelous magic of youtube. Simply stunnin' to be able to share such important dates in the life and times of our Dino with all you pallies. Likes we are awesomely appreciate of our pallies at "The Rat Pack Blog" and to Mr. Alexander Erich Kurt Franz Fellner who posted the vid on youtube.  To checks the info directly at "The Rat Pack Blog" simply clicks on the tag of this Dino-report.

We Remain,

Yours in Dino,

Dino Martin Peters

 the rat pack in st. louis


On June 20th, 1965, the Rat Pack took the stage at the Kiel Opera House in St. Louis for a fundraiser to benefit Dismas House, the first halfway house for ex-convicts.  Frank,  Dean and Sammy were joined by Johnny Carson as emcee, filling in for Joey Bishop, who was out with a bad back.

The performance that night was captured on film but was lost for over 45 years until a TV producer and vintage TV expert, Paul Brownstein tracked down a print of the show that had been sitting in a closet in St. Louis.  Soon afterwards, it was released on DVD as part of the Ultimate Rat Pat Collection:  Live & Swingin”.

Johnny Carson surprised the audience and his co-stars alike with some pretty good vocals during the musical finale of Birth of the Blues.  Other highlights of the show include some hysterical physical moves by Dean, and some playful heckling of Frank from backstage as he tries to get through a solo.  Frank customized his hit My Kind of Town by changing the lyrics to salute St. Louis instead of Chicago.

And there’s a pretty good little practical joke played on Frank by Dean.  When Frank performed I’ve Got You Under My Skin, it was the second time the audience heard it that night because Dean inserted it into his set preceding Frank’s.

The lineup of solo sets by Dean, Sammy and then Frank, followed by group numbers involving all three is followed today by many Rat Pack Impersonators.

The Rat Pack’s St. Louis show is available for viewing on YouTube, including the great closing number, Birth of the Blues, at the Rat Pack Impersonators site.

On This Day In Dino-history: June 20, 1948

Hey pallies, likes as we were doin' some Dino-blog searchin' we  happened to note that today has yet 'nother great excitin' event  in all of Dino-history.  From the pen of Mr. Robert Benson at "Collecting Vinyl Records-for the latest vinyl record information" comes the musical historical note that it was on this day, June 20, in the year of our Dino 1948 that Ed Sullivan's "Toast Of The Town" premiered on CBS-TV.

The wise Sullivan  chose the up and comin' comedy duo of Martin and Lewis to headline that first the salary of $200!   Television history was truly truly in the makin' that day and our Dino and his partner were a huge huge part of it.  Likes how thrilled the viewin' audiences musta been to see the greatest comedy duo in history performin' on the small screen.

ilovedinomartin salutes Mr. Robert Benson" and the folks at  "Collecting Vinyl Records-for the latest vinyl record information" for remindin' us all of this most important event in the life, times, and teachin's of our Dino.  To checks this out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-report.

We remain,

Yours in Dino,

Dino Martin Peters

Music History - June 20

In 1948, Toast Of The Town, which would later be called the Ed Sullivan Show, premiered on CBS-TV. The first telecast was produced on a meager budget of $1,375. Only $375 was allocated for talent and $200 of that was shared by the young stars of that night's program, Dean Martin 

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Jim has been collecting Martin memorabilia for the past 55 years....

Image result for dean martin mural steubenville ohio ilovedinomartin

Hey pallies, likes last week 'bout this Dino-time we was speculatin' that the Dean Martin Traveling Museum on display in Stu-ville last weekend was indeed the extremely expansive Dino-treasure on Mr. Jim Monoco.  Youse can read that particular post HERE.  Likes pallies we were right on the ol' Dino-mark as we delightfully discovered when we followed the link from a google 'lert sharin' patter from Stu-ville's hometown rag, "Herald Star."

Shared below is the portion of the prose tagged "Steubenville busy with festival activity" swankly scribed by Mr. Mark Law, staff scriber for the newspaper.  Youse will note that we gets totally treated to see a pix of Mr. Monoco and his wife Debbie side by side with a life size statue of our most beloved Dino.  Likes we learned a number of fantastic facts 'bout Jim and his completely comsumin' powerfully perfect passion for our King of Cool.  Likes how incredibly impressive that Monoco has been gatherin' Dino-memorabilia since he was a devoted Deanager of 13....55 years of his life givin' to hugely homagin' our one and only Dino!

