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But after the split, Dean more than held his own--in fact, he probably out-performed his old pal Jer in the long run

Hey pallies, likes it's our proud pleasure to be able to introduce all youse Dino-holics to yet 'nother beautiful blog new-to-ilovedinomartin where our most beloved Dino has been lovin'ly lifted up.  Through the eager efforts of our pallies at Twingly Advanced Blog search we takes you to the interestin'ly tagged blog "Pajama Guy" where a bunch of 8 guys from 'round the USA share their personal perspectives on a variety of issues.

In their most recent post dude tagged LAGuy created a post tagged "Team Work" where he accents how a variety of comedy duos who did magic together, eventually split up and how each one did on their own.  While three of the examples are duos from the past 30 years ago or less, LAGuy wisely begins his prose rememberin' the comedy duo of duos, our most beloved Dino and his most beloved partner Mr. Jerry Lewis.

Likes, we are perfectly pleased that LAGuy chose to use an incredible image of our Dino starrin' in the blockbuster big screen epic "Airport," where his work garnered our Dino a cool 7 mil.  They sez a picture is worth a thousand words, and this particular pose reminds all us Dino-holics of just how swankly successful our Dino was as an actor on the silver screen.  And, likes LAGuy's terrific thoughts on our Dino speaks of his stunnin' success as "a major movie star, TV star and recording star" followin' his split with Mr. Lewis.

It's 'nother remarkable reminder of just how amazin'ly awesome our main man...and the huge heights he obtained in the wonderful world of entertainment after he made the break with Mr. Jerry Lewis.
We thanks Mr. LAGuy for sharin' this delightful Dino-truth with his readership and surely helpin' more and more pallies grow in there lastin' love of our King of Cool.  To checks this out in it's original source, and to read 'bout the other comedy duos he shares, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-report.

We remain,

Yours in Dino,

Dino Martin Peters

Team Work

When show biz duos break up, they often claim they're still friends.  Still, don't they keep score to see who's doing better?

One of the biggest breakups ever was Martin and Lewis, who ruled show biz from 1946 to 1956.  Jerry Lewis was generally considered the big talent, while Dean Martin a decent straight man and singer.  But after the split, Dean more than held his own--in fact, he probably out-performed his old pal Jer in the long run, becoming a major movie star, TV star and recording star, still on top after Jerry's film career had petered out. (Though Lewis did do everything on his films--acting, writing, directing--creating something that was unique.)

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Dean Martin made a stellar career as an amiable drunk.

Hey pallies, likes today's Dino-delight was sent our direction from our pallies at google Dino-'lerts and was also forwarded to us by our Dino-bro Danny-o, who we absolutely appreciate for makin' certain that we didn't miss out on this greatest of great Dino-find.  So today we visit with a new-to-ilovedinomartin-blog site tagged ""  Likes, we gotta 'fess up that weain't too surprised to find our most beloved Dino bein' lifted up at this liquid libation pad, as our Dino made quite the remarkable reputation for himself as a drinker.

In what must be a series of posts tagged, "FAMOUS WHISKY DRINKERS,"  scriber Mr. Iain Russell had done himself proud in his remarkable reflection simply tagged "DEAN MARTIN."  Checkin' into Russell's bio, we learn that he "has been researching and writing about the history of Scotch whisky brands and distilleries since 1989."  Iain has scribed wonderfully wise words on our Dino and his notoriety as a drinker's drinker.  This awesome article included a marvelous mix of pixs 'n prose with a vintage vid  from youtube of our Dino's first episode of the Dino-show.

Likes the swank sentence that we chose to tag this post is our fav thought and sez it all pallies, " Dean Martin made a stellar career as an amiable drunk."  Pretty much the tenor of thoughts expressed by Mr. Russell point to what many others have concluded over the years, our Dino likes his booze, but not to excess......though we would note that we have shared a good 'mount of Dino-prose here in the past notin' that after the tragic death of his beloved namesake boypallie Dino Jr., Dino became a heaver drinker.

