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Hey pallies, likes don't knows 'bout youse, be we here at ilovedinomartin are glad for today's Dino-devotion 'cause it reminds us that we needs to goes to our local bookstore to order a copy of the recently released "restored in high definition" disc of "At War With The Army."  Before it was released we shared the great news that this early Martin and Lewis flick was bein' released by the folks at Film Chest who are the first pallies to  "upgraded the quality of the print to HD with the restored version."

Likes today we share the first review we have come 'cross from the  pad, "SHU-IZMZ," where flick aficionado Mr. Bryan Schuessler a.k.a. SHU holds forth.  Mr. Schuessler has done a fine job of reviewin' the first film featurin' our most beloved Dino and his most beloved partner Mr. Jerry Lewis in starrin' roles, and as we had hoped, Bryan reports that Film Chest's release "is much better than any of the other grainy prints around."

So, we sezs our thank you very much to Mr. Bryan Schuessler for review of "At War With The Army" and we will soon be visitin' our local shop to put an order in to add it to our collection of all thin's Dino.  To checks this out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-report.  Dino-always, ever, and only, DMP


The comedy duo of Martin & Lewis, comprising of actor/singer Dean Martin and comedic slapstick artist Jerry Lewis, team up for a comedic romp that takes place in the army entitled AT WAR WITH THE ARMY. The story, based off a play by James B. Allardice, encompasses Pfc. Alvin Korwin (Jerry Lewis) who is a low ranking soldier and always at the end of everyone’s yelling, orders, and the pulling of rank throughout the film. I guess it does not help that Korwin is a major spazz, a smaller stature than all the other soldiers, and usually screws up every assignment or order given to him. Of higher rank is Korwin’s best friend (hard to tell at times throughout the movie) 1st Sgt. Vic Puccinelli (Dean Martin), whom is part of a singing group with Korwin (outside of the military and now inside the army), but seems to take great pleasure in pulling rank on Korwin and busting his balls at every given moment. I guess everyone seems to enjoy busting Korwin’s chops on a regular basis. The plot of the film revolves around the antics of Korwin (Lewis) mucking up every duty and complaining about everyone ranking above him and the sexual escapades of Sgt. Puccinelli who has developed a ruse for getting the pretty ladies to give him a kiss, and quite possibly more. Being that this film came out in 1950, I doubt that the “something more”, in regards to this wholesome studio film from Paramount Pictures, is anything other than some heavy petting and maybe a groping of the breast. One can only hope Martin at least gets some head from these attractive dames for the work he is putting in.

As for the attractive dames cast in the film, there are quite a few lookers. One of the more enjoyable performances and quite a beauty is actress Jean Ruth, playing Millie, who is the dame to fall for the 1st Sgt.’s love games and is adamant on speaking with him about their relationship. The 1st Sgt. Pucinelli (Martin) of course is trying like hell to avoid her and gives orders to everyone in the office on base to tell her he is not around and there is no telling when he may be back, if ever, for quite some time. The soldiers on hand, all the way up to the highest ranking officers sure don’t mind the eye-candy milling around the offices, though. I sure enjoyed the beauty of Jean Ruth, as well. I got tired of watching the antics, as well as the musical interludes with singing from Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis and even a duet with Polly Bergen (portraying Helen Palmer) inside a recording booth at the bar/club whom Martin is trying to romance.

As I said before, since the story was written for a play on stage, most of the action (or lack of) occurs in the dumpy office setting at the army base and at the bar/club where the guys go to get drunk, hook up with the ladies, and enjoy some singing, dancing, and theatrical numbers from guess who: Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. In one scene, Jerry Lewis dresses up as a woman so he can sneak off into the bar and let his buddies know that they forgot the sheet music that Sgt. Puccinelli was going to use for his number, and there is some goofy scenes involving him and another higher-ranking officer, Sgt. McVey (portrayed by Mike Kellin (SLEEPAWAY CAMP)in his debut role). This scene was almost amusing, yet really overused in Hollywood films, but one that directors and producers always go to for laughs. I guess the movie did have some humorous moments, but I found myself only squeezing out a slight grin from time to time, but delivering more of a look of grimace when enduring the musical duets. I am not a big fan of musicals and certainly found out that Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis are not who I would choose to listen to sing if given a choice.

