Saturday, November 28, 2015

"I remember when I first really started to love Dino..."

Hey pallies, likes for our partin' post durin' our 2015 festival of "Givin' Dino Thanks" we turn to one of our most potently profround  posts that has appeared on the pages of ilovedinomartin numerous times since it first hit the 'net on October 2, 2012.  Scribed by then true Deanager Mr. Richard L. Sykes at his self-tagged blog "richardlsykes," Richard was at the time a freshman in college when he posted "Dean “Dino” Martin: The King of Cool."

Sykes pontificated 'bout himself, "I'm Richard, I live in Village Suites and my major is undeclared. I'm from Roswell, Ga but i was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. I play guitar and I'm awesome."

As you will read, this youthful  hipster  is solidly sold out and stunnin'ly  smitten by our most beloved Dino.  His devotion to our most beloved Dino is deeply deep, purely pure, and truest of true as exhibited by his powerfully powerful prose shared below.   When written Mr. Sykes likes was early in his passion for our Dino as he scribed,  "it wasn’t even a year ago" when our Dino welcomed Richard  into his world and make him his pallie. While this Dino-prose is quite short in scribin' it is oh, so long in awe-struck-ness of our Dino!

A few of Richard's thoughts...

"I cannot even begin to describe how much i love this artist."

"He’s the best, the classiest, most talented man to have enver lived."

"The way he sang, the swave of his voice, the smooth classy feel to him brought chills to my spine."

"I remember at that moment, I wanted to be him, and ever since that, I have promised myself that I would transform myself to a man of his caliber."

"There are just aren’t enough words to describe it."

Likes dude is  Richard a true Dino-devotee or what?!?!?   We simply needed to share it one more time as we close out our season of "Givin' Dino Thanks" as a extraordinary example of how so so many of today's young modsters are swingin' the Dino-way!

Mucho kudos for the mucho love that Richard Sykes has for our most beloved Dino. How stellar to have this nouveau hipster so so bold in openin'ly announcin' his passion for our King of Cool in such a supremely Dino-devoted way. To view Richard's patter in it's original format, likes clicks on the tag of this here Dino-report. Dino-always, only, and ever, DMP

Dean “Dino” Martin: The King of Cool

Dean “Dino” Martin

I cannot even begin to describe how much i love this artist. He’s the best, the classiest, most talented man to have enver lived. Okay that might be opionated slightly but I think many would agree that Martin is a class act. I remember when I first really started to love Dino, it wasn’t even a year ago when I clicked on a video posted on my blog. The video was of the Rat Pack (Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr. and Dean Martin) playing at a gig with Ed Sulliven. The way he sang, the swave of his voice, the smooth classy feel to him brought chills to my spine. I remember at that moment, I wanted to be him, and ever since that, I have promised myself that I would transform myself to a man of his caliber. There are just aren’t enough words to describe it.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Dino Thanksgiving

Hey pallies, likes 'nother day of givin' Dino-thanks has come our way. When we pondered what to share in deep deep homage of our most beloved Dino, we just knew that we couldn't sez it better then our amazin' Dino-prosin' pallie Ed whose  Dino-thankin' Dino-trib was scribed a few years 'go just for all the faithful gathered here at once 'gain, here are Ed's outstandin' Dino-thoughts durin' our season of "Givin' Dino Thanks."

So pallies, likes sits back and relish each and every one of our Dino-phile Ed's heartfelt, remarkably   revelatory  reflections on our Dino, 'cause they are ladened with the deepest of the deep, the purest of the pure, and the truest of the true Dino-truths.

This year on December 25 it will be  20 long years since our most beloved  Dino walked the earth, but his life and legacy continues to enthrall and call all us pallies to know, love, and honor our great man more and more each and every Dino-day.

Thanks Ed for sharin' your Dino-thanks with us in such a cool Dino-way.  We trust as you now have the joy of fatherin' your own little boypallie that you are bringin' him up to loves our Dino likes you do.   We so look forward to the day when you will be able to share more of your Dino-hearted prose with all your pallies here at ilovedinomartin.

 Thanks most of all to our Dino...truly we wanna know you, love you, and honor you more each and every Dino-day! Dino-gratefully, DMP

Location? On a stage somewhere, Anytown USA.

Time? When Dino roamed and owned the earth.

Dino: “You know why they call it Plymouth Rock? Those pilgrims backed up their Plymouth into that rock. That’s why they call it Plymouth Rock.”