We swankly salute Mr. Iain Russell for his potent post accentin' our drinker Dino and helpin' many more to learn more 'bout our King of Cool.  To checks this out in it's original source, likes simply clicks on the tag of this Dino-presentation.

We remain,

Yours in Dino,

Dino Martin Peters

16 May 2017 by Iain Russell

 Part of Frank Sinatra’s famous ‘Rat Pack’, Dean Martin made a name for himself as a loveable ‘drunk’. Whether on stage in Las Vegas or on the big screen in numerous films, the singer and actor was seldom seen without a Scotch in hand. Iain Russell reports.

Dean Martin

 Dean Martin: Playing gun-toting Canliss in the 1960s TV series Rawhide with Laura Devon as his wife

Dean Martin made a stellar career as an amiable drunk. During the 1950s and 1960s he seldom appeared on stage, or on television, without a glass of Scotch in his hand; with a glassy stare and slurring his speech, he jokily missed his cues and forgot lyrics of his songs. The ‘drunky’ act was just that – an act – but the great entertainer did enjoy a drink. And one brand is forever associated with his name: J&B Rare.

Dino Crocetti (1917-95) was born in Ohio, the second son of Italian-American parents. He performed poorly at school, which he left at the age of 14, and became briefly a boxer and a small-time bootlegger. He found more lucrative employment as a casino croupier and card dealer, and began to perform in clubs as a singer – firstly as Dino Martino, and then as the less Italian-sounding Dean Martin after the outbreak of the Second World War.

Martin performed in the style of the great crooner Bing Crosby, but was only moderately successful. Then, in 1946, he met a manic young comedian, Jerry Lewis. They developed a double act that became wildly popular in nightclubs and in 16 hit movies. After they split acrimoniously in 1956, Martin became successful as a serious actor in films such as Some Came Running and Rio Grande.

It was during the 1950s that Martin’s career as a singer took off, with hits such as That’s Amore and Memories Are Made of This. He honed his ‘drunky’ persona while remodelling his solo act at the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas. There, he became a leading light in The Clan, Frank Sinatra’s gang of entertainers (sometimes known as the Rat Pack), which also included Sammy Davis Jr, actor Peter Lawford and comedian Joey Bishop. The Clan’s performances on stage in Las Vegas are the stuff of legend, as are the tales of their drinking and carousing into the small hours.

There’s no doubt that Martin’s preferred tipple was Scotch. Herman Hover, proprietor of Ciro’s nightclub in Los Angeles during the late 1940s, remembered that he ‘never drank that much. Black & White mostly. Haig & Haig’. Around the time that he joined The Clan, however, he dropped these long-established mainstream brands for the altogether more fashionable J&B Rare.

Dean Martin

The Rat Pack: On stage with Frank Sinatra (right), Martin (left) usually had a Scotch in hand

J&B Rare had become one of the US’ favourite Scotches during the 1950s, when the country acquired a taste for light-coloured, lightly flavoured whiskies. It became the brand of choice for hep cats and wise guys, usually fixed with ice and soda, and it became a central feature of a Dean Martin performance.

Martin’s nightclub act was legendary. He was introduced with the words: ‘And now, direct from the bar…’ He bounded onto the stage, cheekily ‘stealing’ a large Scotch from one of the stage-side tables en route (it had been planted there beforehand). There was often a bar on the stage, and he would top up his glass from time to time from a bottle of J&B Rare prominently displayed there.

All was not quite as it seemed, however. Martin’s son Ricci recalled: ‘While it was true that Dad drank, the drunky routines were an act. On stage, and later on the set of his TV show, Dad usually had a J&B Scotch and soda he nursed through the performance. It was almost always a weak Scotch and soda. Other times it was just apple juice.’

Martin used the Scotch as a prop – he was prone to slightly slurring his speech anyway, and he could play the tipsy crooner for easy laughs. ‘I don’t drink any more,’ he’d confide in the audience. Long pause... ‘I don’t drink any less either.’

‘Other comedians had used drink as a prop before,’ wrote his biographer Michael Freedland. ‘Dean Martin perfected it – as much as a gap-filler. He knew he could refer to the bottle (if not actually drink from it) any time he forgot a line or a lyric.’

