Saturday, November 09, 2013


Hey pallies,  likes woo hoo dudes!  Likes has ilovedinomartin gots some  great news for all youse Dino-holics.  Likes while we weren't lookin' the pallies over at Paramount on August 27 of this very Dino-year re-released the DVD version of our most beloved Dino and Miss Shirley MacClain starrin' in the 1961 classic comedy caper , "All In A Night's Work."

Why this news is particularly thrillin' to us at ilovedinomartin is 'cause this is the only Dino-flick released in DVD that we failed to acquire in it's original release, and likes we were so so distressed when we learned that it had been taken out of print that likes we were very very concerned it might never ever see the lights of Dino-day 'gain.

But, likes with the Dino-revolution likes now if the fullest of full tilt, the very very wise dudes at Paramount have 'gain made this Dino sex farce 'gain available to Dino-philes everywhere.   And, likes while the original release was way underpriced at only $9.99, this new release retails for $21.99, and, of course, Dino-addicts likes us will gratefully pay the price to gets our Dino-fix.  Likes now that ilovedinomartin has the opportunity to correct it's error in waitin' to purchase, you can be sure we will be rushin' out to our local store to gets this on order ASAP!

Likes we wanted to gets this news out to all you Dino-devotees as soon as we learned 'bout it just a  wee few minutes 'go, so that if anyone else of our pallies was not aware of this newest release of Dino-devotion youse coulda grabs your copy as well.   Now, likes if only "Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed" woulda see the lights of day in DVD.   Dino-reportin', DMP

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