True Story.
It was Dino that quickly pointed out that America was discovered by a fellow Italian, Amerigo Vespucci. In turn, it was America who discovered Martin, Sinatra, Como, Martino, Bennett, Vale, Laine, Darin, Damone, and Prima. All Italian-American singers who forever changed the American music landscape. Imagine a world without Dean Martin. Elvis has no direction. Sinatra hasn’t a Yin to Yang, and good luck with reviving the Humphrey Bogart-less Holmby Hills Rat Pack. Joey Levitch is still Joey Levitch. Who’s Joey Levitch you ask? Welcome to a Dino-less world. Joey Levitch became Jerry Lewis. The word “cool” would have been forever associated with the weather. The Beatles would still be remembered as being “untouchable”.

Let’s be selfish for a bit. Without Dino, we wouldn't  have seen our fathers settling down in his favorite chair smoking his favorite pipe, spinning his favorite Dino LP. The man who makes my dad happy is the man that makes us happy. Pleasure hasn’t a salesman. Time passes and finds me sitting down in my favorite chair with my favorite beverage, listening to my favorite Dino iPod playlist. Coincidence? Think not my fellow Dino-phile. Dino transcends generations, countries, languages, races, sexes. He touches all! Cool has no color. Cool is ageless. You’re only as far from cool as the nearest Dino LP, CD, book, what have you. If you can’t find cool, pick up a Dino LP, look at it. It’s your cool compass, it always points to cool. Without it you’re never lost pally!

The things in life to be thankful for? Dino said it best..
Tender kisses, nights of bliss. Small moonbeams, sips of wine. Wedding bells, little kids, and dreams to savor. Blessings, man, wife, love and life. Memories are made of this.

Be thankful for those who brought them to you. Return the favor, help make others lives more memorable.

Happy Thanksgiving Pallies!

I'm Thankful For Dean Martin

Hey pallies, likes today we continue with our accent on "Giving Dino Thanks" here at ilovedinomartin.   Once  'gain we share with youse a post that first appeared here on November 25, 2008....and  reappears here yearly durin' our festival of "Givin' Dino Thanks." Scribed by Mr. Ron Giesecke for his "Political Therapy" blog, this  perfectly profoundly  powerful prose tagged "I’m Thankful For Dean Martin," shares the extemely important role that our Dino played in Giesecke's last conversation with his father who was dyin' of cancer.

This hugely heartfelt Dino-testimony is a remarkably  refreshin' reminder to all us pallies 'bout the many and varied ways that our Dino has deeply touched so so many lives, and continues to do so, day by day, even long after his departure from the planet.

In this week of "Givin' Dino Thanks" 2015, we continue to be ever ever thankful for our most beloved  Dino and likes we are also very very thankful to Mr. Ron Giesecke for his candid retellin' of the incredible role our most beloved Dino played in sayin' goodbye to his father. To view this in it's original format, likes just clicks on the tag of this Dino-message. In this season of thanksgiving, be sure to pause and give our Dino thanks for the amazin' ways he has touched the lives of all of his pallies!
In Thanksgiving To Our Dino, DMP

The Therapist Thursday, November 24, 2005

I’m Thankful For Dean Martin

Tomorrow at 5:00 AM, It will be four months to the day that I lost my father to cancer. I had a feeling last Thanksgiving, that I was looking at my dad across the holiday table for the last time.

I was right.

Due to some employment constraints on my part, as well, as some plain old logistical difficulty, we decided to have Thanksgiving dinner on Monday evening. Everything was normal overall, with the addition of an emotional assent to how much we all wished dad were here one last time. My dad was a restless soul, and my wife’s observations about his absence on one of the holiday deficits that will now be the most obvious: that wherever my dad was on Thanksgiving, he always managed to be wandering around the kitchen, chatting with whomever was cooking, and just plain getting in the way in the fashion that loveable old lugs manage to do so well.

How I would have paid millions to have my dad holding up the wheels of culinary progress, forcing my wife to jokingly threaten to run him over one last time. How I would have also paid millions, if it would have at least enshrouded the incremental knots of pain in my mother’s face, as the holiday realizations washed over the clock—all without my father—her husband. And no amount of ambient room chatter was going to change it.

I started thinking about the last two days in my father’s life. Those memories—the one’s where family members became strangers, enemies, and opaque silhouettes—The one’s that recall the fear of falling, the contortions of pain—believe it or not, still have some high points.

I arrived out at the house, and to his deathbed. The medications, along with his metabolic breakdowns had cajoled an otherwise meek man into a sometimes-belligerent stranger. I remember distinctly two conversations I had with him. The first was a bit adversarial—to start.