Dean Martin

Film star: Martin played Dude in Rio Bravo in 1959, directed by Howard Hawks

Ricci emphasised that his father was not a great drinker in private either.

‘There are good drinkers and bad, and dad was one of the good. He would be just as calm, loving and funny at home when he had a drink as when he hadn’t… I never saw him drunk in my life.’

Martin’s singing career declined in the 1970s. Nevertheless, his television show, Dean Martin Celebrity Roast, attracted huge audiences, eager to watch some of America’s greatest celebrities jokily mocked and insulted by their peers. And he was still considered one of the all-time greats, ‘The King of Cool’, much imitated by up-and-coming professional singers and, less faithfully, by less gifted amateurs, belting out old hits like Little Old Wine Drinker Me after a glass or two at home, or in the pub.

The death of his son Dino in an air crash in 1987 left Martin suffering from depression. He abandoned a tour with Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr after only a few dates the following year. As part of his image as a carefree drunk, Martin had been habitually seen performing with a lit cigarette in hand, and he was indeed a heavy smoker. He was diagnosed with lung cancer in 1993 and died two years later.

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On This Day In Dino-history: May 24, 1974


Hey pallies, likes gots 'nother very very important Dino-date in history to honor this very Dino-day. From the pallies at the historical pad "Famous Daily" comes the reminder that it was on this very day, May 24 in the year of our Dino 1974 that the last episode of the Dean Martin Variety Show was broadcast over the peacock network.

From the pen of Mr. Gary Satanovsky comes the remembrance that after a stunnin' 9 year run, with the very impressive number of 264 episodes aired, the greatest show in all of television history came to a close.   ilovedinomartin appreciates Mr. Gary Satanovsky and the pallies at "Famous Daily" for remindin' all us Dino-holics of this hugely historic day in the life and times of our great man. To view this in it's original format per usual, just clicks on the tag of these Dino-thoughts.

Likes as a little  Dino-bonus, in honor of this 43nd anniverary of the airin' of our most beloved Dino most beloved small screen programme, we are goin' to share a trio of youtube vid clips of some of our most fav fav moments.....two featurin' "concerts" of our Dino with the Golddiggers, and that marvelous medley featurin' our Dino and Mr. Sammy Davis Jr.   Keeps lovin' our Dino!  Dino-honorin', DMP

Last episode of Dean Martin show

by Gary Satanovsky on May 24, 2012

Dean Martin’s early performances were decent but not great, his crooner style singing unable to escape the shadows of Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby. So Martin decided to turn to comedy. His first show, teaming up with a young comic, Jerry Lewis, ran through a series of completely improvised routines. Some were vaudeville classics, some taken out of thin air, and all had the audience howling in laughter. Martin made a name for himself with Lewis, but always thought of himself as a solo actor, and parlayed his considerable fame into a fruitful career in television.

On this day, May 24, 1974, after a nine-year and 264-episode run the hugely popular Dean Martin Show broadcast its last episode.

Of all the acts hosted by Dean Martin, perhaps the most enduring was of the singing and dancing troupe The Goldiggers. Martin’s show was their first television appearance, and he liked them well enough to work their routines into this Vegas stage acts and give them his television spot during his the summer recess months. The Goldiggers were one of the acts that appeared on his last episode, paying their respects to the man that got them into showbusiness.

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It was January 27th, 1961, and Frank, Sammy and Dean were at Carnegie Hall in New York

Hey pallies, likes as a little followup post to sharin' earlier today 'bout risin' star on the musical scene, Miss Francesca Capetta, hugely homagin' our one and only Dino with a July 12 concert at  Carnegie Hall in celebration of our Dino's birthday centennial, we felt led to share blog post that helped us research our Dino's own appearance at the Hall in January of 1961.