Jim has to be the numero uno faithful follower of our Dino of all time and we simply stand in awe of his deepest of deep devotion to our beautifully beloved Dino!  We were totally totally thrilled to learn how he reached out to our Dino's second wife Jeanne with many many Dino-treasures and how in turn Miss Jeanne sent Jim "a gold record issued to Martin for his album, 'Dean Martin’s Greatest Hits Volume II.'"  We indeed one day how to travel to site where Mr. Jim Monoco has this marvelous massive Dino-treasure on display.

We sez our delightful Dino-hearted THANK YOU! to Mr. Jim Monoco and his wife Debbie for bringin' his coolest of cool, completely of complete Dino-display to our Dino's place of birth and for Mr. Mark Law of the "Herald-Star" for his remarkable reportin'.  To read this prose in total at it's original pad, simply clicks on the tag of this Dino-report.

We Remain,

Yours in Dino,

Dino Martin Peters

Steubenville busy with festival activity

LIFE-SIZE DINO — Jim and Debbie Monaco of Cliffwood Beach, N.J., show off their life-size statue of Dean Martin as part of their traveling museum on display Saturday at the city’s Homecoming Celebration. Jim has been collecting Martin memorabilia for the past 55 years, and even has one of Martin’s gold records given to him by Martin’s wife, Jeanne. -- Mark Law

STEUBENVILLE –The 100 block of North Fourth Street was busy Saturday as locals and visitors came to the city for the Hometown Celebration and the Dean Martin Festival.

One of the attractions was the Dean Martin Traveling Museum brought in by Jim Monaco of Cliffwood Beach, N.J., to the former Chase Bank lobby.

A life-size statue of Martin greeted visitors to the display. Monaco said he was at a mall in Freehold, N.J., and saw the statue, one of three of the famous Rat Pack. Monaco said he didn’t want to buy the Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. statues, so he made an offer on the Martin statue.

“You should have seen me and my son carrying it through the mall,” he said.

Monaco began collecting Martin memorabilia 55 years ago at age 13. He said he was a big fan of Martin and Jerry Lewis. He liked Lewis because of all the crazy stuff he did, but soon realized Martin was a “ladiess man.” He soon purchased Martin’s records and fell in love with his music.

He has previously been at the Dean Martin Festival with his traveling museum but hasn’t been back in years. He said heard news about this year’s festival and was asked by city Mayor Jerry Barilla to come back.

Among the items on display were the pants Martin wore in the movie “Rio Bravo.” He also has an original script of the movie and an Italian poster promoting the film.

He also has a hand-painted poster made in Mexico promoting the movie, “Who’s Got the Action.” The poster is about 12 feet wide.

Monaco displayed the personal chaps Martin wore on his ranch.

One of his most prized possessions is a gold record issued to Martin for his album, “Dean Martin’s Greatest Hits Volume II.”

Monaco said he videotaped his collection, including about 600 pictures of Martin, his wife Jeanne and their children, and sent it to Jeanne Martin. He also made copies of the Martin family pictures and sent it to Jeanne. He said Jeanne told him she never saw some of the family pictures, and she cried and laughed when she saw them,

Monaco said Jeanne Martin offered him money for making the copies and he said he refused any compensation.

“I told her this was my way of thanking Dean for making me and others happy,” he said.

He received a package in the mail shortly after and it was the gold record.

“I went wild when I saw it,” he said.

Today is a special day for Jim and his wife, Debbie. It is their 46th wedding anniversary.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Happy (Belated) Birthday, Dean Martin

 Sheila O'Malley
Hey pallies, likes it is simply thrillin' to be findin' such huge huge homagin' of our most beloved Dino on this 101st  anniversary of his entrance onto earth.....truly truly sets one's heart to singin' knowin' there is likes just so so much Dino-adoration sweetly streamin' on the web.     Likes today we once 'gain shares with all you Dino-philes a simply stunnin' piece of Dino-prose crafted by Miss Shelia O'Malley in 2013 and once 'gain shared over at her self-tagged blog, "The Shelia Variations."  Miss O'Malley's odes to our Dino have grace the pages of ilovedinomartin on a number of occasions  and we are totally totally thrilled to once 'gain share  Miss Shelia  deep, pure, and true Dino-devotion to her readership near the day of our Dino's earthly birth.

This deepest of deep devotion to our Dino mixes some choice Dino-reflections from Nick's Tosches' brilliant Dino-tome, "DINO: Living In In The Dirty Business Of Dreams," 'long with some wonderous patter scribed by Mr. Pete Bogdonavich's amazin' Dino-essay from his book, "Who The Hell's In It: Conversations With Hollywood's Legendary Actors as well as wise Dino-observations from Miss O'Malley's bro, Brendan.  Add to that some stellar shots of our Dino and some great vid footage of our Dino in action and what you has is a terrific trib to   our one and only Dino!