“Dad, I’m here.”

Dad looks over at me, gives me a once over, and says “so what?”

“Dad, you’re little granddaughters are here.”

“I don’t care,” said my dad, looking away in disgust.

Right about then, my four year old—one of two apples in my father’s eye, ran into the room with that hapless, four-year-old lack of understanding at the impending gravity. I picked her up, and held her over him, so that he was forced to see her.

“Oh yeah, Captain Belligerent? Try being mean to THIS.”

I watched dad, as the realization that Clara was there at Grandpa’s side. I watched as he forced his demeanor, focus, and grandfatherly adoration through the unwieldy veil that had hidden the rest of him from the rest of us.

“Hi Clara,” he said, through the most painful smile ever forged upon that face. I will never forget that moment as long as I live. My daughter made cancer take a back seat, if only for a moment.

As dad inched ever-closer to the precipice, his coherence, ability to communicate, and humanity started to fade. I wanted to speak with my dad one last time about his soul, so that I could again pray with, for, and about him. The in-home hospice visitors said he no longer knew where he was.

I looked straight into my father’s face. His eyes fixed on mine. I thought I saw a momentary window of clarity come across those pupils, and so I silently prayed for a sign that he knew it was me.

“Dad,” I said. “I’m here.”

Dad had this way of nodding with only his eyes, and I was certain I had just seen him do it. The room was calm, and mom had kept the room calmly brimming with familiarity—to include my father’s favorite music lightly playing in the background.

“Dad, “ I said grabbing his hand. “I’m only going to ask you to extend yourself one last time. I just need to know that you know this is Ron talking. If you know it’s me, please squeeze my hand.”

He immediately squeezed with a force that astonished me.

“Okay dad. One more thing,” I said, as he locked his eyes on mine. “I’ve got one more question. After that, I just want you to pray with me in your mind.” I nodded over to the cassette player at the foot of the bed.

“Who’s playing on that radio right now?” I asked him.

With all the accompanying pain, dad struggled to put those parched lips together. I couldn’t believe he’d actually pull it off.

“Dean Martin,” he said.

I almost passed out.

I knew then, that dad and I could talk, even if it was only me doing the talking for our last conversation. Those were his last words to me. We had already exchanged our “I love you’s” earlier. And yet nothing in that transcended the sheer force I felt when I heard the man who brought me into this world fight one last time to converse with me as he left it.

You bet I am thankful. Thankful for Dean Martin.

posted by Ron Giesecke @ 8:39 AM

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Dean Martin's wonderful gift......

scox ... the VS Guy
Hey pallies, welcome back to more huge homagin'  in our week of "Givin" Dino Thanks" here at our humble little Dino- home.  In this week where folks in the good o' United States of America gather with family and friends to celebrate a day of Thanksgiving, it is truly truly most appropriate that ilovedinomartin share a special series of posts that speak deeply and truly of the purest of pure passion that pallies' have for our most beloved Dino.

Many many of the posts that ilovedinomartin shares in these days before our Day Of Givin' Dino Thanks, have  been shared here before, but each is so so special that we simply much post each of 'em 'gain in this season of Dino-thanks!

Here  is a post that ran  durin' Dino-amore-month 2012 and 'gain in our 2013 and 2014 Week Of Givin' Dino Thanks.  Likes it's from the outstandin' blog, "Vocal Standards" hosted by Mr. Steve Cox. In his prose, "Dean Martin's wonderful gift,"  Mr. Cox shares a deeply moving, profoundly insightful testimony to the transformin' power of our most beloved Dino. Cox tells his heart-felt story of how our Dino's recorded music and television show dvds comforted his mother Bernice in the last couple of years of her struggle with Parkinson’s Disease.

This is one of the most touchin', if not the most touchin' post that we have ever shared here at ilovedinomartin about the amazin' way that our great man had, has, and will forever have of touchin' his great devotees' lives....and thus totally worthy of sharin' 'gain as we celebrate our week of "Givin' Dino Thanks" here at ilovedinomartin.

We 'gain offer our deep appreciation to Mr. Steve Cox for being so touchin'ly  transparent in sensitively  sharin' his deeply personal testimony of the amazin' ways that Dean Martin consoled Cox's mother in her last days on this earth. To read this in it's original format, simply click on the title of this post.