Likes from the blog "The Rat Pack Blog" comes their May 31, 2010 post, "a classic rat pack photo" that gives all the facts and figures of how our most beloved Dino and his most beloved Rat Pack pallies Mr. Frank Sinatra and Mr. Sammy Davis, Jr. appeared with other entertainers at Carnegie Hall
for a benefit performance in honor of  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

This is an incredibly informative post that gives delightful details 'bout the how and why of the event and we are thrilled to add to our and your Dino-knowledge with it.  We had seen the "classic rat pack photo" tons and tons of times before, but we don't ever remember knowin' the swank story behind it..or that there was yet 'nother version of the powerful pose shared at the end of the post.

We thanks the pallies at "The Rat Pack Blog" for this extraordinary entry helpin' us grow even deeper in our Dino-devotion.  To checks this out in it's original source, likes simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-message.

We remain,

Yours in Dino,

Dino Martin Peters

a classic rat pack photo

 It’s one of the most widely seen images of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr., and it’s been reproduced as an art poster and even embellished by artists with colors and additional imagery.

Here’s the where, when and why of the photograph.  It was January 27th, 1961, and Frank, Sammy and Dean were at Carnegie Hall in New York for a benefit performance in honor of  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Sammy was instrumental in getting the Rat Pack involved in the event, which poet Maya Angelou helped organize.  In this famous photo, the Rat Pack members are seen backstage at the historic concert setting.  Today, in addition to seeing the original, you’ll sometimes see this photo re-created by Rat Pack Impersonators to promote a Rat Pack Tribute Show.

Also entertaining at that Carnegie Hall fundraiser were  Tony Bennett and comedians Nipsey Russell and Jan Murray.  In fact, there’s another version of the photo that’s rarely seen, which shows Jan Murray actually seated next to Dean.

Francesca Capetta Sings Dean Martin: A Centennial Celebration this July

Hey pallies, likes news of Dino-centennial celebrations are startin' to come in on the ol' world wide web and we are bettin' that as the days draw nearer and nearer to the date of our Dino's entrance into our world, June 7, we won't have the time and energy to share them all.  So, likes we are gonna have to make some decisions of what to share and what not to share with all youse Dino-holics.

Likes, as you probably are already guessin', today's Dino-devotion is 'bout an upcomin' tribute to our most beloved Dino on this 100 year mark of leavin' his  marvelous mark on this ol' world.  From the blog "Broadway WORLD" comes the wonderful word that a risin' star on the musical scene, Miss Francesca Capetta, whose list of cool credentials are posted below, is hugely homagin' our main man on July 12 at 8 p.m.  And, likes digs this pallies, this Dino-tribute is bein' held in the Big Apple and bein' performed at none other then Carnegie Hall.

We gotta 'fess up that this news made us wanna checks out whether our Dino ever played Carnegie Hall...'cause we couldn't remember, and we found that indeed on January 27, 1961 our Dino 'long with fellow Rat Packers Mr. Frank Sinatra and Mr. Sammy Davis, Jr. where part of a host of entertainers who partook of  a benefit performance in honor of  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr..

So, we find it 'specially thrillin' to know that Carnegie Hall, Weill Recital Hall in particular, will be hostin' this reverent remembrance for our King of cool.  All the details are below, and we are sure that tons of Dino-holics in the NYC area are goin' wanna pilgrimage to iconic palace of grand musical performances to hear our iconic Dino bein' coolly celbrated.  We thanks the pallies at "Broadway WORLD" for gettin' this news out in a timely manner givin' Dino-devotees plenty of time to make plans and provisions,  To checks this out in it's original source, likes clicks on the tag of this here Dino-gram.

We remain,

Yours in Dino,

Dino Martin Peters

Francesca Capetta Sings Dean Martin: A Centennial Celebration this July

by BWW News Desk May. 18, 2017

Francesca Capetta Sings Dean Martin: A Centennial Celebration this July

 Francesca Capetta Sings Dean Martin: A Centennial Celebration this July

This performance celebrates the 100th birthday of Italian-American entertainer Dean Martin. The show, written and performed by Francesca Capetta, features Tony Award-winner Liliane Montevecchi (Broadway: Nine {Tony and Drama Desk Award for Best Featured Actress in a Musical}, Grand Hotel {Tony Nomination}, Le Plume de Ma Tante. Irma la Douce, Gigi, Hello Dolly!) and cabaret singer Stacy Sullivan (It's a good day-A tribute to Miss Peggy Lee, On the Air, Since you've asked). Music Director: Ian Herman, Violin: Russell Farhang.