Likes the greatest of greatest bartender who wisely knows just how much of each ingredient to mix into a great bit of liquid libation, so Miss Shelia O'Malley has wisely concocted a truly truly Dino-hearted homage to our King of Cool.  ilovedinomartin 'presses our deepest of deep Dino-appreciato to Miss Shelia for once 'gain sharin' such deep devotion to our Dino and helpin' her readership come to pure pure Dino-adulation.  Likes as usual, to check out this wondrous Dino-post in it's original format, simply simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-report.

We Remain,

Yours In Dino,

Dino Martin Peters

Happy (Belated) Birthday, Dean Martin

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From Dino: Living High in the Dirty Business of Dreams, by Nick Tosches. Getting to the heart of it all.

His schoolmates had never really known him. Even his loving family could not tell for sure what lay within this kid who moseyed around among them with a hat on, singing. There was a pin-tumbler sidebar lock on his guts that no one could pick. That was just the way he was, and it was just the way he always would be.
Unlettered and rough-cut, Dino possessed both wiles and wisdom beyond his years – anyone trying to fuck with his mind or his body or his soul found this out forthwith. But the wisdom served by those wiles was an annihilating wisdom. It was the wisdom of the old ways, a wisdom through which the seductions of reason and love and truth and all such frail and flimsy lepidoptera would in their seasons emerge and thrive, wither and die. The sum of Dino’s instincts had to do with the old ways, those ways that were like a wall, ways that kept the world lontano, as the mafiosi would say: distant, safely and wisely at bay. That was how he liked it: lontano, like the flickering images on the theater screen that gave him pleasure as he sat alone, apart from them and unknown to them, in the dark.
Those close to him could sense it: He was there, but he was not really there; a part of them, but apart from them as well. The glint in his eye was disarming, so captivating and so chilling at once, like lantern-light gleaming on nighttime sea: the tiny soft twinkling so gaily inviting, belying for an instant, then illuminating, a vast unseen cold blackness beneath and beyond. The secret in its depth seemed to be the most horrible secret of all: that there was no secret, no mystery other than that which resides, not as a puzzle to be solved or a revelation to be discovered, but as blank immanence, in emptiness itself.
There was a picnic in Beatty Park. Roozy had gotten hold of an eight-millimeter movie camera, and they were all going to be in pictures. No one who saw that movie ever forgot it. The camera captured the silent laughter of the Crocettis and the Barrs. It followed Dino’s friends back and forth as they ran and fumbled, threw and jumped in a makeshift football game. There was merriment everywhere, but there was no Dino. Then the camera scanned to the right, to a tree off in the distance, and there he was by himself under the tree, away from it all, caught unawares and expressionless, abstractedly toying with a twig, sort of mind-whittling it. That was Dino, all right; the Dino inside the Dino who sang and swore and loafed and laughed.
He was born alone. He would die alone. These truths, he, like every punk, took to heart. But in him they framed another truth, another solitary, stubborn stone in the eye of nothing. There was something, a knowing, in him that others did not apprehend. He was born alone, and he would die alone, yes. But in between — somehow — the world in all its glory would hunker down before him like a sweet-lipped High Street whore.