There is some more beauty mixed into the film with a few more scenes with not only Polly Bergen in her film debut, but also Angela Greene (FUTURE WORLD) who plays Deborah, the wife of Capt. Ernest Caldwell (William Mendrek). At times it was a bit confusing with characters jumping into scenes left and right, many of them off the screen as quickly as they were on the screen, and only to come back later into the film briefly. I definitely had a hard time keeping track of everyone and that probably had something to do with the movie being based upon a play and not written for the big screen. Director Hal Walker (ROAD TO BALI), having a little bit more experience as a Second Unit Director than THE director, helmed a decent comedy that did lag in the excitement department and seemed cramped at times because of its office setting throughout most of the movie.

I found it of interest that this film is in public domain, and that there are quite a few releases of this movie available on dvd, but that Film Chest (the version of the movie I am reviewing) has upgraded the quality of the print to HD with the restored version and from what I have read is much better than any of the other grainy prints around. It is dvd, so it is not perfect, nor pristine, but I watched it on my 21″ screen LCD  and it looked great. I have no complaints with the quality of the picture and was happy that Film Chest kept the original aspect ratio of 4×3 and did not stretch the film to a larger ratio. As for extra features on the disc, one only gets the 93 min. film with a chapter menu for skipping to certain parts. Bare bones, but with so subpar prints of varying levels of terrible quality, I guess one should be grateful and happy that Film Chest took the time to restore AT WAR WITH THE ARMY. This is the first film of the classic duo and Martin & Lewis went on to make movies together for six more years.

One of the reasons some feel that this film is still in public domain and the movie’s copyright was not renewed by the studio is because of the fact that when Martin & Lewis signed on with Paramount Pictures, they did so under the condition attached to the agreement that they (Martin & Lewis) could make one film outside of the studio every year for their own company, York Productions. This, AT WAR WITH THE ARMY, being the first film from that negotiation had the stars Martin & Lewis exchange their usual salaries for a 90% cut of the profits. Upon the film’s release, both actors were in the middle of a legal battle over the contract and profits. It got ugly, I imagine, and resulted in them relinquishing all financial interest in the film in exchange for dropping their stipulation that they make films outside of Paramount. Some think all the legal battles are probably why the copyright was not renewed in 1977 and the film going into public domain. Although Martin & Lewis had appeared in films twice before (MY FRIEND IRMA and MY FRIEND IRMA GOES WEST), but they were only in supporting roles and AT WAR WITH THE ARMY is notable because it is their first film in which they starred in it as the lead comedy duo.

I also read some other consumers comments on various websites of commerce where they left mini-reviews of the film and some of the comments were from veterans of the military and quite a few commented on how realistic and humorous the interactions between the various officers of rank were. Of course, I can’t confirm whether these interactions were accurate or not since I have not even been in the military around the time of the movie, or even any other time period. I believe if this film had a bit more interesting locations for it, some being out of doors instead of all the shots filmed at the office, it may have a bit more appeal for me. GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS (1992) it was not.

I feel that for the historical elements that this film possesses for a film buff and one interested in Hollywood, this is a must-own film. It is the first film that the comedic duo of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis star in with lead roles and an important part of Hollywood’s history for that reason. I saw this film about four times before writing this review, and probably another several times during the course of researching and writing it and I will say that the film did grow on me and aside from the singing bits within, the film does have its moments more often than not. I recommend picking up the Film Chest version of the film and get rid of the other copies of it.

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I picked DEAN (yay!)

Hey pallies, likes there simply are unendin' ways to the many and varied ways that our Dino is showin' up and layin' his happiness on us his pallies.  Likes today's Dino-happiness comes from a pallie who made it big playin' the Dean Martin Wild Party slot machine.  From the blog, "" comes a youtube vid of a dude who got twenty free spins and a big hit with this Dino-slot.  We totally totally digs these thrillin' words of Dino-appreciato, "I picked DEAN (yay!)"

Likes we deeply deeply digs seein' our Dino makin' a big splash with the slots seein' as how our most beloved Dino loved to be a high roller himself.  Likes our only problemo would be we are so addicted to our Dino that once we started playin' Wild Party we wouldn't knows how to stop....winnin' or losin' 'cause we never ever can gets 'nough of our great great man.

Congrats to the pallie who struck it big with Dino, and thanks for sharin' this vid with us.  To checks this out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this Dino-gram.  Dino-playin', DMP

Dean Martin’s Wild Party: 20 Free Spins & Big Win

So I FINALLY got the "Holy Grail" of all the Money Burst machines - the 4 matching/locking symbols on the left, and the 3 "bonuses" on the main reels, for a big time total of 20 spins. I had originally matched the (low paying) music notes, but when you also get the bonus, it lets you pick, and take the higher symbol. I picked DEAN (yay!), and was betting 5 credits per line ($1.50). In the end, could have been more, but a very cool 166x bet!

