Thursday, October 28, 2010

On This Day In Dino-history: October 28,1955

Hey pallies, likes today is 'nother outstandin' day in all of Dino-history. Courtesy of our amazin' pallie Mark R. over at his fabulous blog "popculturefanboy," comes the news that on this very Dino-day in 1955 our Dino recorded a batch of songs in Capitol Recordin' studios. A quartet of Dino-tunes were done in a mere three hours, includin' the huge hit, "Memories Are Made Of This" and one of my all-time person fav Dino-songs, "The Lucky Song" from my all-time fav Dino and the kid flick, "Artists And Models."

We sez our thanks for pallie Mark's faithfulness to rememberin' and postin' these stellar Dino-remembrances of great dates in our great man's great recordin' career.
To view this in it's original form at "popculturefanboy" Mark's pad, likes just clicks on the tag of this Dino-post.

And, for your Dino-listenin' and Dino-viewin' pleasure, ilovedinomartin has included clips of our beloved Dino singin' "Memories Are Made Of This" just days after recordin' it, and the inspirin' film version of "The Lucky Song" by our amazin' Dino in "Artists and Models." Dino-awed, DMP

55 Years Ago Today In 1955 - Dean Martin (on vocals) and The Easy Riders (Richard James Dehr, Hamilton "Terry" Gilkyson and Frank Miller) with Dick Stabile and His Orchestra (Virgil Evans, Conrad Gozzo, Ray Linn, and Anthony Terran on trumpet; Jack Teagarden on trombone; Ed Rosa, Babe Russin, and Joseph Stabile on saxophones; Louis Brown on piano; Frank Flynn on xylophone; Jack Marshall on guitar; Phil Stephens on bass; Ray Toland on drums and on strings: Leonard Atkins, Emil Briano, Sam Caplan, John Peter DeVoogt, Dan Lube, Nick Pisani, Joseph Quadri, Darrell Terwilliger, and Gerald Vinci on violn), record the tracks "Memories Are Made Of This", "Change Of Heart", "When You Pretend", and "The Lucky Song" at Capitol Records' Melrose Avenue studios in Hollywood, California between 2:00pm and 5:00pm. Capitol Records issues the first two tracks together as a single (Capitol 3295) and "The Lucky Song" on Martin's EP "Artists And Models" (EAP-1-702). Bear Family Records issues all the tracks on the 8 CD box set "Memories Are Made Of This" (BCD 15781) in Germany.

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