Here’s a bit from Peter Bogdonavich’s superb essay about Dean Martin, included in his book Who the Hell’s in It: Conversations with Hollywood’s Legendary Actors. Bogdonavich talks to Howard Hawks about directing Dean Martin in Rio Bravo, where Martin gives an excellent performance. According to Hawks, Martin was afraid he couldn’t do it, afraid it would be “too dramatic”, that he would fail.
Hawks told me how he had happened to cast Martin in what would remain the finest dramatic performance of his career. “I always liked him,” Hawks said. “I’d met him personally.” Martin’s agent had asked if Hawks would consider Dean for the role of the drunken deputy and talk with him. Hawks said, “OK, nine-thirty tomorrow morning.” When the agent said he wasn’t sure Martin could get there quite that early, Hawks just closed him off: “Look, if he wants to get here at all, have him get here at nine-thirty.” Hawks grinned, remembering that Dean had come in the next day right on time and said, “Well, I’m kind of shufflin’. I did a show till midnight over in Vegas — got up early, hired an airplane to get down here and I’ve had a lot of trouble gettin’ ‘cross town.” Hawks shook his head. “You went to all that trouble to get here at nine-thirty?” Martin answered, “Yes,” and they talked for a minutes until Hawks abruptly said, “Well, you’d better go up and get your wardrobe.” Dean looked confused. “What do you mean>” he asked, and Hawks replied, “Well, you’re going to do it – go get your wardrobe.” Howard went on to me, “And that’s what we did. I knew that if he’d do all that, he’d work hard, and I knew that if he’d work we’d have no trouble because he’s such a personality. And he did – he worked hard over that drunk.”
It shows – yet only in the best way – never labored, remarkably natural. Clearly, Martin never worked that hard over a role again, nor did he ever have as layered a part to play. Apart from a cowboy burlesque with Lewis (Pardners), Rio Bravo was also Martin’s first Western, which was by far his own favorite kind of entertainment. Especially John Wayne Westerns. In his last tragic eight years, supposedly all Dean ever did was sit in front of the TV and watch Westerns. Therefore, to co-star with John Wayne (of all cowboy stars, the most popular), and to be directed by Howard Hawks – for the director’s first Western since his triumphant debut epic with Wayne, Red River — must have been for Dean one of the crowning moments of his career. The performance he gave was a kind of committed investment proving to doubters that if he wanted to, Dean could, within his range as an actor, do just about anything.
Dean Martin was smart. He worked. He could have been ruined when he “broke up” with Jerry Lewis. The two of them were such gigantic stars together. It had helped make his name. He very easily could have sunk into obscurity. But he was bold. He was smart. He struck out on his own. He began performing solo, opening in Vegas for the first time in 1957. All of his friends came out to see him. It was better than they could have ever imagined, although it was clear the man was talented. He had risen above what could have been a huge detriment. He was so identified as the straight-man to Jerry Lewis’ mania. Many lesser performers can never survive such a loss of identity. Dean Martin not only survived, he flourished.
March 6, 1957
Dean Martin opened his solo show at The Sands Hotel on March 6, 1957. Everybody was there. He had split with Jerry Lewis the year before and people had (wrongly) assumed that Martin might have a hard time going solo.
Check out the marquee. It makes me ache for a time machine. I love the “Maybe Frank … Maybe Sammy”.
Here’s one of the stills from his performance there that night, the night that would launch a spectacularly successful solo career. I love his goofiness.

Image result for dean martin sands hotel

Here’s a clip to glory in:

Observations: They walk to the left. They walk to the right. They walk forward. They are applauded for that as though it is a difficult kickline. Why? Because they are awesome. No tricks, no flash. I like to watch it just tracking Dino, then again to see what Judy’s up to, and finally once more, to only watch Frank. Watch how they compete with one another, and then silently give each other props, like, “Wow, you just sounded awesome.” The sense of feeling and friendship between the three is genuine. You don’t need to DO much. Well, except have talent and genius. But if you have that? All you need to do is link arms, walk to the left, walk to the right, and you’re home.
He was a hell of an actor, too.
Do you know anyone who doesn’t like him? I don’t. I think of him as the embodiment of a certain kind of show biz, with so much charisma that he transcended trends and fashions, yet so low-key and subtle that it wasn’t shoved down your throat.
And finally, my brother Brendan’s comments on Dean Martin.
I remember seeing the Dean Martin roasts and being scared, like a drunk friend of a drunk uncle had showed up unannounced at a dinner party and started shoe-horning everyone into singing along to perverted folk songs. I didn’t know what he was famous for and those roasts seemed to hint that he didn’t really know why either.
Then, years later as a grownup, I heard “Ain’t That A Kick In the Head” in some movie, or in a bar. That’s really all you need to do…just listen to that song a few times in a row. It all seems like a joke. Then you start to hear how well he sings the song. Then you realize that someone could have completely fouled the song up. It isn’t a very good song, actually. Think about all the classic standards. Everybody does ’em. But is there another famous version of that song? If there is, I haven’t heard it.
How does he turn a mediocre song around? He doesn’t sound all that invested in the heartbreak aspect of it, there isn’t irony dripping all over the place. I still can’t quite place what makes the song work so well. But I’m going to try:
His presence and personality are so evident that you don’t even need the song. He has sung the song out of existence. All you want to do is hear him make a rumble in his throat and roll his eyes about how much trouble a broad can be. You also somehow realize that no broad ever caused him too much trouble. He causes them trouble. And they love it.
It is almost a taunt. What could be a stupid jokey brushoff of heartache turns into a come-on. It is a magic trick.
Another thing that strikes me about Dean Martin is that you get the sense that he would have behaved exactly the same had he been a truck driver, a grocer, a whatever. Most of the other stars of that era seem to have been transformed in some way by fame and what came along with it. This guy could have strolled around the streets of Rome with his jacket over his shoulder and 10 bucks in his pocket and it would make no difference to him.
The most underrated of all time.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Danny G's SPECIAL Father's Day Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Little Ole Wine Drinker Me"

Ahhhhhhhhh...what a BEA U TI FUL mornin', pallies. 

