Friday, May 31, 2013

Come Join In the celebration of THE DAY THAT COOLNESS CAME TO EARTH

Hey pallies, likes the  month of June is just 'round the corner....a very very special month here at ilovedinomartin 'cause likes all you Dino-philes know that it was on the seventh day of the month of June in the year 1917 that coolness came to earth.  June 7th is THE DAY THAT COOLNESS CAME TO EARTH....the birthday of our most beloved Dino, and 'round these here ilovedinomartin parts, we likes thows a huge Dino-celebr/ation all month long

And, we'd love to have more Dino-holics such as yourself to  join in our extra special Dino-devotion.  ilovedinomartin always always digs to have special Dino-homages from dudes deeply devoted to our Dino of all ages and stages, from all parts of the known Dino-world.  Perhaps you woulda loves to share a particular Dijno-pose that you are smitten by, with a bit of patter revelin' in our King of Cool.  Or, why not share a vid clip of our Dino that has been a fav of fav of yours?   Why not share with other Dino-addicts a Dino-croon that speaks deeply to your wonder of our Dino?   Likes the possibilities are limitless.....likes our Dino's love for his most devoted pallies!

Just send off an email to yours truly, Dino Martin Peters, at lettin'  us know a bit of what you woulda likes to share in adulation of our great great man.  It woulda be likes totally totally awesome to have a great variety of personal Dino-testimonies shared in this very very special month of Dino-devotion.  Lookin' so so forward to all youse Dino-diggin' pallies honorin' of our Dino!   Dino-anticipatin', DMP


Always On Watch said...

I already have a Dino post scheduled for June 7th at my site.

In a few minutes, I'll send you the HTML of that post in case you want to include it here at I Love Dino Martin.

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes good to know Miss AOW...I'll be sure to checks it out...and likes you be sure to keeps lovin' our most beloved Dino!