Francesca Capetta is a singer and actress who has appeared in major theaters in New York City, Canada, Italy and China. In the USA she has been spotlighted in "Broadway's Rising Stars" at Town Hall, "Francesca Capetta: An Italian In New York" at Feinstein's/54 Below, "Ziegfeled Midnight Frolic" at the Broadway Liberty Theater. This season Francesca Capetta premiered her solo show "Broadway and Jazz" in Italy for the Humanitarian Organization "Amitié Sans Frontières" with the patronage of the Principality of Monaco, Montecarlo, as well as in Hong Kong where she will be performing on June 2017 for the Italian National Day for the Italian Embassy. Francesca is also the recipient of the "Italian-American Award in the Performing Arts" from Mario Fratti. On stage, she recently appeared in the immersive musical "Bloody Beginning" directed by Cynthia Von Buhler.

Ticket Information Tickets, priced at $35, are available at the Carnegie Hall Box Office, 154 West 57th Street, or can be charged to major credit cards by calling CarnegieCharge at 212-247-7800 or by visiting the Carnegie Hall website,

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.....but the Dean Martin reference made my day.

Image result for dean martin that's amore

Hey pallies, likes today, we are perfectly pleased to share some Dino-devotion passed on to us by our pallie Miss "Mabel  Ƥιηєѕ," who is 18 years old, lives in Singapore, and is a delightful Deanager havin' been turned on to our Dino last Dino-winter season when she found herself fallin' for our Dino croonin' "Let It Snow."  You can read more of her Dino-delight at this recent ilovedinomartin post that accented her devotion to our main man.

Anywho, recently Miss "Mabel" dropped us some more patter sayin'  "I know this is random, but I found a comic fanart of one of my fav cartoon shows featuring lyrics from 'That's Amore'. It features a pairing I don't like, but the Dean Martin reference made my day."  And, likes, of course, we here at ilovedinomartin are deeply delighted to share her Dino-discovery as we always always appreciative of pallies sharin' their Dino-discoveries.

The cool cartoon accentin' our Dino's croon of "That's Amore" come from a young lady tagged Liz whose tumblr site is tagged "something secret steers us."  We shouts out our thanks to our Deanager "Mabel" for sharin' this Dino-devotion and to Miss Liz who originally posted it.  To checks this out in it's original source, likes simply clicks on the tag of this Dino-report.  btw pallies, we couldn't resist givin' all youse Dino-holics a little Dino-bonus...a fav youtube clip of our Dino croonin' "That's Amore" live.

We remain,

Yours in Dino,

Dino Martin Peters

I’ve wanted to make this joke for so long

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Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Mimi"

Hey pallies...what's new & excitin'?!
My ol' boss used to asked me that EVERY mornin'.

Used to crack me up 'cause back in those days...there were ALWAYS new & excitin' thins' happenin'!
ALL the time! Hahaha!!!

Oh well, mi's all part of bein' young & carefree.
Nothin' better than that feelin', pals.

What we ALL need to hold on to that youthful vibe...always!

Oh, it can be done, my friends!

Don't forget...we gots us a card up our sleeves.

Yup! Good ol' Dean will keep us young forever!

Maybe not in body...but in mind!

Don't EVER lose that passion for life, pallies!

Believe is the key.
Dean's music.
Let me help youse out a wee bit.

Last week, I told youse I felt a "French Style" bender comin' on.
Well, pals...I was right! Haha!!
Can't gets my fill of this ULTRA cool cool record!

These tunes are SURE to get that youthful PEP back into your STEP!

I'm tellin' youse, mi amici...Dino has the power!

Let today's FUN FUN & SO SO freely silly Serenade be the start of a NEW youth minded life!