So So peaceful. 

Let me welcome youse back with a BIG Happy Father's Day to ALL the Dino-diggin' Dads out there! 

A title not to be taken lightly, mi amici!

 Can be hard work at times!

Hey,'s a big responsibility for sure, that I truly cherish & consider my biggest blessin' from above. 

Man...I simply LOVES the fact that Fathers Day falls right smack in the middle of these few swingin' weeks, which we have come to know as "The Day Coolness Came to Earth", month! 

How TOTALLY cool & appropriate is that, pals?!

 Dino is like a "Father" figure to us all, in a way, my friends.

 Someone to help guide us through this CRAZY life of ours!

 Someone we can always turn to when we need a little "pick-me-up".

 Our rock that is ALWAYS there...through the good times...& the not so great ones, too. 

Now THAT sounds like a "Dad" to me, pallies! 

So, ol' friends o I does every year...on this special day...I'm gonna play a Dino-tune that my own Daddy-O loved! 
The man who was ALWAYS there for me & NEVER faulted me for my many foolish mistakes. 
And there were plenty, haha!! 

A guy who always...ALWAYS had a matter what troubles he may of had.

 Just a Cool Cool fella who made me feel at ease all throughout my life. 

Nothin' could trouble me when Dad was 'round!
Funny how someone can give you that TOTAL comfort, huh pals? 

Yup...that was Dad. 

My first introducer of Dino! 

Showed me what magic this pallie of ours possessed! 

Dean, like my father, gives that TOTAL comfort to us now.

 A feelin' that nothin' is that bad.

 No problem is too big that a drink & a song can't help. 

That's the kinda vibe we can get from Dino! 

So, mi amici...Happy Father's Day.

 Enjoy the Serenade..."Little Ol' Wine Drinker Me"

 And remember those special guys today. 
They did/do a lot!

 This one's for you, Pop!  

I'm prayin' for rain in California
So the grapes can grow and they can make more wine
And I'm sittin' in a honky in Chicago
With a broken heart and a woman on my mind

I asked the man behind the bar for the jukebox
And the music takes me back to Tennessee
And he asked who's the fool in the corner cryin'
I say a little ole wine drinker me

I came here last week from down in Nashville
'Cause my baby left for Florida on a train
I thought I'd get a job and just forget her
But in Chicago, the broken heartache's still the same

I asked the man behind the bar for the jukebox
And the music takes me back to Tennessee
When they ask who's the fool in the corner cryin'
I say a little ole wine drinker me
I say a little ole wine drinker me

Saturday, June 16, 2018

To Our Most Beloved Dino on Daddy-o Day

Hey pallies, likes as we take a wee pause from all of our huge  homagin' of our most beloved  Dino on his day of comin' to earth, The Day That Coolness Came To Earth, to share with all you Dino-holics a swankly special trib to our King of Cool on Daddy-o Day 2018 for there is no Daddy- o likes our  Daddy-o  Dino!   Likes when we were growin' up as a deeply devoted Deanager we coolly completely  craved   havin' our most beloved  Dino as our own  daddy-o....

Likes whata coulda ever likes be better then livin' in fam Martin and havin' our King of Cool as your old man.... What a powerfully perfect  privilege  it woulda be to grow up in the potent  presence of our Dino and have him as your coolest of cool role model. We were so jealous of Dino Martin Jr. not only havin' our great man as his daddy-o, but also carryin' on his amazin' legacy through his name.

Youse  can absolutely see how devoted our Dino was to Dino Jr. and Dino Jr. was devoted to his daddy-o in this great vid from the Dino-show that often has been  featured here at ilovedinomartin.

Below are a few more most lovin' of lovin' poses of our great man with his prodigy.   To our most beloved Dino on Daddy-o Day.....thanks for bein' such a lovin' father and remarkable  role model not just for your youngens , but for youth from one generation to the next who continue to gets to know, love, and honor your presence in their lives.

We Remain,

Yours In Dino,

Dino Martin Peters