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Dean Martin Band net worth: $30,000,000

Hey pallies, likes here's some fun little Dino-details....'though we gotta 'fess up that we ain't gots a clue how accurate this info on our most beloved Dino is.  From the blog pad, "Celebrities Money - Because Money Talks," a dude tagged Wasil has shared facts and figures 'bout our great great man's 'mount of "net worth."

As the tag of this Dino-gram states, our King of Cool's net worth in 2014 is stated as 30 cool million....nearly double what was listed in 2010!  The reason that we ain't so sure 'bout the accuracy of all these Dino-figures is 'cause it states took in more cash on Mr. Ricco, Showdown, and Something Big then in "Airport."  Likes this just can't be 'cause our Dino took home 7 cool million for starrin' in "Airport."

Likes any of youse Dino-holics knows other pads to checks out our Dino's facts and figures?  We thanks Wasil for accentin' our Dino in this way, and to checks this out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-report.  Dino-figurin', DMP

Dean Martin Net worth -Actor,Singer

Full Name:Dino Paul Crocetti.
Dean Martin Band net worth:$30,000,000
Yearly Money:$3,636,364
Popular asActor,Singer
Dean Martin income
Movies NamesEarning from this Movie$)
 Mr. Ricco2,500,000
Something Big1,714,286
 The Wrecking Crew1,304,348
Total money of these Movies8,932,095
  • Birth Day Date:June 07, 1917
  • Place of Birth:Steubenville, Ohio, USA
Dean Martin Actor,Singer net worth in these years (USD)
Now you know all about Dean Martin net worth.

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Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Someday You'll Want Me To Want You"

Hey there...youse with the stars in your eyes...Hahaha! Man, I'm actin' So So crazy today pals! Thinks it must be this COM PLETE LY swingin' jam we is gonna swing to today! Haha!

Speakin' of swingin'...I found today's Serenade, "Someday You'll Want Me To Want You", on Dean's 1960 al b um, "This Time I'm Swingin'!" What a tune, pals!
Hey, guess that explains So So  PER FECT LY as to why I'm wearin' this HUGE Dino-grin today! SWEET SWEET REVENGE!!! "Haha!"

 Not in a mean way, pallies...just in an "o well, your loss" kinda way!
 It's remindin' me of that ol' sayin', "he who laughs last laughs best!"
I'm sure Dino had some particular lady in mind while recordin' this one pals! Hahaha! I'm SURE there's a few of us out there who may ALSO have a "someone" like that in mind! Haha!

 O well pallies...those are the breaks. Every dog has his day!
 Let's simmer in the BEAUTY of knowin' WE had the last laugh & that Dean would NEVER deny ANY of us pallies his TOTAL palliness! Hahaha! I'm crazy!

 Bask in the GLORY pals! Enjoy!!! 

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Scotty's Sharin': Dean Martin 1966

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Hey pallies, likes our Dino-lovin' pallie Scotty has struck pay dirt 'gain with 'nother fabulous candid Dino-pose that we here at ilovedinomartin ain't rememberin' we have ever set our eyes on before.  This time our swingin'ly swank pallie Scotty, over at his personal blog pad, "BlueisKewl." has very recently shared a pix of our most beloved Dino from 1966.

We digs keepin' our eyes on our Dino as he keeps his eyes on the balls.....pool balls that is, while playin' of of his fav leisure sports.  We are always always eager to see what new Dino-discovery that our Scotty is goin' to share with all his readership, and we always always stand waitin' and willin' to pass it on to all youse Dino-philes here at our humble little Dino-waterin' hole!

Salute Scotty! for 'nother great great find of our great great man....keeps that Dino-searchin' goin' man 'cause in our Dino-book likes you are simply the bestest of the best Dino-devotees!  To checks this out at Scotty's site, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-sharin'  Dino-psyched, DMP

 Dean Martin 1966

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"I always sing Dean Martin's Little Ole Wine Drinker Me on the karaoke....."

Hey pallies, likes today's Dino-devotion likes not only proves that Dino-adulation is internationale in scope, but that Dino-croons are where it is at when one is tryin' to makes it big on one of those reality entertainment shows.  From the UK blog pad, "The Stokes Sentinel" comes a post 'bout a retired Brit fight promoter, Mr. Paul Dykes, who hopes to make it big on "The Voice" TV programme by croonin' one of his fav Dino-tunes.

