Friday, September 10, 2010

"Flame And Flesh"

Hey pallies, likes I have been workin' on a bit of a Dino-mystery the last few. Our Dino likes recently lead me to a cool pix of him and a beautiful chick at a pad tagged " (clicks on tagg of this Dino-gram to goes there).

I so loves this Dino-pix and so so loves the tagg that goes with it "Flame And Flesh," but likes didn't have a clue when and where the pix was shoot or who the chick was for sure. So likes I did a bit of Dino-googlin' and likes found out that Miss Lana Turner (rumored to be one of our Dino's amores) made a big screen appearance in 1954 in the MGM romance "Flame And Flesh."

So likes puttin' two and two together, this pix musta been shot on the set of "Flame And Flesh" where our Dino musta been visitin' Miss Lana. Too bad it was not our Dino who starred opposite Miss Lana, but at the time he was still makin' his big screen appearances with the jer.

Does wonder what our Dino and Miss Lana are makin' patter 'bout. Any of you pallies have any more info or clues 'bout this beautiful pix of our Dino and company? Dino-wonderin', DMP

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