"Mimi" is easy on the brain.
It's carefree fun!
The way life should be!
Maybe once was.

Let's get it back, pallies!

Once you feel that zest for life...youse'll NEVER let it go again!

Mind over matter, my friends!
Dino-mind, that is.


You funny little good for nothin' Mimi
Am I the guy...for Mimi
You sunny little honey of a Mimi
I'm aimin' high
Mimi you got me sad and dreamy
You could free me...if you'd see me Mimi
You know I'd like to have a little some of a Mimi by and by
Oh Mimi you got me sad and dreamy
You could free me...if you'd see me Mimi
You know I'd like to have a little some
Of Mimi
By and by
By and by

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But Dean Martin never did anything like that. Dean make a move? Never, ever. He was the most wonderful man.”

Image result for dean martin goldie hawn

Hey pallies, likes we are always always totally totally touchin'ly thrilled to find 'nother of our most beloved Dino's contemporaries liftin' up his name in the most lovin' of lovin' ways and sharin' their deepest of deep delight in havin' worked professionally with him.  Likes today we proudly presents a potent portion of a recent incredible interview that scriber Mr. Michael Hodges of "RadioTimes" did with awesome actress Miss Goldie Hawn.  The title of said prose is "Goldie Hawn on staying young at heart, sexism in Hollywood and working with Amy Schumer"

The primary reason for the interview was for Miss Hawn to promote her co-starrin' in  Amy Schumer’s new film, "Snatched," which opened on the big screen on May 19.  To read the prose in total and view a promo clip of the new flick, simply clicks on the tag of this Dino-gram.  What we are sharin' here today are a few paragraphs of Goldie's experiences with "sexism in Hollywood."  And, as she worked with our Dino on his swank show, Miss Hawn's remarkable reflections speak of her awesome appreciation for sharin' the stage with our King of Cool.

As you will read for yourselves below, Miss Hawn has nothin' but perfect praise for our most beloved Dino.... “But Dean Martin never did anything like that. Dean make a move? Never, ever. He was the most wonderful man.”  Truly, truly it warms the depths of our Dino-hearts to know in what high regard Miss Hawn continues to hold our one and only Dino.  Hearin' Goldie's awesome appreciation brings the biggest of big Dino-buddha grins to our faces and makes us love our Dino more then ever!

We thanks the pallies at "RadioTimes" and in particular Mr. Michael Hodges for interviewin' Miss Goldie Hawn and bringin' her remembrances of workin' with Dino to our attention.  We have included a couple of the coolest of cool clips of our Dino and Miss Hawn havin' fun on the Dino-show includin' the most famous of famous skit that accents "Dumb People.  In viewin' these treasured moments from our Dino's show, we can see just how much fun these two had workin' together.

We remain,

Yours in Dino,

Dino Martin Peters

Goldie Hawn on staying young at heart, sexism in Hollywood and working with Amy Schumer

Her nightclub gogo-dancing days are over, but the Oscar-winner and Snatched star hasn’t lost her shine

By Michael Hodges
Friday 19 May 2017

As a beautiful young actress in a business run by men, and cast alongside stars who were much older than her like Matthau or, in one sublime TV song-and-dance routine, Dean Martin, Hawn had to navigate her way through unwanted attention.

“Men are men,” she says. “It’s how we handle it. I wouldn’t want testosterone running through my veins, I really wouldn’t. Women are not built the way men are. Men are designed to spread their seed, that’s how they propagated the world. So forgiveness is important.”

Has Hawn had to forgive much? “When I was very young I had a couple of incidents,” she says. “Men can be kind of crazy and it also has to do with a lot of things about the woman. How does she handle herself? How does she carry herself? How does she deal with these situations? Because they come up all the time for women – whether they are movie stars or not.”

How did you react when it happened to you? “I would look the man in the eye and say, ‘Don’t ever do that again.’ I used my words. But I’m not talking about the really heavyweight stuff. If you start getting groped then absolutely you fight back. You do not allow that to happen.   But Dean Martin never did anything like that. Dean make a move? Never, ever. He was the most wonderful man.”