Seems Dykes who loves to do karaoke, loves to sings Dino-tunes the best.  Like as you will read below Dykes states, " "I always sing Dean Martin's Little Ole Wine Drinker Me on the karaoke and that's what I sang to impress. I sang the same song in Manchester in a room with a record executive and a Voice coach."
And when asked to sing 'nother song, this Dino-lovin' pallies chose "another Dean Martin track King Of The Road."

Likes we are proud as punch to know that this " Sixty-one-year-old" "roofing business owner" has chosen golden hits of our golden man to wow his audiences.  We here at ilovedinomartin certainly wishes Mr. Dykes the best on his journey towards fame and fortune.  We thanks the pallies at "The Stokes Sentinel" for sharin' this wonderful news story of 'nother way our King of Cool is bein' shared with the masses.  To checks this out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-gram.  Dino-always, ever, and only, DMP

VIDEO: Can Burslem boxing promoter land chance to impress Sir Tom Jones and fellow judges on The Voice?

By The Sentinel  |  Posted: August 20, 2014

SINGER: Paul Dykes.   Picture: Malcolm Hart
SINGER: Paul Dykes. Picture: Malcolm Hart

KARAOKE fan Paul Dykes popped down the pub for a sing-along – and could end up starring on The Voice.

The retired boxing promoter is waiting to hear if he will get the chance to perform for millions of viewers on the BBC1 show after proving a knockout with judges at The Leopard in Burslem.

Talent-spotters invited him to Manchester for an audition after hearing his version of Dean Martin's Little Ole Wine Drinker Me.

And if all goes well Paul could be performing the tune on the show while the celebrity coaches listen in their famous revolving chairs.

 Sixty-one-year-old Paul, from Burslem, said: "I heard The Voice was holding open mic auditions all over England.

"I only went down for a laugh and I was picked for an audition."

The roofing business owner added: "I always sing Dean Martin's Little Ole Wine Drinker Me on the karaoke and that's what I sang to impress. I sang the same song in Manchester in a room with a record executive and a Voice coach.

"They asked me to sing another song afterwards, so I chose another Dean Martin track King Of The Road."

If successful, Paul would have to take three weeks off in order to film for the live auditions – although he knows he will face some tough competition.

"I'm just a karaoke singer," he said. "There were semi-pro and professional singers who have done it all before. I've never done anything like this."

Even so, Paul, who also launched a fine art studio online last year, is up for the challenge. "I don't really get nerves," he said. "I used to be a boxer so I'm used to dealing with them.

"The only issue is remembering your lines and when to come in. When you're in the pub, the words are on a screen in front of you, so you don't have to think about it too much."

The live shows – which featured Sir Tom Jones,, Kylie Minogue and Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson as coaches in the 2014 line-up – are set to return in the new year, co-hosted by Emma Willis former JLS star Marvin Humes.

Paul added: "It won't be the end of the world if I'm not picked, I've got the experience now. If I were 21 it would be different, but I'm over 60 now. It's just a brilliant story to tell the youngsters." Former brother-in-law John Matranga, 57, of Bradeley, said: "I have heard Paul sing regularly. I was in Burslem watching him perform. Some of the youngsters there sang pretty well."

"He's not taking it seriously and he hasn't offended anyone with his voice. Nobody has punched him because of it."

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On This Day In Dino-history: August 21, 1944

Hey pallies, likes dudes our pallies at the Dean Martin Timeline (clicks on tag of this Dino-gram to goes there) have 'gain 'lerted us that today is still  'nother Dino-historical date in the life and legacy of our most beloved Dino. Likes it was on this date 70 years ago today that our great man gots himself his first radio gig where he crooned dem tunes for a quarter of an hour on a New York station.

Just wonderin' if back in those early days they recorded such programmes...likes woulda it be likes the coolest if we coulda gets cd copies of those Dino-episodes of  "Songs By Dean Martin"? Never was, never will be anyone as cool as the King of Cool...oh, to return to the days when Dino walked the earth! Dino-dreamin', DMP

btw pallies, this Dino-pix seems to be early early Dino...any of you dudes have any clues about whena and wherea it mighta be snapped?

August 21, 1944 Dean gets his own radio program called "Songs by Dean Martin," a 15-minute show from New York where Dean would croon four or five songs

(Originally shared on August 21, 2011, updated  August 21, 2014)