Dino we do indeed shares our thanks for the amazin' ways you keep transformin' the lives of those you have welcomed into your amazin'ly wonderful world! Dino-thankfully, DMP

Dean Martin’s wonderful gift…

February 5, 2012 By scox

My mom’s birthday was yesterday…
I think she would have been 85 — she passed away in 2004. I don’t want to get all maudlin here or make this too personal, but I do want to share an anecdote about how Dean Martin helped my mother in her time of greatest need.

As I mentioned in last week’s post on Andy Williams, we religiously watched Dean Martin’s television show at our house. To my knowledge, neither of my parents ever caught a Dean Martin live performance but nevertheless they were huge fans … the distant way most people are with guys as big as Dean or Frank Sinatra.

For the most part Bernice Cox lived a great life; she was a beauty queen (Miss New Hampshire!), married a dashing fighter pilot after the war (WW II), traveled, played great golf, danced … raised two amazing and talented children .

A tough ending…

Bernie had a tough go at the end with Parkinson’s Disease. Many of the things she loved to do moved from difficult to impossible in the last few years and that’s when Dean became a big part of her life.

Man, she loved to watch football on TV … college and pro football became her passion as her mobility declined. Super bowl weekend was always greeted with mixed emotions as there would be no more football ’til the fall. We got her the Dean Martin TV show collection DVDs, hoping they would provide some off-season relief and she took to them immediately.

Dean became her companion …
For the last couple of years of Bernie’s life Dean was my mom’s best friend. Not in a weird psycho way or anything, she just loved seeing and hearing the happy-go-lucky, fun loving guy Dean was … he made her feel good, remember good times dancing and carousing in better days.

At the end…

Bernie’s body finally gave out in the summer of 2004. When it was clear she wasn’t coming home from the hospital this time, all she really wanted and responded to was Dean. My brother and I got her some comfortable headphones and we loaded up all the Dean Martin LPs in my collection on an iPod for her.

After about 24 hours, I was concerned that it was too much for her, but when I lifted the headphones off and asked if she wanted some quiet to sleep … she could hardly respond but with her eyes and the tinniest shake of the head she made it clear that she wanted Dean to hold her hand all the way out.

Greg and I stood vigil for the next two nights, keeping the music playing … making sure her favorites “Go! Go! Go! Go!”, “Ain’t That A Kick In The Head’ and “Mambo Italiano” were prominently in the mix.

Dean quite literally reached down, took my mom by the hand and escorted her to a place where she can dance again … and maybe catch Dean, Frank and Sam on stage. God, let it be so.

Someday soon…
OK, I’m getting misty here and need to quit. One last thing … I plan to catch a Deana Martin show this year. When I do, I hope I have a chance to tell her how great her dad was to my mom. Bernie never met Dean and yet he helped her so much — at her time of greatest need.

Thanks for letting me drop a personal emotion bomb on you … whew, done now.

Monday, November 23, 2015

the almighty, immortal, unforgotten and legendary Mister DEAN MARTIN

My Photo
Hey pallies, likes as we once 'gain move into the wonderful week here in the states where we will go over the river and through the woods to grannie's house, it's time at ilovedinomartin to puts our annual accent on "GIVING DINO THANKS."

Likes as all of us Dino-philes begins to reflects 'bout all the remarkable reasons that dudes likes us are so so totally totally thankful for our most beloved Dino, likes we are likes deeply deeply delighted to gets our week of "GIVING DINO THANKS" off to a stunnin' start with some amazin' Dino-devotion from a very youthful  German hipster modster who tags himself "Manslaughter-Andy."

Andy, a teacher at an "academic high school" in Germany teaches "German, Politics, and Economics." From his profile we learns that this edgey educator was into "Metal" and then moved into "Hardcore, Punkrock and Oi! music." And, likes today's Dino-message articulates Andy's absolute adulation of  our Dino!  First shared here four years 'go on November 21, 2011, with a little revision we are totally thrilled to finally bring it back to the light of Dino-day 'cause we know that those Dino-holics who remember it, will 'gain  greatly grooves on the deepness of Andy's devotion to our Dino and there are many in the Dino-fold who haven't have the potent privilege of enjoyin' it before will now have that opportunity.

At his blog "Manslaughter Thug Life," Andy's post, "DEAN MARTIN - "KING OF THE ROAD," is just laddened with so so much delightful Dino-praise! Andy, in his powerful pontification of his devotion to our Dino, sez 'bout our great man..."one of my heroes and my all time faves, the almighty, immortal, unforgotten and legendary Mister DEAN MARTIN, the one and only 'KING OF COOL.'"

Andy continues his devotion to our Dino's singin' sayin'..."Brilliant and out-standing, amazing and great music, I love it!!!" And, Andy energeticly encourages his readers to..."Get what-ever you can get with, by and of DEAN MARTIN, music and movies, to set this straight." Then Andy caps off his Dino-devotion sayin' 'bout our most beloved Dino..."just phenomenal and awesome, a true legend!!!" This, of course is topped off by an stunnin' clip of our Dino's perfect rendition of "King Of The Road."

ilovedinomartin expresses our deepest of deep Dino-appreciato to ""Manslaughter-Andy"
for givin' us such thrillin' thoughts of thanks for our Dino, gettin' our week of Dino-thanks off to a amazin' start. To view Andy's thoughts in it's original source, likes just clicks on the tag of this Dino-report. Dino-thankfully, DMP

Montag, 14. November 2011


Hey folks! Now something a little bit different is coming up here but one of my heroes and my all time faves, the almighty, immortal, unforgotten and legendary Mister DEAN MARTIN, the one and only "KING OF COOL", will be up next here, singing to us the legendary anthem "KING OF THE ROAD". Brilliant and out-standing, amazing and great music, I love it!!! Swing, Jazz, Soul, Big Band Music, ah, it's just totally great and amazing over the top music that holds so much in store for everyone to discover who just owns the heart, passion, soul, and also the ears to get it all, something different than the usual stuff up here, haha;-), for sure, but as usual it's awesome stuff :-) that you need to have to check out as soon as possible. Get what-ever you can get with, by and of DEAN MARTIN, music and movies, to set this straight. Brilliant!!! Won't say more now, it's late and I'm tired, just enjoy it and if I would be you I would bet that more of DEAN MARTIN will be coming some time in the future up here. It's just phenomenal and awesome, a true legend!!! Enjoy it!!! Cheers!!! ... And then good night!!!


Sunday, November 22, 2015

Danny G's "Pre-Thanksgivin" Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Things"

Welcome back, my Dino-diggin' paisani!

Hey...likes I know it's a few days
& 3 or 4 martinis  early still, but...HAPPY THANKSGIVIN' TO ALL!!!
 Yes siree, pallies...tis' the season once again.

The season for ponderin' our blessins', mi amici!

Ponderin' our lives!

Ponderin'...MR. DEAN MARTIN! Haha!!'s true, pallies o mine...I'm serious!

I thinks bout' Dean ALL the time!
ALL the different ways he helps me appreciate life & get the most happiness out of it...& I am just SO SO greatful!
 Makes EVERYDAY SO SO much brighter! SO SO much funner! SO SO much more meaningful to me!

Gets me through those TOUGH TOUGH days & helps me celebrate the GREAT GREAT ones!
REALLY helps me focus on the MANY MANY ways I'm blessed, pals.
So many people & things to think 'bout. 
So so many things to be thankful for.
Hey wait!
That's it, pallies!!!
  It's the PER FEC TO Serenade to swing us into the comin' week!

Let's grab a fun fun vid from Dean's show & kick thins' off with a laugh on good ol' Dino!
Never knew what he was gonna do or say next! Hahaha!!!
 Great stuff to start a great great holiday season, pallies!

We are blessed EVERYDAY, my friends!
Give thanks EVERYDAY!
As long as we have our & friends...and of course...the ONE & ONLY Dean Martin...who could ask for more?!

Every night I sit here by my window
Starin' at the lonely avenue
Watching lovers holding hands and laughin'
Thinkin' 'bout the things we used to do
(Thinkin' 'bout things)
Like a walk in the park
Like a kiss in the dark
Like a sailboat ride
(Yeah, yeah)
What about the night we cried?
Things like a lovers vow
Things that we don't do now
Thinkin' 'bout the things we used to do
(Used to do)
Memories are all I have to cling to
(Cling to)
And heartaches are the friends I'm talking to
(Talking to)
When I'm not thinking of just how much I love you
(Love you)
Well I'm thinking 'bout the things we used to do
(Thinkin' 'bout things)
Like a walk in the park
Like a kiss in the dark
Like a sailboat ride
(Yeah, yeah)
What about the night we cried?
Things like a lovers vow
Things that we don't do now
Thinkin' 'bout the things we used to do
I still can hear the juke-box softly playin'
And the face I see each day belongs to you
(Belongs to you)
No, there's not a single sound and there's nobody else around
Well, I just mean thinkin' 'bout things we used to do
(Thinkin' 'bout things)
Like a walk in the park
Like a kiss in the dark
Like a sailboat ride
(Yeah, yeah)
What about the night we cried?
Things like a lovers vow
Things that we don't do now
Thinkin' 'bout the things we used to do
And the heartaches are the friends I'm talking to
(Talking to)
You got me thinkin' 'bout the things we used to do
(Used to do)
Thinkin' 'bout the things we used to do
(Never do)

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Pastel Dino by McKean

Hey pallies, likes we deeply deeply delights in sharin' more and more Dino-creativity with Dino-holics every Dino-where.  More and more devotees of our Dino are usin' this tremendous talents in huge homage of our most beloved Dino.  Recently we have shared a couple of youtube vids of pallies who have created original songs puttin' the awesome accent on our Dino, but it has been quite a while since we have shared someone who has used their amazin' artistic abilities to create a one-of-a-kind image of our King of Cool.

Likes yesterday while doin' our usual Dino-homework by searchin' the ol' google Dino-blog search, we happened upon a Brit artist tagged McKean at the blog "THE NINE MUSES" who usin' the marvelous medium of  pastels created  the remarkable rendition of our Dino that you will find below.
The finished work is framed nicely and is rather huge in size....37X37....and woulda be the perfect edition for a Dino-phile who boldly wants to display their powerful passion for our Dino in their home pad or perhaps their office.

By doin' a wee bit of searchin' we found out that a Brittish  £ is equal to  1.52 dollars, so if we did our multiplication correctly, the price of this awesome artistic effort is $988.60.  Truly a small price to pay for an original piece of Dino-art.

We salute McKean for chosin' our Dino as the superb subject of this wonderous work of  Dino-artistry!  To checks this out in it's original source, simply clicks on the tag of this Dino-message.
In Dino-creativity, DMP

Dean Martin

Dean Martin

Artist: McKean
Medium: Pastel
Dimensions: 37x37

RRP: £650

Friday, November 20, 2015

Paul Ryan channels Dean Martin

Hey pallies, likes we couldn't believe what we were seein' when our daily google Dino-blog search took us to the blog pad "Retiring Guy's Digest" where "Retiring Guy," we believe he is tagged Paul from the state of  Wisconsin  posts likes simply a ton of politico stuff 'mong other topics.  Likes what was it that we saw that so stirred us up dudes?

It was the tag of a recent post shared by "Retiring Guy"....." Paul Ryan channels Dean Martin."  Likes we have often declared here at ilovedinomartin that we tries our very best to stay apolitico...very much likes our most beloved Dino...but we does love to see the name of our Dino mentioned in political ways.  Mr. Paul Ryan is the brand spankin' new Speaker of the House of Representatives and to see him mentioned in the same breath as our King of Cool stirred up magical Dino-memories from the past.

Perhaps many faithful ilovedinomartin readers will remember that the name of the last Speaker of the House of Representatives was often mentioned with the name of our Dino...Mr. John Boehner, from Ohio, the swank state of our Dino's birth and early life..  Likes our Dino, Boehner has a fabulous tan, is an avid golfer, and also known for his ever present cigarette in hand....all mirrorin' our one and only Dino.

We shared a number of powerful posts comparin' our Dino and Mr. Boehner includin' over fav of fav that was shared almost exactly 5 years ago on November 18, 2015 tagged "The Dean Martin John Boehner Connection"  scribed by Mr. Tory Fodder  at his swingin' pad "Pax Plenta  that you can read 'gain  HERE.

Likes that is what  made us go wondrously wildly  wild is when we saw our Dino bein' linked with Mr. Paul Ryan, the new Speaker of the House of Representatives!  How fabulously facinatin' to see Mr. Ryan considered to be channelin' our Dino in his very early days as least in the thoughts of Wisconsin political commentator "Retiring Guy."  What blogger Paul has done is share a vid clip of the Dino-croon "The Door Is Still Open To My Heart" with comments made by Mr. Ryan 'bout the mix of Republican candidates that continue to vie for the nomination for president.

Likes we will certainly be on the look out for others linkin' Mr. Ryan to our one and only Dino.  We thanks blogger "Retiring Guy" for these most interestin' and intriguin' insights linkin' our Dino to the new Speaker of the House of Representatives.  To checks this out in it's original source, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-gram.  Dino-delightedly, DMP

Paul Ryan channels Dean Martin

As quoted in Paul Ryan expects protracted, unpredictable GOP race.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/12/2015)